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    Almost whiter than snow

    20.2.2019 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

    Terve! Hello! Days are getting longer even in Ranua and the sun makes the snow shining white. It’s a good sign of the coming Spring. As you may already know the early Spring in northern Finland isn’t green but the snow and ice are slowly melting away. What you mean by ‘Spring’ comes here in late April or in May.

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Lyutyik and Cranbeary are together

16.2.2019 - Source: The Alaska Zoo, Photos by John Gomes, Videos by John Gomes and Pat Lampi We are pleased to ...

Eisige Romanze in Yukon Bay!

14.2.2019 - Quelle: Erlebnis Zoo Hannover Endlich ist es soweit: Eisbären-Weibchen Milana hat sich für ihren Herzbären entschieden – es ist ...

Springs signs in Finland

12.2.2019 - Source: The Korkeasaari Zoo, Finland The Winter has been and still is very cold and there are deep snowbanks ...

ARON enjoys the Winter time

6.2.2019 von Evi from Tallinn At last the ground is white and Aron can enjoy the Winter time. For the time being he ...

A snowy day in the Columbus Zoo

4.2.2019 by Andrew King It was a snowy Saturday in January and people were trying to avoid the fluffy precipitation. However, ...

The koala baby boy in Zoo Planckendael is called Tin-Tookie

3.2.2019 - Source: Zoo Planckendael, posted by Patricia Roberts Dear All, some time ago, I announced the new “birth” of a ...

My 4th visit to NORA and RANZO in Vienna

30.1.2019 by Evi from Tallinn I visited Tiergarten Schönbrunn in early January and found Nora very active .... ..... while Ranzo prefered ...

The polar bear girls in Baltimore

29.1.2019 - Photos by Andrew King We don't see so often photos of the polar bears in the zoos in USA ...


Gerda and Kai have two cubbies!

19.2.2019 – Source: the Novosibirsk Zoo
We haven’t seen photos of Gerda in the previous reports from the Novosibirsk Zoo and now we know the reason. On the 11th of December 2018 she gave birth to two cubs.


To Bear Or Not To Bear

21.2.2019 – Story by Mervi (in English/auf Deutsch), Photos by Nene (First published in April 2008)
When I was visiting Knuti in March with some friends I noticed that many of the animals love to lie on their backs and wave with their paws. It looked so relaxing that we decided to try it, too.



19.2.2019 von Anita – Quelle: UliS’ Forum
Heute melde ich, Giovanna, mich mal wieder zu Wort. Mir wird in letzter Zeit öfters unterstellt, ich bräuchte ein Bad. Was soll ich sonst noch alles machen.


Lynn and her baby in the Zoo-TV

22.2.2019 – Source: the Copenhagen Zoo
The webcam – the Zoo-TV – in Copenhagen is working better. The screen is much sharper now so we can see Lynn and her baby more clearly.

Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen

Wolodja is doing fine

12.2.2019 – Source: Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen
Wolodja is beginning to feel comfortable in his new home and with his new keepers. He’s been examining the surroundings. The next step will be the introduction to his polar bear friends in this zoo.

What's up in Berlin 2019

Besuch bei Sango, sowie eine süße Überraschung

11.2.2019 von Monika aus Berlin
Ich habe heute (8. Februar) meinen Antrittsbesuch bei unserem “Neuen gemacht. Der Neue, das ist natürlich der neue Gorilla-Mann Sango. Er hat uns lange warten lassen und lag hinter der Holzwand, und dachte überhaupt nicht daran, sich zu präsentieren.

Nuremberg calling

Schnee im Tiga-Nürnberg

24.1.2019 von MoniK
Endlich und termingerecht zum Freitag schneite es am 11.01. Es war traumhaft schön diese besondere Athmosphäre zu erleben. In einem Landschaftszoo wie im Tiergarten Nürnberg ist eine so schöne Winterlandschaft ein Genuss.

The Memory Lane

Mach’s gut Iyoti

18.2.2019 von Monika aus Berlin
Nachdem bereits Elefantenkuh Tanja im Oktober 2018 über die Regenbrücke gehen musste, ist Iyoti ihr gestern gefolgt.

Ludmila's Column

Mehr Tiere aus dem Zoo Wuppertal am 5.1.2019

Nach dem wir eine lange Zeit bei Anori und Luka verbracht hatten, besuchten wir auch die anderen Tiere. / We spent first a lot of time at Anori and Luka, then we visited the other animals.

News from the Bear World

Tonja is a tender mama

21.2.2019 – Source: Tierpark Berlin
Tonja and her baby girl are doing fine and, naturally, the mama bear loves to caress her cubbie. The baby has grown a lot but compared to her mama she’s still very tiny.