Vicks and Sesi came to Orsa just in time to see the first snow!

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26.10.2012 – by Mervi, Information and photos: Pernilla Thalin, Orsa Polar World

Vicks and Sesi came to Orsa on Tuesday and on Wednesday they were placed together in a brown bear enclosure. Stay calm – the brown bears are already hibernating! 🙂 They smelled each other for a moment and then started to explore their new temporary home together.



The long journey from Rotterdam to Orsa, of course, made the bears a bit tired.

According to Pernilla Thalin both Vicks and Sesi seem to be very ‘social’ and kind bears. The keepers are already good friends with them.


They’ve been even treated with Swedish meat balls that immediately became Sesi’s favourites. Of course, their diet isn’t only meat balls but mainly fish and also some meat.


Vicks loves to roll in the mud and seems to be very pleased with his dirty looks.

On Wednesday evening they were growling loud – maybe they missed their mums. Eva and Wilbär answered with as loud growling so there was a real polar bear concert in the park.

Vicks and Sesi will stay in Orsa during the Winter months but then they are heading to Vienna where a new enclosure is being build. This information isn’t 100 % sure so Knuti’s Weekly will, of course, follow the bears and inform you later on. The reason why they can’t stay longer is that the ‘pools’ in the polar bear enclosure are too small for big polar bears. In the Summer time the bears need a big pool where they can cool off.


The Polar World is reserved for Ewa and Wilbär which now are separated. Ewa’s den has been prepared. The keepers have even sewn dark curtains for the den! However, today there’s been a blizzard in Orsa and if the snow continues falling  and there will be snow heeps it’s very likely that Ewa will ‘build’ her own den in the snow.

Knuti’s Weekly will keep all the fingers and toes crossed that there will be happy family news later this Autumn. And, of course, we all hope that Vicks and Sesi will be very happy in Orsa!


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  1. Dear Pernilla,

    Thank you so much for the news and the fantastic photos!

    I guess the ground became white in a very short time during the blizzard yesterday. The polar bears must be delighted – now they are living in their natural element. I know the people aren’t as pleased with long Winters as the polar bears are but I wish anyway that Eva, Wilbär, Vicks and Sesi can enjoy the snowy life as long as possible. 🙂

    On behalf of Knuti’s Weekly’s readers I wish the keepers and the polar bears a happy Winter – and, of course, I with the ‘brownies’ a happy hibernation!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Dear Mervi, dear Pernilla!
    Thank you for the news about Vicks and Sesi. I am glad they like the new keepers and they like the meat balls. I think they will have the nice winter time in Orsa.

  3. Liebe Mervi, liebe Pernilla,

    danke für die ersten Bilder aus Orsa von Vicks und Sesi.
    Schön, dass sie die lange Reise gut überstanden haben. Ich bin mir sicher, dass sie sich bei so liebevoller Betreung recht schnell einleben werden.
    Was wird das für eine Freude, wenn der erste Schnee fällt. Dann ist ja Orsa ein richtiges Schnee-Paradies.
    Schade, dass sie Orsa irgendwann wieder verlassen müssen.
    Aber bis dahin ist ja noch viel Zeit, und ich wünsche den Beiden alles Gute.

    Liebe Grüße

  4. Dear Mervi and Dear Pernilla,
    it cannot be overseen that these two lovely bears are feeling well in Orsa and this only after a short time since their arrival. They could not have chosen a better place for a temporary home, although the journey from Holland to Orsa is quite a long one and it will be even longer when they will go to their final destination in Vienna next year.

    I hope, Vicks and Sesi will also like their new palce in Vienna then. I do not know whether the Orsa Bear Paradise can be topped at all.

    Dear Pernilla, please mind Vicks’ stone throwing skills 🙂

    Thank you, dear Both for this delightful news from far away.
    Wishing Vicks and Sesi all the best I am sending
    warmest greeting and hugs to you,

  5. Liebe Pernilla, liebe Mervi

    Fein, dass Vicks und Sesi gut angekommen sind.
    Das wird sicher ein toller Winter für die Beiden. 🙂
    Hoffen wir, dass sie in Schönbrunn rechtzeitig
    fertig werden mit den neuen Gehegen.

    Herzliche Grüsse

  6. Dear Pernilla and Mervi,

    Thank you so much for this report on Vicks and Sesi arriving in Orsa. What lucky bears to be able to be in Orsa while they await their new home. It is great to hear that they are responding well to their new keepers. I wish all of those at Orsa–bears and humans alike–a happy winter!

    Hugs, Sarsam

  7. Dear Pernilla and Marvi, thank you so much for the news on Vicks and Sesi and the update on Wilbär and Ewa. Although Vicks and Sesi can only stay for a few months, one thing is for sure: there is no better polar bear hotel on earth than Orsa. And also, only in Orsa, a female polar bear is having the possibility to build her own den in the snow.
    Wishing all 4 bears a long cold and white winter with lots of snow, but for us a little less of that all.

  8. Dear MERVI – It’s always interesting to get news from known and less known bears/ polar bears. I have to admit I am not familiar with VICKS and SESI. There is only a very low rumour in my hind head that there were already discussions about the two pretty bears. As they are so different in size, which can be seen best in the last photo, I assume it’s a male and a female polar. HAve lots of good naps after a long journey, and I am convinced you deserve any treat after all the trouble you were in to get in and out of the transport boxes and to get accostomed to your new keepers. Good luck to all the polar bears in Orsa and also to those who care for them.

    Thank you, dear MERVI for haing taken the time to upload and write unother pictured story.
    You are so good to us! 🙂

  9. Liebe Mervi!

    Danke fuer die Nachrichten aus Orsa.

    Schön, dass die Bären schon mit Pfleger befreundet sind.



  10. Dear Mervi and dear Permilla!

    Thank you so much for the informative report. I am glad, that Vicks and Sesi were well received and may experience a wonderful winter in Orsa paradise. I am glad, they like their new keepers in Friendship .
    I hope to see new photos of all polar bears from Orsa.

    Warmly greetings Heidi

  11. Liebe Mervi und liebe Pernilla,
    Vicks und Sesi in Orsa, wenn auch nur für kurze Zeit aber das ist der beste Zwischenstopp.
    Erstaunlich wie gut sich diese Bären schon verstehen. Die Fleischbällchen haben bestimmt auch dazu beigetragen und ich wünsche diesen Beiden einen guten Winter in Orsa.
    Liebe Mervi vielen Dank für diesen Bericht, trotz der vielen Arbeit ist KWM immer aktuell.
    Liebe Grüße Monika K

  12. Dear Mervi,
    A (very) belated thank you for this fine article! Even though Vicks and Sesi will remain in Orsa for one winter only, it’s a great place for them and I hope they will have a good time there before returning to the ‘tropics’ in Vienna …

    It is amazing that zoos in Europe don’t buy tracts of lands in the northern part of the continent for their zoo animals which are better off there, climate-wise in stead of keeping them in hot, humid and stuffy zoos, mostly in the middle of big cities… Commercially speaking, a lot of money could be earned by zoos from the tourist attention this would generate. If a zoo can sell plush animals and food & beverages, and get a substantial income from this, they can sell nature travels as well.
    On the same subject it is equally amazing that northern European countries complain about decreasing human inhabitance and commercial activities in their northern regions, but at the same time do not see the (sustainable and green) opportunities that lay before them.

    Kind regards,