At last we saw the polar foxes!

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14.3.2014 by Mervi & Vesa

Since the weather was fine we decided to visit the Scania Animal Park and say ‘hello’ to our four legged friends there. The sun was shining in a cloudless sky all day.

However, the bright sunshine makes photographing very difficult. It’s sometimes almost impossible to see what’s on the camera display. Very often the shadows make taking decent photos a mission impossible. Add to that the little mishap with my camera. I wanted to adjust the size of the photos but, of course, chose the ‘wrong size’. That’s why my photos have a different shape than they usually have.

The outer walk in the park is approximately 3 km long. Although all walking paths are asphalted it’s a tough walk. Almost all the time you have to walk downwards or upwards. Very efficient motion but not so good for our old bones. 🙂 Well, with walking sticks and the camera hanging around the neck it wasn’t that bad…. But enough of that – let’s start the report:

As I have written already in our previous reports the Scania Animal Park focuses on the Nordic fauna. The park is part of the European cooperation to preserve endangered species. This work includes, in addition to the keeping of wild animals, the care of endangered domestic species.


The children’s zoo is always the first stop in the park.



Since we arrived in the morning the clan was busy with the ‘breakfast’. 🙂


On the other side of the path we could admire a storch watching the nest and keeping an eye on the surroundings.


This beautiful horse seems to be ‘under circumstances’……


I’m feeling ‘sauwohl’ in the sun! 🙂


Even the Gotland sheep were enjoying the sun rays


This time of the year there are public feedings only for the seals. As usual the keepers informed the visitors while they were feeding.


This rascal was our favourite. He kept on tapping himself on his chest trying to catch the keepers’ attention…..


…. and did it successfully, too! One herring in the mouth, one in the ‘hand’. 🙂

Our next stop was by the red foxes. There are two of them at the moment



One of the wild cats was having a walkabout while the other one was taking a nap. This cat looks like our Nalle!


The park is establishing a new wolf population. The project started in May 2012 when four young wolves  from Russia moved to the park. Three of them are now living in the Lycksele Zoo in northern Sweden but one female, Nika, stayed in the Scania park. Few months ago the male Amarok from Norway joined Nika.

Although we didn’t see any interaction between the couple the keepers told us that there has been ‘love in the air’ and they have good hopes for a happy family event later on.


The wolf forest is a really huge area so it’s often difficult to see them at all. The camouflage colours of their fur makes it almost impossible to see them from a distance ….. I don’t know how many times I zoomed in a stone believing I was photographing a wolf. 🙂


We were lucky to see both wolves quite closely through the grid. We also had a good wiew from the ‘observation bridge’ but unfortunately there was too much shadow for taking good pictures.


The bar is open for a little drink!

Maybe next time we visit the park there will be cute wolf puppies…..

Finally it was time to meet the brownies! The first sight was this two year old bear feeling the scents of the Spring. I think his facial expression says ‘Gee, it’s good to be out again’. 🙂


I’m happy to be out, too!


Of course, there was a wrestling match as well


… but after a while the young bears needed a nap


First we didn’t see Ester and were a bit worried but finally she decided to come and say ‘hi’ to us. She was looking really good and amazingly roundish already. She has a lovely silvery fur doesn’t she?


The ‘Rocky mountains’ is always a good place for playing hide-and-seek.


We didn’t see Glok (the male bear) this time although we know that he’s been awake since late February. Maybe the good old chap wasn’t in the mood for meeting visitors today.


After saying ‘bye, bye’ to the brownies we went to see the lynx but to our great disappointment we didn’t see any of them.

Very quickly we forgot our disappointment because we saw something we’ve never seen before in this park – the polar foxes! We’ve seen the sign presenting them but always only met an empty enclosure. Frankly, we doubted whether there were any polar foxes at all… well, now we know – there are four of them!


The map shows where these beautiful foxes live in the wild. The polar foxes are an endangered species and in Sweden there are only about 50 wild animals! That’s why we are especially happy about the four beauties in this park!





Since this was the first time we saw the white cuties we spent a long time admiring them. It looked like there is a couple with two puppies – judging from their sizes.

The foxes were very active and on the move all the time so we couldn’t get a family portrait.


Raccoons aren’t natural members of the Nordic fauna but people have brought them home as ‘souvenirs’ and then let them out in the forests. When and if they are found they are brought to different zoos in Sweden. Once again I must claim that some people are born with no brains and without heart!

This raccoon has been lucky and found a home – even if it is in captivity!


The Myskox Restaurant was crowded today


When we asked one of the oxes to pose nicely this was the result:


Well, we may have a bit different ideas of nice posing…. 🙂

All in all we had a wonderful day in the park but next time we both hope there will be some clouds in the sky…..

Bear hugs to you all from Mervi and Vesa


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  1. Dear Mervi

    You have outdone yourselve with this very interesting report.
    So many beautiful animals in the sun under the blue sky.
    What a nice trip you made. I have to smile about the seal
    with the hering in the mouth and one at the paw. 😉 How
    nice, that you could watch the polar foxes this time. But
    the “normal” red foxes are beautiful too (you know that
    they are my special friends). Ester looks very good. 🙂
    The youngsters are funny with their wild plays under
    the rocks! 😉 I wish the wolf pair good luck with the
    breeding, maybe at your next visit, there will be cubs.
    The goats with the long hair are also very beautiful. 🙂
    I hope your “old bones” had a good rest after the
    long walk. The farewell of the Wisent was funny! 😉

    Grüssle Chris :wave:

  2. Dear MERVI – Dear VESA – Seems you had a wonderful springday in your “SCANIA ANIMAL PARK” in HÖÖR . Even walking all day is entiring for ‘old hips and bones’, isn’t it just ‘miracly’-wonderful to walk under the rays of spring-sun, and to visit nice and beautiful animals!? Thank you very much for having us taken with you. . . // . . ‘Stork on the roof’ expresses your wonderful day perfectly – great shot! … ‘The Wolves’ Forest’ looks very tempting – like adventure! . . . The ‘Children’s Zoo’ is a special experience to visit I guess easily. . . Loved to see the horse. Good Luck! if pregnant – and also in general, of course! . . . Fox and Wild Cat weren’t ugly either – not to speak of the lovely playful brownbears and all of the other animals you did introduce to us.
    . . . The sweet Polar Foxes did all look very much alike our lady in Zoo Berlin who came from Munich, don’t they!? . . Racoons are a lovely sight in general but ‘yours’ in the house is especially cute! . . . BTW: It’s always nice of the animals if they are prepared ‘to pose’ for us often so stupid humans! 😉

    Thanks for report and pics. It was a pleasant occupation to read and watch this morning 🙂 .

    Memories of 2008 – Article in KNUTITOURS “Skånes Djurpark”
    Does somebody know the handsome redtop? ;-):

  3. Dear Mervi!
    Well, I´ve got a lot to do, but nothing better than to take a first glimpse on your report…
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and your humorous words. I am very sorry for your “old bones” and the suffering during the ramble, nevertheless it was so nice and funny to take a virtual walk with you through the Scania Animal Park. I appreciate that with a big grin.
    All the animals look so beautiful in the sunshine: the goats, the relaxed pig, the stork, the pregnant little pony, the greedy grey seal, who is my favorite beside the bear cubs, the red foxes, the wolves – fortunately you got your pictures at the end – , the playing bear cubs with their mother, the fluffy polar foxes and the racoon in his little house. The last picture combined with your commentary is so hilarious that I had a good laugh!
    Have a nice and relaxing! weekend with Vesa, Mimmy and Nalle!

  4. Dear Mervi and Vesa,
    thank the ye took us to the beautiful trip to the zoo. Sun is very nice, just to photograph it is not so easy. Nevertheless, her beautiful photos you brought, after all, everyone knows how difficult it is to take photographs in the sunshine. I wish you both a nice weekend.
    Bear Hugs


  6. Chris – Everything should be working properly since there are already comments from several people. I hope you can get in later today! Welcome to the party! 🙂

  7. Dear Mervi and Vesa
    The photo album is a real guidebook to wildlife in Scandinavia. The park seems to be waking up after Winter and really cheers us up
    Knugs ralph

  8. Mervi, thank you for giving away some internal details about all the adverse conditions photographers do have to face! : D Weather conditions must not be too bright, not too wet, not too misty and so forth.

    I am smitten with surprise about your photos of the polar foxes! So this is how polar foxes look under great care! Those polar foxes you took great photos of do not ressemble in the slightest those ruffled meager little creatures I was forced to lay my eyes on at another zoo ( no not at Berlin Zoo for a change ;-> ).

    ” I don’t know how many times I zoomed in a stone believing I was photographing a wolf. :-)”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Those are the obstacles you are confronted with at a park. But it’s well worth the hassle.

  9. Dear Mervi & Vesa,
    you have really outdone yourselves bringing so many lovely photos from you bright sunny day in the Scania Park. I do very much appreciate all the information you gave about this park and its animals.

    I am very much impressed by the polar fox photos, knowing how difficult it is to bring them home in the camera, because they are mostly moving at high speed.

    The wisent must have misunderstood the phrase “nice posing” – however this photo is a very funny last pic of the report.

    How on earth can people think that racoons are pets ????????

    The young brownies are so cute and ester is a beautiful bear.

    The goats are beautiful and the storch photo is “classical”

    The seal with the fish in the mouth and the other in the hand is priceless,

    Not to forget the red foxes which are beautiful.

    Thank you so much for taking us to the wonderful Scania Park via KWM as vehicle 😀

    Hugs to both of you,
    from caren

  10. Mervi & Vesa,

    Thank you so much for this report and the photos. I did not even know of the polar foxes until now!

    LG, Christine

  11. Dear Mervi and Vesa!

    You have certainly very nice day with all these animals. The foxes are very beatiful
    Brownies are so sweet.

    Thank you very much.


  12. Dear Mervi and Vesa!
    It is not easy to take the pictures at the sunshine, but your pictures are very good 🙂
    The brown bears look very good after hibernation. The wolves have the big enclosure. The polar foxes are wonderful.

  13. Liebe Mervi und Vesa,
    es müssen nicht immer Exoten sein und die heimischen Tiere zu zeigen ist sehr wichtig.
    Die Kegelrobben sind selten in den Zoo´s zu sehen, was ich gar nicht verstehen kann.
    Die Polafüchse sind wunderschön mit ihrem flauschigen Winterfell und die jungen Bären
    toben schon in ihrem Gehege.
    Danke Euch, die schönen Bilder waren alle Mühen wert.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  14. Liebe Mervi , lieber Vesa

    E war eine gute Idee in den Scania Animal Park zu fahren. Die Polarfüchse sind wunderschön, die jungen Braunbären toben schon gan ordentlich.
    Sämtliche Tiere im Park sehen sehr gut aus.

    Liebe Grüße


  15. Dear Mervi,

    What a lovely assortment of animals
    there are here! And even with the
    sun shining, your photos are well

    A love the photo of the “brownie”
    happily sniffing the Spring air!

    The polar foxes have amazing
    bushy tails! Wow…gorgeous!

    Thanks for taking us along!

    xo k-j

  16. Liebe Mervi, lieber Vesa,

    bei so schönem Wetter war es eine gute Idee, in den Scania Animal Park zu gehen.
    Die grelle Sonne ist schon eine Herausforderung für die Fotografen. Aber Eure Bilder sind super geworden.

    Das scheint ein kleiner, aber schöner Zoo zu sein.

    Die beiden kleinen Braunbären sind so süß, und Ester sieht richtig gut aus.
    Das Bild, wo die Kegelrobbe den Fisch mit der Pfote festhält, ist super. Ich finde es auch schade, dass Kegelrobben relativ selten in Zoos zu sehen sind.

    Danke für Euren tollen Rundgang bei Füchsen, Zicklein, Pferdchen Schweinchen & Co., der mir sehr gut gefallen hat.
    Die vier Polarfüchse könnten Geschwister von Lilja sein.

    Liebe Grüße

  17. Dear Mervi,

    you and Vesa have had a nice day in Scania Park. Thanks for the interesting report and the very nice pictures. Ester is a sweetie.The polarfoxes are beautiful. I enjoyed looking on the nordic animals.

    Wish you a nice sunday.

    Hugs Inge

  18. Dear Mervi, thank you so much for this report and the pics. And do not worry, they are great. I had a good laugh when reading “focussing on a stone and hoping that it was a wolf”. Ah well, this surely means that their enclosure is big enough. And furthermore, I must say that I loved such pics. Not only, they are showing us the animals, but also give a good idea on the size and lay-out of their living space. Well, I suppose that the animals are enjoying the arrival of Spring (just like we do).

  19. dear Mervi and Vesa,
    you have made a great walk through the Scania Animal park and brought us so many nice photos. The animals there are all lovely. The Brownies and the foxes are sweet, I like them, Ester looks nice and content. I like the big pig who is feeling sauwohl. And the Wisent mhm some people in Germany would say “wat mut dat mut” , so like
    what has to be, has to be.
    Thank you for your wonderful photoreport from a nice Animal park, dear greetings to Sweden

  20. Dear Mervi and Vesa,

    Thank you for this delightful report from Scania Park! Your photos are excellent–they make me yearn for spring and sun!! The photo of the seal with one fish in the mouth and one in the hand is absolutely hilarious! The polar foxes are beautiful with lush coats and tails. It is hard to believe people are so stupid and/or cruel to bring animals like raccoons home and then dump them — thank goodness they got good homes at the park. You made quite a tour, bringing us photos of many animals — very much appreciated — and I hope your “old bones” are feeling better now!

    Hugs, Sarsam