Wolverine babies and a playful otter in Ranua

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22.3.2014 – Source: The Ranua Zoo

Last weekend offered a nice surprise for the wolverine keeper in the Ranua zoo. When he came to feed the animals he saw two ‘blond’ babies beside the mother Batsi! A keeper trainee managed to take the first photo of the newborns.


The wolverine babies are born with a light brown fur and weigh only about 100 grams. In the wilderness the mother prepares a snow grotto as a den for her and her off spring.

Even Batsi moved quickly her cubs to an underground den which offers better protection from the chilly weather than the outer enclosure.

The newborns are the first babies of their parents. The mother is a 9 years old Batsi from Sweden and the father is Rasputin who is born in the Moscow zoo in 2007.


Rasputin having fun in the snow

Wolverine is considered as an endangered species in Finland and there are only about 200 of them in the wild. The wolverines in Ranua are a part of EAZA’s program for preserving and increasing the number of them in Europe.

The wolverine babies in Ranua are a very valuable contribution to this program since Rasputin’s mother comes from the Murmansk area and was born in the wilderness.

Knuti’s Weekly wishes the newborn babies lots of health and a happy life!

The Spring took a little break in Ranua so the animals still have great possibilities to enjoy all kinds of winter games.

The otter Harry loves snow, ice and cold water!

Playing with a snow ball

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  1. Dear TEDDYBAERENMUTTI – Thank you very much for having digged out this interesting, touching, and entertainling article and videos. Thanks to RANUA ZOO for the publication of those treasures. . . . WOLVERINEs and OTTERs look always so cute. . . . I never saw a baby wolverine before, and therefore am looking forward to getting more information and pics and videos (am I modest!?) ‘asap’ 😉 . . . . No matter which size, sex, and age they are, are a more than cute sight and always fun to watch. I like their movement and their funny-sweet faces, as much as I love their kind to move and play. Great to get to know they are even able to form snowballs! 🙂 . In addition, sometimes I really like background sounds, comments, conversations in various languages . . .

    Of course, also thank you very much, dear MERVI, for having edited this contribution for “KWM”.

  2. Liebe Teddybärenmutti,
    herzlichen Dank für diese Niedlichkeiten aus Ranua.
    Ein Vielfraßbaby habe ich auch noch nie vorher gesehen.
    Ich wünsche den Babys und den Eltern Batsi und Rasputin alles Gute.

    Dear Mervi,
    how cute is this? Thanks for giving us the chance to start the day in company of these cuties.

    Viele liebe Grüße and Hugs,
    from caren

  3. Hallo Teddybärenmutti

    Der Nachwuchs bei den Vielfraßen ist eine große
    Überraschung und findet in Gefangenschaft nicht
    oft statt. Gratulation an den Zoo in Ranua. 🙂 Die
    Videos mit den Ottern sind klasse. 🙂 Auch der
    im Schnee spielende Vielfraß ist lustig! 🙂

    Liebe Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  4. Dear TBM.

    Thank you for the charming
    report from Ranua!

    The otter playing with a
    snowball is too cute for

    xo k-j

  5. Liebe Teddybaerenmutti
    Vielfrassen sind schoene karaktervolle und intelligente Jaeger. anua macht wichtiger Arbeit.
    Muenchen hatte Aitek?
    knugs ralph

  6. Liebe Teddybärenmutti,
    die Wolverinebabies sehen winzig aus. ich hoffe sie werden groß und kräftig. Der Otter mit dem Schneeball ist lustig.

  7. Liebe Teddybärenmutti,

    ich habe noch nie Babys von einem Vielfraß gesehen. Sie sehen auf dem Foto wirklich noch sehr winzig aus.
    Rasputin hatte Spaß im Schnee.

    Aber auch Otter Harry liebt den Schnee. Zu süß, wie er mit dem kleinen Schneeball spielt.

    Danke für die Fotos und die tollen Videos.

    Liebe Grüße

  8. Liebe Teddybärenmutti,
    Gratulation an den Ranua Zoo für diesen seltenen Zuchterfolg bei den Vielfraßen.
    Die Otter sind so niedlich wenn sie so verspielt sind und es macht ihnen richtig Spaß.
    Danke für diesen sschönen und interessanten Beitrag aus dem hohen Norden.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  9. Liebe Teddybärenmutti!

    Die kleine Vielfrasse sind goldig, ich hab so was noch nie gesehen. Alles Gute für die Kleinen und den Zoo.
    Danke für die tollen Bilder.

    Liebe Grüße,

  10. Dear Mutti, well like all others were saying before, you have made now us very curious and eager to see more pics of the wolverine babies. Hope that they are coming soon. By the way, when I saw the otter playing, I was wondering whether this was a very recent video because it is still snowing!!!!

  11. Dear mamselleken Patricia,

    The videos are only a couple of days old! It’s been snowing a lot in northern Finland so all the animals in the Ranua zoo can still enjoy the white stuff. I’m sure even Ranzo, Venus and Manasse are very pleased with the weather conditions. 🙂

  12. Dear TBM,

    Such an uplifting report from Ranua! I love the otters playing and especially the one playing with the snow ball!! Congratulations to Ranua on the birth of the two wolverines!

    Thank you!
    Hugs, Sarsam

  13. Liebe TBM

    Die kleinen Vielfrasse sind entzückend.
    Danke für den schönen Bericht aus Ranua