UPDATE: The baby bear in Ranua is doing fine!

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15.4.2014 – Source: Press release from Ranua Wildlife Park

The bear cub in Ranua is doing fine in the keepers’ loving care. They feed the baby girl with a baby bottle and rest of the still nameless cubbie’s days are spend playing and napping.

– The baby girl is very nice and gentle. It will be kept separated from the other brown bears in Ranua. When the cub is about two years old it’s time to find her a good home, Mari Heikkilä says.

– Mother bear Malla lives alone in a big enclosure and spends a lot of time climbing trees and watching the male bears Jehu and Palle-Jooseppi in neighbouring enclosures.

Malla and the baby girl have only met once after the separation.

– We wanted to test if Malla was willing to take care of her cub. The cub and the mother could see each other through the grid but Malla’s behavior wasn’t nice at all so the idea of a reunion had to be abandoned.

The cub immediately ran to the keepers when they appeared. She’s very fond of her keepers – in the video below we can see her with Outi Saarinen.

According to Mari Heikkilä the bear cub will be able to live ‘normal bear life’ in the future.

– We have a good example Palle-Jooseppi who was an orphande cub when he was found. He had even been injured by a male bear so a vet had to treat him for the wound. Even Palle-Jooseppi was first fed by the keepers with a baby bottle ….. We can only claim that the now 27 years old male bear has learnt very well to be a bear!

Small cubbies want to play and wrestle. That’s why the keepers give her suitable ‘wrestling partners’. Otherwise she might challenge the keepers….. 🙂


2.4.2014 – Source: Press release from Ranua Wildlife Park

The keepers in Ranua had to separate the little cub from it’s mother since Malla suddenly started showing aggressive behavior towards her baby.

Malla is still a very young bear so probably unexperience and stress are the reasons for her changed behaviour. In the den she was taking good care of the cub but when they came out she lost her interest for the cub and wanted to get into the big enclosure.

Maybe the motherhood was too early for Malla?

Since the mother didn’t care of the cub and even attacked it the keepers didn’t want to risk anything but are now hand raising the cub. When it comes out again will be decided later, the pressrelease from Ranua informs.


31.3.2014 – Source: The Ranua Wildlife Park, Photos: Marko Junttila

Malla-bear, having noticed that the bright sunshine of spring has warmed up the hatch of her winter nest, has woken up and informed that she wants to get out from her nest. The hibernation of the bears, which usually begins in November, is a way for the bears to adapt themselves to the long snow-covered winter when they cannot find vegetation for their nutrition in the woods.

The other bears at the Ranua Wildlife Park, the young male-bear Jehu and the grand-daddy-bear Palle-Jooseppi, have enjoyed the rapidly warming spring-time weather outside for several weeks already. Malla-bear, on the other hand, has remained in her nest up until now, as her cub, born first in the month of January, has been too small to leave the nest.

In the video mama Malla is taking care of her baby

Today the little cubbie followed her mother out from the nest into the light and warmth of the spring-time weather. As you can see in the photos the baby could made it’s entry to a snowy enclosure.










Ranua is now looking for a name to the last-born animal at the Wildlife Park, the tiny bear-cub, starting on April 4, 2014, on the Ranua Wildlife Park web-page. You can also leave your name suggestions at the Wildlife Park Ticket Office.

As for the present moment the keepers don’t know whether the cub is male or female, you may let your imagination run wild with no limitations whatsoever in regards to your name suggestion. You can leave your name suggestions up until the end of August. The name will be selected from all the suggestions September 2, 2014.


Knuti’s Weekly welcomes the little bear to the world and wishes him/her a happy life!


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  1. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you for this good news!
    Welcome to the outside world,
    little cubbie! Enjoy!

    xo k-j

  2. Hallo Mervi

    Was für ein süßer Fratz mit dem weißen Pelzkragen.
    Cubbie scheint der Schnee nichts auszumachen.
    Malla kann stolz sein auf ihr Kind. 🙂
    Gratulation an den Zoo in Ranua!

    Liebe Grüsse
    Chris 🙂

  3. Dear Mervi,
    welcome Malla-baby – it is ever so cute and I do it a long and healthy life!
    The little one is adorable and looks so funny with its white fluffy necklace 🙂 in the snow!
    Congratulations to the Ranua Zoo.
    I think a cutie alarm is urgently needed here.
    Thank you so much for publishing this lovely aricle!

    from caren

  4. Dear Mervi,
    the cub is wonderful. I am very glad about Malla.

  5. Dear Mervi,

    thank you for sharing this beautiful little cubbie!

    LG, Christine

  6. Sond das süße Fotos von dem kleinen Bärchen im Schnee.
    Und er scheint es zu genießen.

    Das Video ist auch klasse.

    Dake für`s zeigen.

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Sind das süße Fotos von dem kleinen Bärchen im Schnee.
    Und er scheint es zu genießen.

    Das Video ist auch klasse.

    Danke für`s zeigen.

    Liebe Grüße

  8. Liebe Mervi,
    kleine Bärchen sind zum Knuddeln süß und dieses Kind sieht schon sehr niedlich aus mit seinem weißen
    Dem kleinen Bärchen wünsche ich ein gutes und gesundes Leben und für die schönen Bilder
    ein herzliches Dankeschön.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  9. Dear Mervi
    Malla’s cub is a wonderful addition to Ranua. Ialways hope for girl bears as they seem to happen less often.
    Ranua and the snow seem to suit the little one with her white necklace.
    knugs ralph

  10. Dear TEDDYBÄRENMUTTI – Dear MERVI – How nice to find another pictured report of ZOO RANUA. This bear cub is too cute with the white ribbon around its neck! . . . At the moment I don’t have any idea for an ‘appropriate’ name. May be spirits will reach me later 😉 Thanks to the both of you for information and pics – and video, which I will also only watched later.

  11. Dear MERVI – I am so sorry for the cub, and for the mother, and for the keepers!
    Anyway, thank you very much for having us informed immediately about this unexpected development in the RANUA animal world!

  12. Dear Mervi,
    I am sorry to read that the cub must be handraised nAs Malla is still very young, it ay well be the case that she feels to be overburden with the cub outside the den.
    It is always a kind of tragedy when humans must play the role of the animal mother. This is extremely difficult to avoid a human conditioning.
    I do wish the keepers all success needed for this difficult task and I do hope a little bear companion might be found to grow up with Malla-Baby together to ease the situation.
    All the best for this cute little bear baby.

    from caren

  13. Dear Mervi, although this news might sound sad, I am glad that the keepers have decided to continue the care for little baby. For being a first-time mother, Malla has already done her best and cared for it during the most important weeks of its young life. We will never know what her reason was to now all of a suddden abandon the baby, but at least she has shown that she is able to raise cubs. By the way, thank you for giving the first report of baby-bear in the snow. It is such a cutie with his little white “scarf”, isn’t it, and it seems to be very interested in his new surroundings. And I am quite confident that the keepers will do a good job.

  14. Ich denke es ist besser so, ehe das Baby noch Schaden nimmt.
    Sicher werden die Pfleger alles tun, damit das Bärchen groß wird.
    Und beim nächsten Mal hat auch Malla mehr Erfahrung. 🙂

  15. Liebe Mervi!

    So traurig. Hoffentlich alles geht weiter gut.

    Alles gute auch an Pertti Saarijärvi mit Personal. Sie haben nun tatzen voll.


  16. Dear Mervi,
    I am sorry for the little bear. The keeper have a difficult job. I hope everything will be well.

  17. Liebe Mervi,
    Malla ist noch sehr jung und es ist ihr erstes Kind. Schade, aber der Ranua Zoo wird auch diese
    kleine Pelzkugel groß bekommen und Malla wird lernen ihre Kinder aufzuziehen.
    Vielen Dank, für die neuesten Ereignisse und liebe Grüße
    Moni K

  18. Dear Mervi
    At least the little one will have the team a Ranua to look after her. In the wild she could not have survived without her mother.
    We will all be hoping that she makes it.

  19. Dear Teddybärenmutti,
    Thank you for your report from the zoo Ranua, pity that the bear now but do not want to raise her baby. In the video, you could still see her care, now outdoors the other behavior towards her boy. That is the better decision of the nurses to pull the child out. Videos and photos are very beautiful.
    Bear Hugs

  20. Danke für das Video Up-Date.
    Das Bärchen ist sehr hungrig
    aber schon ganz schön gewachsen.
    Die Pflegerin macht es sehr gut! 🙂

  21. Ist das süß. Wer möchte da nicht gerne mal das Fläschchen geben.
    Danke für das Up -Date.

    Liebe Grüße

  22. Dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for this update on Malla-Baby.
    I appreciate it very much that the keepers tried a re-union, at least they tried, although unfortunately the attempt failed. Now Malla-Baby is in good hands with her keepers. The video is heartwarming seeing how the little one is bottle-fed.
    Best wishes for little Malla-Baby and the keepers.
    from caren

  23. Dear Mervi,
    I am glad the little bear is doing well. I would like to feed a baby too 🙂

  24. Mervi
    Sadly my knuphone simply will not let me into knutitours except via a passive link which does not let me post. All my phones have this problem. Fortunately Ican still post here.
    It is good to know that the Ranua cub is doing well.
    knugs ralph

  25. Pity that the little one couldn’t be given back to her mother. But good she is taken good care of and obviously loves her keepers and the other way round 🙂 Thank you for another lovely report about the still nameless cute cub, dear MERVI, dear Ranua Wildlife Park, dear Teddybaerenmutti!

  26. Dear Mervi und dear Teddybärenmutti and Ranua Wildlife Park
    oh, so small and so sweet. All the best for the little one.
    Greetings from Inge

  27. Liebe Mervi,
    das kleine Mädchen ist sooooo süß und ich beneide die Pflegerin um diesen Job.
    Danke für das neueste Update vom Bärenbaby
    Liebe Grüße Moni K