Bear watching between rain showers

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7.7.2014 by Mervi and Vesa

In the morning of the 2nd July we checked the weather forecasts – some promised rain, some promised sunshine. However, we decided to visit the Scania Animal Park. During the day we found out that all the weather prophets were right – the sun was shining a few minutes, then a rain shower hit us and that went on all the time during our visit.

Well, as you know – baby bear don’t care but tries to make the best of the visit. 🙂


Usually the first we see are the sheep, the goats and the pigs but none of these animals was to be seen. Maybe they were inside because it has been raining heavily during the night and early morning. We were, of course, disappointed because especially the goats always welcome us so nicely.

The storch was at home and visible anyway. The birds have a nice house and the roof seems to be a good place for building a nest.


Another lovely sight was the swan with her baby birdie.


Although I waited patiently the two duckies refused to be photographed. 🙂


In our previous report from the animal park I told you about the new wolf couple Nika and Amarok. The keepers were optimistically hoping for puppies  already this season and their dream has come true! We saw two adorable puppies but we were both so excited that we almost forgot to take photos. I only managed to catch this one before the whole family disappeared among the trees and bushes. I hope we have better luck with photos next time…. Unfortunately we didn’t meet any keeper so we couldn’t ask if there possibly were more than two babies.


We have always said that even if it’s difficult to see all the animals in this kind of park we can always rely on meeting the bears. Hmm, this time we got a minor chock! No bears to be seen! Finally we noticed Ester having a nap by the wall but no other bears.


We decided to walk further to check the lynx and the polar foxes.

We only saw one lynx hiding in the high gras so we could only see it’s back. The polar foxes have changed into their Summer outfits so it was a bit difficult to see them. What fantastic camouflage colours they have! After watching very thoroughly we could find this sweetie sleeping and obviously having nice dreams.


When we came back to the bears’ kingdom we found Glock having a bath. In spite of the rain showers it was a very hot day so I can understand a fur coated bear also needs a cooling break.


While I’m bathing why don’t you admire my gorgeous prophile?


Ester had moved to the upper part of the enclosure but continued napping.



OK, since you’ve come all the way from Malmö I might as well say ‘murmurmur’ to you.


We were wondering where the two young bears are since Ester and Glock are now sharing the big enclosure. We learnt that the guys are living in a nearby enclosure where the wolves started their stay in the park. We only managed to caught a little sight of them – they were hiding in the forest. However, we are very happy to know they are still there and now have an enclosure of their own.


Ester saw now that Glock had left the ‘pool’ and started walking towards it. Glock came to say his ‘murmurmur’ to us….



Ester wasn’t so interested in bathing today. She only wet her front paws in the water……


… and stopped to admire the plants and the flowers. She seemed to be satisfied with the garden. 🙂



As I already wrote – in a big animal park you can never count on seeing all the animals  during your visit but if you’re lucky you can meet some of them for the first time.

Today’s surprise for us was to meet two wolverines which we’ve never seen before! The male was running around carrying a piece of wood in his mouth. He put the wood in a hole, then pulled it out again, ran to another hole and so on…. I think it was a male because it acted exactly in the same way as his ‘collegue’ Rasputin in Ranua. 🙂 Of course, I may be totally wrong…. whatever, he was far too quick for my camera.


This is – again my guess – the lady wolverine. She was watching over the wolverine kingdom like a queen.


You’re very welcome to take a closer look!


The lady has a very cute face doesn’t she?

Although the weather wasn’t the best possible and although we didn’t see so many animals this time the visit was a perfect way to spend one’s birthday. This visit was also a ‘test drive’ for my new shoes – or rather slippers – and I’m happy with the result. They were ‘walkable’! 🙂

The Scania Animal Park has been struggling with great financial problems but now a Norwegian company is taking over and big improvements are promised. I just hope these ‘improvements’ don’t mean that the place will be turned into a tingel-tangel park! Well, better not to be pessimistic in advance but hope for the best!!



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  1. Dear Mervi

    Between the showers it looked quiet sunny..
    The bear had his bath with pleasure. 🙂
    Esther looks so cute sleeping on the rock.
    I am a friend of the wolverines, so I am
    glad to see them here in your report. 🙂
    The feathered friends are beautiful too!
    I was lucky to see storks several times
    in the nature this year. The little Fox also
    enjoyes a nap. The little Wolf is very cute!
    I think, you had a great time with Vesa in
    the Scania Animal Park! 🙂 Thank you for
    the well illustrated report!

    Grüssle Chris 🙂

  2. Liebe Mervi, lieber Vesa,

    wo kann man seinen Geburtstag besser verbringen als im Zoo oder Tierpark.
    Und gleich am Eingang habt Ihr die sĂĽĂźen Tierbabys gesehen. Das SchwankĂĽken ist wirklich sĂĽĂź.

    Schade, dass Ihr die beiden junbgen Bären nicht gesehen habt, aber wenigstens wißt Ihr, dass es ihnen gut geht und sie noch da sind.

    Ester und Glock sind schöne Bären. Schönes Foto, wie Glock aus seinem Pool schaut.

    Und auch die Polarfüchse im Scania Animal Park verlieren ihr schönes flauschiges Winterfell. Sie sehen dann immer aus wie gerupfte Hühner.

    Schön zu hören, dass sich ein Sponsor für den Park gefunden hat. Ich hoffe auch nicht, dass dann ein Tingel-Tangel-Zoo aus dem schönen Park wird.

    Danke fĂĽr Eure schönen “Geburtstags-Fotos”. Es war bestimmt ein schöner Tag. Mir hat es jedenfalls SpaĂź gemacht, wenn auch nur virtuell, mit Euch durch den Park zu gehen.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe

  3. Dear Mervi and Dear Vesa,
    although it was a hot and rainy day, the first photos looked like better weather than it was. How lovely that the stork welcomed you.
    Beside the lovely bears the photos of the wolverine are a real treasure. Often one can hardly see them and if they show up it is always difficult to take photos. You managed! Congratulations!

    The bear watching alone would have been worth the visit. They are so cute and Glock’s profile is wonderful. Esther is also a lovely lady and looking so nicely into your camera.

    The little polar fox is adorable as is the little wolf.

    The Lady Swan with her baby is also adorable and the little ducks keeping their heads in the water although you had the camera ready are so funny.

    We are so glad you spent a nice birthday together with all your four-legged friends. Who cares of the rain when you are accompanied by all the lovely creatures. Baby Bear Don’t care.

    Thank you ever so much for bringing us the Scania Park so nearby with all these lovely photos.

    Hugs to both of you,
    from caren&bernd

  4. Tervehdys Mervi ja Vesa!

    Olipa hyviä kuvia. jotenkin Scandia Park muistuttaa Ähtäriä ja Ranuaa. Tilaa piisaa. Asukit näyttivät tosi tyytyväisiltä.

    Hello Mervi and Vesa!
    So fine Fotos. Scandia Park ist a typical scandinavian animal park. Very much area for the animals and also to visitors. All are very satisfied.



  5. Dear Mervi and Vesa,
    the bears are lovely. It is very good to see them between the trees and in the water. The wolferines are very interesting animals. I never saw them in the zoo.

  6. Dear Mervi!
    You spent your birthday in the best way: with your knusband at a very beautiful place with all these lovely animals. I bet you had fun and a very fine day in spite of the capricious wheather. Well done!
    Thank you for the beautiful photos and taking us with you!
    Many hugs

  7. Dear MERVI and VESA – This is a very charming sries of photos of bears, and wolverines, and a busy stork, as well as of the beautiful swan-mama with baby, and the wolf-cub. I like especially the fluffy “Träumerle” on the well-cover(?) from stone. Wishing the SCANIA ANIMAL PARK (and YOU!) that the Norwegian donator will do the right things to take the sorrows away and to avoid a conversion into a tingle-tangle-park! . . . Thank you very much for having given us the chance to accompany you!

  8. Dear Mervi and Vesa
    Despite the rain you seem to have been able to get some wonderful animal photographs from Scania.
    The bears look relaxed and in their element. Wolverines are fascinating predators with great character.
    Ihope the Norwegian investors will be able to develop the park without losing its character. Sadly some elements of the entertainment business like retail shops childrens play areas and good restaurant facilities are a must.
    Many knugs from England ralph

  9. Liebe Mervi und Vesa,
    einen schönen Ausflug habt ihr in den Scania Tierpark gehabt.
    Alle Tiere haben sich nicht gezeigt aber es gibt doch immer wieder neues zu entdecken und mit Storch
    und den Schwänen war das ein guter Auftakt.
    Glück habt ihr mit den Bären trotzdem gehabt, gezeigt haben sie sich und auch der Vielfraß war gut zu sehen.
    Jetzt hoffe ich daĂź der Charakter dieses Tierparks erhalten bleibt und die neuen Investoren das Wohlergehen der Tiere an 1.Stelle sehen.
    Vielen Dank für das Mitnehmen auf euren schönen Ausflug.
    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe Moni K

  10. dear Mervi,
    what a nice way to begin celebrate your birthday. So many lovely animals were waiting for you. Mama Swan with her child so proud and the duckies were taking a nice morning bath.
    Glock and Lady wolverine liked to watch in your camera. Ester looks so sweet I like her lovely face. Thank you very much for this nice up date from the cosy Scania park, dear greetings to you and Vesa

  11. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you for sharing your birthday trip with us!! Visiting Scania is a delightful way to celebrate! While the wolverines are the hit of the report, there are many other wonderful photos. I love the portrait of Glock! And the smile on Ester’s face is great — she has beautiful white-tipped fur. The swan mother and baby are delightful and the be-headed ducks are funny! The Arctic fox is beautiful and I can see a pair of ears belonging to another one on the left side of the photo!

    Thank you again,
    Hugs, Sarsam

  12. Dear Mervi, it is so true that when one is planning a visit, there are no rules for the weather or the animals and therefore, one has to make the best out of it. And so you did!!! And even if you plan to visit certain animals who are hiding in the end, it is always rewarded by others popping up for the first time or so. I adore your pic of the little wolf as well of the one of the storch (and I think that the little white spot in the nest is a baby) and the little “kwakkelgatjes”. And most of all, I am more than happy to learn that Scania Park is having financial support. Glock and Ester are looking gorgeous and apparently happy in their enclosure. And I agree with Sarsam; after reading her words, I went back and also found the second pair of ears. So, that means that you saw more than expected.