Avalanche Wolverines? What on Earth …. ?

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6.7.2015 von Mervi & Vesa

As we all know the best way to spend one’s birthday is visiting a zoo or an animal park. Our original plan was to take the train to Copenhagen but just one look at the thermometer made us abandon that plan and take the car to the Scania Animal Park instead. Since the park is almost a forest it can offer lots of shadowy places.

Outside the entry  Mr Mole was welcoming us. I will explain later why his wearing that special ‘hat’. 🙂


When we were bying our tickets Vesa happened to mention it was my birthday. The nice young man by the counter immediately told us I could go in free of charge today. What a fine gesture of the park don’t you agree?

This is the wiew from the entrance – it looks like you have come to big farm. Here you can choose either to take the steps directly to the paths or walk through the goats enclosure.


Of course, we wanted to say ‘hello’ to our friends.


Most of the visitors giving gentle taps to the goats were small children – and me! 🙂 It’s wonderful to be so close to these lovelies and even be allowed to touch them.


It looked like this beauty was lying on exactly the same spot as last time we saw him. I wonder if he has moved at all …..


Even the storch couple were at home.


Along the path there were big ‘signs’ with a little story about a mole who wanted to find out who had pooed on his head! 🙂 He met all kinds of animals on his ‘detective tour’ …..


….. and finally he found out who was quilty: the neighbour’s dog Henrik! I found this a wonderful,  funny idea. At least we had lots of fun reading the signs. 🙂


On a hot day it’s great to be under the trees but when the sun is shining in a cloudless sky it makes the photography very difficult. There are shadows everywhere as you can see here!

Hmmm, does this count as a selfie?? 🙂


Can you guess what this is? – In this ‘building’ there are modern, very clean toilettes! Very welcome indeed! 🙂


The feedings  are planned in a way that makes it possible to follow the keepers through the park and see all of them – one after Another. The feeding tour always starts by the seals.

There are three harbor seals – this one is Marina.


Here’s the whole gang looking forward to the treats.


This is one of the two grey seals and he really made sure he didn’t have to leave the dinner table hungry….. 🙂


The next feeding we followed was that of the wolverines. Luna and Dina live together in this enclosure and their daughter Kayla rules in a neighbouring area.


The couple were quite cautious when they approached the meat. Maybe the rather big crowd of  visitors made them feel uneasy.



Only when the keepers were leaving Luna came closer and started to eat. Let’s hope he left something to Dina, too!

We didn’t see Kayla but we heard something very interesting. She will move to Alaska where she will have a male companion from Norway. They will both be trained to be ‘avalanche wolverines’! Surprisingly – at least it was a surprise for us – wolverines are excellent trackers when people have been hit by an avalanche and the rescue crews are looking for them under snow masses!

I hope we can follow Kayla and her Norwegian boyfriend even in Alaska and, of course, we wish them best of luck over there. Imagine  – there will be an avalanche wolverine from Scania in Alaska!!


Our next stop was by the polar foxes. This one was napping in the grass ….


… but the other one was walking about presenting it’s beautiful face and fur to the visitors. As you can see the fur is changing it’s colour but the tail is still shining white.


Maybe it wanted to have a play mate but this mate wasn’t interested – which I can undertand perfectly well. It was a HOT day!!


One can’t but love these beautiful animals!


After walking a couple of hours it was time for some light refreshments and we found the perfect place for that! 🙂


Who could possibly resist an ice cream portion called Big Bear or Little Bear? We took the smaller version which was as big as the portions at Joe’s in Berlin!! I wonder how big the Big Bear is….. 🙂


After a well deserved break it was time to go and see if our fellow country bear Glok was home. As you may remember Glok was born in Finland. He was found as an orphaned cub and brought to Kolmården and later to the Scania Park. His wife Ester comes from Orsa.

We had to do some detective work until we caught sight of Glok among the trees.


When we called his name he smiled at us! Here’s the proof! 🙂


Even though there are lots of shadowy spots in his enclosure Glok was heading towards his little pool.


Oh, finally he could feel the cool water ….. Doesn’t he look happy?


After a while he started playing with the wood stick.



You stupid two legged creatures! Why are you standing there in the hot sunshine instead of having a bath in your pool?


Dear Glok, we would have loved to join you but I guess you wouldn’t have appreciated our sharing your pool. After all – it isn’t very spacious …..


A relaxed bear who didn’t seem to mind the heat.


Finally it was time to meet Ester and three small brown fur balls! There are two girls – Ellen and Elsa – and a boy called Egil.


The family is living in a new enclosure which is much better than the old mother-cub area. However, the net fence and the shadows made the photographing almost impossible. In the other end of the enclosure there’s a ‘watch tower’ with glass windows but this time Ester and her kids preferred this corner. Maybe because the feeding was done here. 🙂



I don’t know which one of the cubs this is but he/she seems to be ‘the leader of the band’. The cubbie was standing on the hind legs making him/herself very visible to the keeper.  Well, a growing bear needs lots of energy! (Do you remember who used to say that in my stories?) 🙂




Even Ester wanted to have her fair share of the food.



We couldn’t bring you good photos of Ester and her cubbies but here’s a video (by the Scania Park) where you can have a better look at the cuties.

We hope we can visit the bear family soon again and hopefully even take good photos. However, we know that the main thing is that the animals have good enclosures and decent living conditions.

Our special thanks to the park for the nice birthday gift! We wish all the animals and keepers a wonderful Summer time!

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  1. Liebe Mervi,

    für den kostenfreien Eintritt in den Park hättest du viele von den bärengroßen Eisportionen essen können.
    Eine sehr schöne Geste von der Parkverwaltung. Bei uns dürfen Kinder an Geburtstagen kostenlos ins Freibad gehen, aber das Baden hast du ja lieber den kleinen Bärchen überlassen – sehr niedlich sind sie.

    Die vielen anderen Tiere haben schöne schattige Gehege und die Besucher fühlen sich dort bei großer Hitze auch sehr wohl.

    Danke für deinen ausführlich Bericht und die Toiletten sehen aus wie eine kleine indianische Festung!
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Liebe Mervi und Vesa!

    Danke fuer die schöne Fotos. Einwohner in Scania Animal Park sehen sehr zufrieden aus.
    Unser Glok seiht sehr zufried aus. Und Seine Familie, wie nett Mama mit Drillingen..

    Pajlon tervessii tält pualt jokke.


  3. Dear Mervi and dear Vesa!
    Judging from your photos it must have been a wonderful day at the Scania Animal Park.
    What a good idea to go there on Mervis birthday instead of suffering from stress and extreme heat on a train.
    I love these easygoing impressions of the animals on this hot summer day.
    They all look beautiful: the goats, the lazy pig, the storks, seals and wolverines but my favourite is Glok who was taking a relaxing bath. He is posing so nicely for you. His wife Ester is good lopking too and the offspring is so cute and playful.
    Thank you for sharing these nice impressions with us.
    Many hugs

    P.S.:Poor mole, what a nasty imagination having dog dirt on the head…

  4. Dear Mervi, visiting Scania Park on your birthday and on such a hot day was the best idea. And how nice to get a free access for the occasion of your birthday. That is how birthday kids should be treated, isn’t it. Petting little animals (goats or sheep or whatever kind – as long as they do not bite too hard) is not only a pleasure for children but also for adults (at least, those who are taking the time to enjoy this experience). And yes, your shadow selfie is just perfect (although I am missing the color “red”). I adore the pics of Glok having a great and relaxing time in his bath tube (even though it is not soo big). And the rest of his family (mother and cubbies) are looking sweet.

  5. Liebe Mervi und lieber Vesa,
    was für ein schönes Ersatzprogramm und dann auch noch freien Eintritt am Geburtstag.
    Die Maulwurfgeschichte ist sehr witzig dargestellt und dazu muß man auch nicht schwedisch können
    um zu verstehen.
    Es gibt viel zu sehen und es müssen nicht immer große Tiere sein die begeistern.
    Enten, Ziegen, Störche, Schweine, Polarfüchse und die Vielfraße sind schon attraktiv genug.
    Aber auch eine Bärenfamilie mit niedlichem Nachwuchs gibt es im Scania Park und das ist
    für uns Fans natürlich das Größte.
    Herzlichen Dank, hat Spaß gemacht die schönen Bilder aus dem Scania Park anzusehen.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  6. Dear Mervi

    Again you present us a very interesting report from the animal park.
    My favorites are the wolverines and the brownbear-cubbies. 🙂
    The seals have a very nice enclosure!

    Chris 🙂

  7. Liebe Mervi,
    Du hast Dir ja selbst schon ein schönes Geburtstagsgeschenk gemacht, mit dem Besuch im Scania Animal Park. Und dann noch freier Eintritt dazu, schöner kann doch der Tag nicht begonnen. Das ist wirklich eine nette Geste.

    Ich kenne das auch nur vom Alpspitz-Wellenbad in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Da haben Geburtstagskinder (auch Erwachsene) ebenfalls freien Eintritt.

    Mr. Mole ist ein cooler Typ.
    Dein “Selfie” mit den Enten ist klasse.
    Das “Toilettenhäuschen” sieht ja witzig aus. Schöne Idee.
    Die Polarfüchse verlieren ihren schönen Winterpelz. Bei den Temperaturen auch beser so.
    Die Bilder vom spielenden Bär im Pool sind wunderschön, und vor allem erfrischend.
    Danke für den schönen “Geburtstags-Rundgang”. Es hat mir sehr gefallen.

    Liebe Grüße auch an Vesa

  8. Dear Mervi & Vesa,

    What a beautiful day! And the animals
    are a wonderful variety. Your photos are
    very well done!

    Thank you for taking us along!

    xo k -j

  9. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Best wishes to the animals in the Scania Animal Park.

  10. Dear Mervi and Vesa
    The Scania Park is a wonderful place. The various animals look so at home there.
    I especially like the idea that Wolverines can be used to find people lost after avalanches. I would like to learn more about how this done.
    Glok seems to be fonder of water than some Polar Bears I know.

  11. Your birthday must have been a real ‘success’. Everything/Everybody looks so nice and happy!

    First I simply HAVE TO mention that I love the selfie “MERVI with ducks” very much. Fantastic!
    But all the other pictures are as wonderful as this one. Thank you very much that such you gave us the opportunity to take part in your personal ‘birthday party’. Again all the best for the new year of your life!

    Wolverines and polar foxes look cute! May be, JOHN GOMES will visit KAYLA and her partner when they start their avalanche-training and grant us some pics!? Would be so fine!

    There must be an even better expression than ‘to look happy’!!! Fantastic. What a beautiful guy GLOK is!
    In addition he has a handsome family: ESTER, ELLEN, ELSA, and EGIL. What could a bear desire more!?

    To answer your question “Well, a growing bear needs lots of energy! – Do you remember who used to say that in my stories?” – KNUT ? – ‘Investigator KNUSEAU’ in KNUTITOURS? 🙂 🙂

    Thank you, dear MERVI, dear VESA, for this report rich in variety.!
    Wonderful you didn’t forget the ‘red top pic’ – this time even in company of an impressive mole!

  12. Liebe Mervi

    Eine sehr gute Idee, am Geburtstag in einen so schönen Park zu gehen.
    Und wir dürfen nun Deinen tollen Tag mit den tollen Fotos nacherleben.

    Die kleinen Teddybären sind niedlich.

    Liebe Grüße

  13. Dear Mervie,
    eine gute Idee vom Scania Animal Park, Geburtstags”kinndern” freien Eintritt zu gewähren.
    Viele schöne Gehege sind zu sehen, mein Hit sind die Volverines. ich habe sie in Schottland in mein Herz geschlossen. Die Polarfüchse ruhen bei Hitze im hohen Gras und der Brauni badet und spielt im Wassser.
    Die spielenden Braunbärkinder sind super

    Bearhugs to you and Vesa