Hide and seek in the Scania Animal Park

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10.9.2015 by Mervi and Vesa

What to do on a beautiful September day? We didn’t need much time to figure it out …. a trip to the Scania Animal Park would be a perfect way to spend this day!

Today many animals wanted to play hide-and-seek with us but we managed to take some photos for you – some of them of poor quality but anyway ….

If you wonder about the flag …. Sweden still has the blue and yellow flag – this is the special flag for the region Scania. 🙂

When we arrived by the opening time there were not so many visitors except a couple of bus loads of school children with their teachers. We took the way in through the goats’ kingdom and it was funny to see how they ‘retired’ to their little house when they heard the children coming. Very wise of them – too many small people at the same time can create a very stressful situation  for the animals.

Oh my, that was close but now we can feel safe and secure ….

We were glad to see that the children respected the goats and didn’t follow them to the inner enclosure.

These two sweeties came to say ‘hello’ to us. It’s really fantastic to be so close to them and even have a chance to ‘shake hands’ or whatever you call the nice-to-meet-you-ceremony…. 🙂

Last time we visited the park a storch couple was watching over the nest and now we saw something small peeking out. Hereby it’s proved that storchs really come with babies!! 🙂

We had promised these friends to bring some treats and luckily we didn’t forget to take some bread with us. The feathered crowd was waiting for us and we were glad not to disappoint them.

This beautiful horse was the next inhabitant we met in the park. There were two of them in the enclosure – both looking gorgeous.

Our friend Piggy was having a day in a spa. I’m sure that mud bath would do good to anybody’s skin!!

We have met the wild cats Ask and Embla many times before but this was the first time we managed to take photos of them.

I don’t know which is Ask and which is Embla but they both look very much like our Nalle!

This one was busy with the pawicure …..

…. but this beauty was kind enough to sit down for a while giving us a chance to admire him/her properly.

There’s an excellent observation bridge by the wolves enclosure – providing that the grey furred friends choose to show. If they don’t come close enough it’s almost impossible to find them among the trees and the bushes. We caught sight of the young guys and their mum but only for a very short moment.

As I’ve told already in our previous reports the park is actually a big forest. The visitors can never count on seeing all the animals but with some luck it’s possible to catch sight of many beauties.

From the ‘observation bridge’ you can even see the enclosure of Ester and her three kids. Since it was quite early we found Ester in front of her house and two of the kids peeking out. Maybe they were making plans for the day ….

There was no action in Glock’s enclosure either so we continued to the lynx. At first sight there was nothing to see but finally we saw an adult lying in the corner of the enclosure enjoying the sun rays. Vesa’s falk eyes even noticed two kittens under a tree. Unfortunately there was too much shadow which made it impossible to take photos. But we can assure you the kittens looked lovely!

Our next stop was by the arctic foxes. Again there was nothing to see but just when we were leaving a young fox felt mercy with us and came to present him/herself.

The fox’ fur is still having the Summer colour but the tail is white.

This was a very nice fox – it stayed with us for a long time and, of course, I was having a chat with it. After wishing him/her a pleasant Autumn and Winter we continued our tour to see if Glock was awake.

Oh yes, our fellow country bear was awake wondering if he should jump into the little pool or not ….

Hmm, he decided for a compromise – he put two paws in the water and kept the rest of himself dry. 🙂

Oh bear, this is soooo relaxing!

After the ‘half-bath’ Glock also posed very nicely to the photographers.

Talking about photography – I wonder how much the school children saw and learnt during their visit. The major part of them seemed to be busy sending selfies to Facebook. O tempora, o mores!!!

By this time even Ester’s and Glock’s cubbies were to be seen. We had hope they would come closer the observation bridge but they had decided to stay near their ‘house’ so we had to admire them through the fence.

When we saw this bear we thought Ester had shrinked …..

…. but then we saw her lying on the grass. One of the cubs is a spitting image of it’s mama with exactly the same shade of light brown colour while the other two have inherited Glock’s darker fur.

One of the trio only showed us the back and the cute ears. 🙂

The two others seemed to be looking for the ‘exit’ but luckily they didn’t find it!

OK, since we obviously have to stay here we might as well play a little …..

Wrestling and boxing are very good exercises for young bears and these two took the training extremely seriously. 🙂

Time for a break now! Thank you for watching!

Thank you for coming! Maybe we’ll meet you again before we start hibernating?

It was time to leave the park – or the forest – now but a cup of coffee was a ‘must’ after all the walking. A little cafĂ© is located in an old Scania style house and there was even an old fashioned loo (in Sweden we call it ‘utedass’)

Imagine our ashtonisment when the door of the loo suddenly opened and we heard a man’s voice speaking the genuine Scania dialect. First we thought ‘oh, how embarrassing’ but then we realized the man was a dummy and the voice was recorded. 🙂

It was really a great day in the park. The weather couldn’t have been better and even though we had to seek for the hiding animals we managed to see many of them. And we got lots of motion and fresh air!

The park has been open all year but the new owners have decided that it will be closed from November to April. We wish all the animals and their keepers a pleasant Winter season and hope to meet them all again in the Spring!

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  1. Liebe Mervi

    Mit Ausdauer und Adleraugen habt ihr es geschafft, fast alle Bewohner der Gehege zu entdecken.
    Die BĂ€ren, Luchse und Wölfe sind natĂŒrlich das Highlight des Parks, aber ich freue mich auch
    ĂŒber meine gefiederten Freunde, wie. die Enten. Erstaunlich, dass die Störche noch da sind!
    Dass ihr die Wildkatzen gesehen habt, war eine besondere Herausforderung. Das Schwein
    im Matsch ist herrlich, man sieht, wie es die Schlammpackung genießt. Auch Glocks
    Tatzenbad ist lustig anzuschauen. Schön, dass die kleinen BÀren noch nach vorne
    kamen. Die Wölfe waren etwas vorsichtiger. Auch die Hirsche und Pferde sind
    ein schöner Anblick. Die Ziegen scheinen eine besondere Rasse zu sein.
    Der kleine Fuchs hat noch sein Sommerfell. Einen feinen Tag hattet ihr!

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

  2. Liebe Mervi,
    da habt Ihr einen wunderschönen Tag im Scania Animal Park erlebt. Klasse! Das gute Wetter hat den vielen Tieren auch gefallen, das sieht man in jedem Foto. Alle sind sehen sehr zufrieden aus. Ich finde die beiden BĂ€renkinder besonders niedlich – wie sie so ringen und boxen. Goldig! – Urig finde ich auch das witzige alte WC-HĂ€uschen mit dem Mann, der wirklich wie echt aussieht. – Bei den BĂ€ren verstehe ich es ja, aber dass auch der Park in Winterruhe geht, ist irgendwie schade!
    Vielen Dank fĂŒr Deinen schönen Bericht mit all den hĂŒbschen Fotos. Da wĂ€re ich am liebsten gleich mitgelaufen.
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe von Annemarie

  3. Dear Mervi and Vesa

    Thank you for taking us with you to the Scania Animal Park.

    I think the mixture of native animals is a good one and you seem to have brought your friendly mood with you to all the animals.

    Goats are always entertaining and know exactly how to cope with humans-especially working out where the best place to eat is.

    Brown bears seem very at home and the cubs look relaxed.

    The animals will appreciate the Winter rest from their human visitors, though I hope it will not harm the income for running the Park, as costs in Winter for the upkeep will be if anything higher.

  4. Dear Mervi & VESA,

    What a beautiful day to visit the
    park! And a nice assortment of
    animals to see. Love the photo
    of the back of the bear–with very
    cute ears!

    Thanks for taking us along!

    xo k-j

  5. Dear Mervi and Vesa!

    Quote “too many small people at the same time can create a very stressful situation for the animals.” Unquote

    MY opinion: Too many small people at the same time can create a very stressful situation for us humans, too 😉 ! Luckily, the goats are able to “retire from public life” when they’re feeling kind of beleagured …

    Thanks for this superb report. I particularly liked the wildcats and the lynx – naturally 🙂 ! But in fact, ALL the animals seem to feel comfortable there. Wonderful!

    Hugs, Doro

  6. Indeed that was a good idea, as we, your ‘KWM’-readers are profiting from an entertaining report. Thank you very much. Such a lot of lovely animals. The park entry looks very inviting with this huge scarved wooden moose head and the regional flag in warm colors. . .. The boy in the second picture reminds me a lot “Michel aus Lönneberga” ( To be enjoyed best on a bad weather day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXrEICD-cPU Hopefully the link will work properly at your ends! ). . . The goats have impressive horns. . . GANDY and DeeDEE will get all excited when they’ll see the feathered friends! . . . The horse, indeed, is beautiful and the relaxed pig seems to be very content. . . The arctic fox looks funny with its white tail and the ‘summer dress’ – cute! Woolves, deer, and wild cats in the forest are so beautiful. You were happy you could detect them between all the trees.

    Bear with two paws in water and two on land is hilarious!
    Back and cute ears of the bears are nearly the most important sight. So, you made a perfect picture!
    Would be fine you did meet the bears before start of their hibernation period because then we will have the chance to get another report from the SCANIA PARK – rich in variety! 🙂 . . . OMG, now I see the prk will be closed for half a year from November on. So, you are near to being in a hurry to come back to see the bears and their collegues of the various species again!

    Thank you very much, dear MERVI, dear VESA.
    This was my bedtime story for today. I am convinced I will have nice dreams and awake tomorrow morning quite relaxed 🙂

  7. Dear Mervi, what a wonderful report again. It is soo good to see that the animals do have the opportunity to keep their distance from the human visitors when they feel the need. And yes, since this is more a forest than a park, one has to wait until the moment the animals themselves decide to pay some attention to the visitors. But it is definitely a reward and worth to pay some patience (although it is not our middle name). With regard to the closing during Winter time, I can fully understand this decision. Also here in Belgium certain parks/zoos are closing from November until April (like for example, Aywaille and Pairi Daiza). Keeping it open requires a complete different infrastructure that is very expensive (and not only for the heating costs but also for the required staff to make it attractive) and they are never sure whether in hard Winter times, visitors will come.
    But I am glad that you love it. And the pics of Glock and his “half bath” are certainly my favorites.

  8. Dear Mervi and dear Vesa!
    What a beautiful place to be on a sunny, not too hot, not too cold day!

    To play hide and seek with the animals must have been thrilling, especially when you found them and finally could take a photo as a proove. Your pics show impressively what a good idea it was to go there.
    All the animals you found seemed to be in a good mood and looked pleased in a way.

    The two young goats gave you a warm welcome, the geese were thankful for the bread, the pig was so happy in his mudbath, the wild cat is content with simply looking beautiful and itÂŽs plain to see the young fox fell in love with you.

    Ester and her kids were doing fine, the kids still as cute as can be They posed and gave you a little performance when boxing and arguing.
    But Glock is my favourite. What a funny and clever bear he is regulating the temperature his own special way, half and half…

    Thank you for this wonderful trip and taking us along.


  9. Tervehdys Mervi ja Vesa!

    Olisipa hauska joskus vierailla Scania Parkissa. Asukkailla tuntui olevan hauskaa leikkiÀ piilosia teidÀn kansanne.

    Olipa onnistuneita kuvia. Ei tarvitse yhtÀÀn vÀhÀtellÀ kuvausolosuhteita.

    Glockin puolikylpy huvitti suuresti.

    LĂ€mpimĂ€t terveiset ja kiitokset “tĂ€lt pualt lahtte”.


  10. Liebe Mervi, lieber Vesa,

    schön, dass Ihr mal wieder im Animal Park gewesen seid, und noch dazu bei schönem Wetter.
    Wunderschöne Fotos habt Ihr mitgebracht.
    Piggy mit ihrem Popo in der Schlammsuhle ist klasse. Auch dere relaxte BĂ€r ist super. Er sieht sehr zufrieden aus.

    Das PolarfĂŒchslein wird ja nun bald wieder sein schönes plĂŒschiges Winterfell bekommen. Unsere Lilja hat auch noch ihren “Sommer-Look”.

    Es freut mich, dass die drei Kids von Ester mal kurz zu sehen waren. Die zwei beim BÀren-Wrestling sind echt bÀrenstark.
    Das war ein schöner Rundgang, der mir sehr gefallen hat.

    Der Mann auf dem Klo sieht wirklich ziemlich echt aus. Er sieht aus wie ein Hamburger Kerl vom Fischmarkt.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

  11. Thanks dear Mervi and Vesa,

    you have had a very nice day in the Park. I have been there years ago.
    Thanks a lot for the charming report and pictures.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    Hugs Inge

  12. Dear Mervi and Vesa,
    beautiful photos you brought from the lying in the forest zoo. Thank you for your detailed report and nice that you saw many other animals. For the animals it’s always nice that you can retire that you have to accept as Bersucher halt. The idea with the speaking man (the band) on the toilet already cool, think like that then you get a fright. So now I wish you a nice weekend.
    Bear Hugs

  13. dear Mervi,
    it was a good idea to go to the Scania animal park on this nice September day and see all these lovely animals. All are looking good and they have nice enclosures. I like the geese very much and also Piggy would be my friend, it likes the cosy bath. The bear family is adorable. Thank you for your great report with the wonderful pictures. dear greetings to you and Vesa

  14. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Best wishes to Glok, Ester and the other animals in the Scania Animal Parkl.