Glok watched over his beardom

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26.9.2016 by Mervi and Vesa

We had been waiting for a suitable ‘zoo weather’ and on the 22nd of September the heat wawe was over and we could visit the Scania Animal Park.

We hoped for a peaceful walk in the park but that hope was crushed when we saw the buses bringing loads of school children. It was time to make a strategy and we decided to try to be a few steps ahead of the screaming crowd.

Again we chose to enter through the goats’ enclosure instead of taking the ‘normal’ path to the park. These signs presenting the goats are new and quite nice.

The goats were out but after hearing the kids coming they escaped to their private area where the visitors are not allowed to enter. I’m glad there is a ‘hiding place’ for these cuties.

The Shaun Land is also something new for this season. We thought it looked awful. It made us think of a circus and we really don’t want this kind of ‘tingeltangel’ in an animal park! Unfortunately the new management seem to have many plans of this kind. I’m afraid the animal park will soon be more an amusement park for children. The park looses it’s charm as a peaceful oasis ….

This is the sight we want to see ….. the birds have a beautiful lake surrounded by trees and bushes.

We have always seen the storch on the roof of the bird building but this time we saw two of them standing on the stones in their pond.

Of course, we even said ‘hello’ to the Linderöd piggies! These two ladies were separated from a male who was enjoying his bachelor life in a neighbouring enclosure.

The Gotland sheep came to meet us near the seals’ pond. Maybe they wanted a swimming tour ….

These outfits are not for the visitors but for the keepers when the seals are having kind of target training in the water. Unfortunately it wasn’t on the schedule on the day we visited the park.

We could admire the seals swimming and diving so elegantly but taking photos is a real challenge and takes lots and lots of patience which we have not …. 🙂

This foxie was playing hide and seek with us ….

…. but after a while he/she came out and posed so nicely for our cameras.

Only one of  the two wolverines was to be seen. We told him we were very happy meeting him and thanked him for the nice photo session. 🙂

Brown bear mama Ester is again living with Glok and the three young bears share an enclosure on the other side of the ‘bear path’. We could see them very well but the net makes it difficult to take photos.

This one must have seen how papa Glok relaxes. 🙂

This cutie pie has such a lovely and friendly face. We spent a long time with him/her and chatted about this and that. 🙂

On one side of the enclosure there’s a ‘free wiew’ to the teenager bears. However, the three’s gang didn’t come close to us so we could only admire them from the distance. What luck my camera has a reasonably good zoom!

One of them started walking towards us but then changed his mind and disappeared among the trees. I managed to take a photo and insert it here because of the interesting colours!

When we came to the big bears we saw that Ester and Glok were not in their usual enclosure but we found them in a small enclosure which is used very seldom. The bigger enclosure was having a check after an incident recently. A stupid visitor jumped into the bears home – luckily he couldn’t get further than to a platform where Glok or Ester couldn’t get hold on him. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if they had ….

Ester was busy with her morning walk and Glok was looking for something between the big stones.

He didn’t find anything but didn’t look too sad about it. 🙂

During our previous visits we couldn’t see the lynx and now we kept our fingers crossed that we would see at least a glimpse of them. When we arrived to the lynx enclosure there were a crowd of screaming children and, naturally, the sweet cats had escaped the ‘scene’. There’s a rather big cabin with glass windows with a wiew to the cats where it would have been nice to observe them but it’s almost always too crowded.

However, we walked to the other corner of the cats’ home and there we met this lovely sight!

This beauty seemed to be saying: ‘Finally I found a peaceful spot’.

In this family photo you can see two of the three kittens.

One of them is a Marco Polo type exploring the enclosure all the time. 🙂

Of course, we spent a lot of time with these beautiful cats when we finally met them. They were kind enough to stay in ‘our corner’, too. 🙂

We met two raccoons which were in a turbo mood! They were running around all the time but for a short moment they came to the net fence so a photo could be taken.

From the cats’ and raccoons’ world we came back to the bears. Glok was now working as a lumber jack.

Ester was having a nap although every now and then she opened her eyes to check what was going on.

Suddenly Glok was running up the ‘stone mountain’ in the middle of the enclosure.

– Ester is sleeping so I want to make sure there are no stupid visitors disturbing her!

-That young man was lucky. If I ever meet him again I’m going to growl him a piece of my mind – very loud and clear if you know what I mean.

– Look at me. Am I not a nice bear? Why do some visitors want to harm me, Ester and the kids? You must excuse me for saying so but you two legged creatures very often act like idiots.

Dear Glok, even though we are two legged creatures we can’t but agree with you!!!

We left Glok to watch over his beardom and headed towards the exit with mixed feelings. We definitely don’t like the ‘tingeltangel’ but, of course, it’s always wonderful to meet the bears, the foxes, the wolverines, the lynx, the raccoons, the seals and many other animals. We hope there won’t be more ‘circus like’ attractions in this park so the visitors can enjoy a peaceful walk in the forest paths.

The park will close in November and opens again in March.


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  1. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you for sharing the lovely album of Scania! The bears are lovely, and the wolverines, too!

    LG, Christine

  2. Dear Mervi!
    I think you had a wonderful day in the Animal park. The lake looks idyllic.
    The three young bears are no more small. A cute pie is really cute 🙂
    Glok is an impressive bear.
    The lynx familie is lovely.

  3. Dear Mervi,
    Thank you for sharing the visit to the SCANIA ZOO!!! I miss our Zoo visits and all our animal friends!!! Especially KNUTI. I may not post often but I check in periodically!!
    Eva (Eva G, Super Chef)


  4. Hallo Mervi

    Ich hoffe, der Charakter des Parks wird nicht weiter verändert.
    Die Tiere sprechen doch für sich. Natürlich hat mich der Fuchs
    besonders entzückt und auch die Luchse sind ein Highlight. Ich
    mag die alten Haustierrassen, wie Schweine und Ziegen. Glok
    hat ein schönes Reich und war sehr aktiv bei eurem Besuch.
    Die jungen Luchse sind niedlich und der Vielfraß schaut
    neugierig auf euch herab. Ein interessanter Rundgang!
    Ich hoffe, man findet für junge Bären ein zu Hause…

    Liebe Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  5. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Best wishes to Glok, Ester and all the other animals in Scania Animal Park.

  6. Dear Mervi, dear Vesa!
    Thank you for your impressions of your walkabout through the Scania Animal Park.
    I found a link to this park with even a german translation:
    It seems the development to more amusement and “tingeltangel” for children AND adults in zoos can´t be stopped. – Deep sigh! –
    Nevertheless you were clever, avoided the fussing and noisy, mainly young visitors, found some quiet and idyllic places and had a great time anyway.
    I loved your affectionate descriptions and pics of the bears – Glok, Ester and their kids are looking gorgeous – , lynxes, foxes, raccoons, the wolverine and the threatened domestic animals.
    My favourites are of course the bear family, the pretty fox ,the cool goats and the lynxes. I fell head over heels in love with cute ” Marco Polo”! He is a brave little explorer and simply adorable.
    Glok is not only a very handsome guy but also such a good and caring husband, for he makes sure that nobody should disturb Ester while she is taking a nap…Exemplary! Ester did certainly appreciate this!
    Many paw waves and hugs

  7. Liebe Mervi und lieber Vesa,
    ich verstehe sehr gut eure Befürchtungen, daß dieser schöne Tierpark immer mehr zum Vergnügungspark
    Solange die Tiere noch einen ungestörten Platz finden ist es gut, aber wer entkommt schon wenn
    Horden von schreienden Kindern den Park stürmen.
    Ester und Glok geht es gut und auch ihre Kinder haben ein gutes Auskommen.
    Es gibt so viele Verückte und wenn einer in das Bärengehege springt muß nur das Tier dafür leiden und
    wird für die Dummheit der Zweibeiner getötet.
    Die Luchfamilie hat sich euch gezeigt und ich kann verstehen daß ihr viel Zeit bei ihnen verbracht
    Herzlichen Dank für eure schönen Bilder aus dem Scania Animal Park und hoffentlich ist er auch im Frühjahr noch einen Besuch wert.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  8. Liebe Mervi,

    vielen Dank für den ausführlichen Bericht und die schönen Bilder.
    Ohne die Teile des Parks mit Tingeltangel sehen alle Gehege sehr gut aus.
    Natürlich gefallen mir die Bilder von den Bären besonders gut, aber die kleinen
    Luchse sind natürlich allerliebst.
    Hoffentlich behält der Park seinen ursprünglichen Charakter und beschränkt
    das Tingeltangel wieder – auch im Sinne der Tiere.

    Herzliche Grüße

  9. LiebeMervi, lieber Vesa!

    Danke fuer so schöne Fotos. Rapport ist sehr intressant.
    Was dazu zu sagen, ueberall findet man dumme Menschen.
    Alles sieht es dort sehr schön.
    Danke vielmals.



  10. Dear Mervi, I am glad that this time you were able to see the lynx family and especially the pic of “Marco Polo” is adorable. Yes, sometimes, when you expect it the least, you can see what you always wanted to see. The wolverine is so pretty and relaxed. But most of all, Glok, Ester and kids: I love these pics. Ah well, with regard to the one who tried to jump into the enclosure: be happy that he was unsuccessful because even if Glok would only have yelled straight in his ear, the danger is much bigger for in such circumstances than for the stupid human.
    Tja, and what am I supposed to say about “tingeltangel”: most zoos are in a big need of money and therefore, they do all they can to please the paying visitors. With regard to noisy kids: well, it is not any better with the older ones: they are noisy too and take all space in their wheelchairs. And where one can say to a child of about 10 to behave and to be more silent, it is difficult to do so to somebody of 85!!!! And there is a very big difference: where kids of that young age do have a picknick bag, the older ones want good food and all services and as such are rather big spenders and bringing money to the zoo.

  11. Deapite of your observations and anouncements in the beginning of your report, it’s obvious to me THE SCANIA ANIMAL PARK is a place WITH ATMOSPHERE and very nice landscape views so far.
    It’s a pity ‘economy rules’ even in areas of recreation nowadays, and it’s kind of depressing that intelligent directors (as e.g. also Dr. Knieriem) serve this point of view . . . Money is important in order to being able to maintain and cultivate but it shouldn’t rule everything ‘at what cost ever’!

    You are right the signs introducing the goats are charming. The lake is very beautiful. It looks so calm.
    I like the blurry photo of the seal! Fox, wolverines, bears, and lynxes are so lovable creatures. You brought us again a charming report in words and pics. . . Do you think you will be able to visit the park once more before the final seasonal closing time in November? Would be fine!

    Thank you very much, the both of you, dear MERVI, dear VESA.
    You are a good team in the sense of ‘Deine Bilder, Meine Worte” 🙂

    I hope your hips and all your bones had the occasion to relax afterwards sufficiently!

  12. PS to EVA GREORY:

    So good to get a sign of living after such a long period of time.
    I very much hope you feel fine and your health condition is satisfactory!

    Best regards to RETTA in marge should you still be in contact with them.


  13. Please read: ‘to RETTA and MARGE . . .

  14. dear Mervi,. .
    how I can see, it was a very nice day when you visited the Scania Park, the weather was good and all the animals were in a good mood. How cute is the Lynx family. I am sorry to hear the lovely Brown Bear family was not in its normally enclosure because a visitor liked to make a special performance, how stupid and thoughtless is it, disturbing animals.Thank you so much for your nice report and for the pictures of all the wonderful animals.I wish them all a good autumn,before a strong winter comes. dear greetings to you and Vesa

  15. Liebe Mervi, lieber Vesa,

    schön, dass Ihr mal wieder im Scania Animal Park gewesen seid. Die Sonne schien, und es war nicht zu warm. Ideales Zoowetter.

    Ein schöner großer See befindet sich in diesem Park. Es sieht aus, als hätte der Storch bereits auf Euch gewartet.
    Auch die beiden Schweine-Ladys standen zur Begrüßung parat.
    Besonders süß ist natürlich die Luchsfamilie. Zwei süße Kinder.
    Super, dass sich der Vielfraß gezeigt hat. Waschbären finde ich auch sehr putzig.

    Auch freue ich mich über die Bilder der Braunbärenfamilie. Papa Glok sieht sehr relaxt aus. Ich hoffe auch, dass man für die Bärenkids einmal ein schönes neues Zuhause findet.
    Der Animal Park macht von den Bildern her einen guten Eindruck. Ich fände es auch schade, wenn er immer mehr zum Vergnügungspark werden würde.

    Danke für den schönen Rundgang.

    Liebe Grüße

  16. Dear Mervi and Vesa

    I can understand your concern about the commercial razamataz that Scania is introducing. Unfortunately, it is necessary to offer such things these days. However, as long as the animals continue to be well looked after and enjoy good quarters the money is at least being put to good use. The alternative is either closure or the sort of state funding that leads to Dr B and a living Museum…

  17. Dear Mervi and Vesa,

    Thank you for sharing your Scania treasure box.
    Who ever thought goats were stupid should have a closer look at their reaction when the noisy school kids ‘invaded’ the park! Who could blame them. And I’m also lifting my head for Glock who guards his loved ones well without forgetting to relax and chat.
    Marco Polo is a real beauty and so are his siblings.

    Hugs and pawwaves