Fiete’s first Hungarian Christmas

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24.12.2016 by Fiete with a little help from his secretary Mervi

Dear friends! This is my first Christmas in Hungary so I thought you might be interested to know how this holiday is celebrated here.

I don’t think we’re going to have a white Christmas here but a bear can always hope don’t you agree?

Excuse me for being a bit lazy. Instead of writing about the Hungarian Christmas I just insert a couple of pictures for you. 🙂

This looks very yammy! Maybe my keepers will let me taste it ….

As you have noticed the Christmas in Hungary is very much like Christmas almost everywhere else.

I went to Budapest to do some shopping at the Christmas Market that’s said to be one of the best in Europe.

I haven’t seen this kind of decorated trams anywhere else so I loved to have a ride with one. Suddenly there was a big surprise for me. Mikulas came to wish me a merry Christmas! I was glad to meet him but I was also glad he hadn’t brought the ‘Black Devil’ with him. Maybe because I’ve really been a good boy!! 🙂

Santa Claus doesn’t come to Hungary because he has delegated his job to Mikulas but I have a special agreement with Santa. Maybe you remember the letter I wrote to him last year? I told him I don’t need anything but asked him to bring food to all my friends in the wild.

Santa was so glad about my letter that he promised to take me for a Christmas ride every year! Isn’t that great!

This time I was even introduced to Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer! Doesn’t he look lovely!

Papa Lars sent me a lovely card of my tiny siblings. They are still too small to know what Christmas is but I’m so happy knowing they’re doing fine!

It would be wonderful to have a chance to play with the baby bears but I know it’s impossible. Well, Mervi has always told me that miracles DO happen so who knows …..

However, I have a vivid imagination so I’ll have lots of fun anyway.

I miss my mama Vilma but believe me – I can feel her presence all the time. She’s still telling me what to do, how to be a polar bear …..

I even know there’s another guardian angel watching over me – my half brother Knut.

As you can see I’m having a nice Christmas time in my new home. I hope you will also have a very happy Christmas!



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  1. Dear LARSSON-FIETE – What joy this is to receive a letter from you from Hungary (with a little halp of your faithful auntie MERVI – Thank you!)

    Thank you for the interesting information and the nice pictures!

    ‘Beigli filled with poppy seeds or walnu’ look so yummy I would like to taste a slice right away!

    Stay healthy and happy and have simply a GOOD TIME!

  2. Oh – Isn’t it great that even Papa LARS did send you a postcard and a pic of your baby-siblings with their beautiful mother MALIK. . . . Papa LARS has really got a good taste when it comes to women; hasn’t he!?

  3. Lieber Fiete,
    ich bin so froh, dass dir das Ungarische Weihnachtsfest gut gefällt und es dort auch
    interessante Leckereien gibt.
    Nächstes Jahr feiern deine Halbgeschwister in Dänemark auch schon mit.
    Bärige Weihnachtsgrüße an dich und vielen Dank Mervi für die tollen Collagen!

  4. Lieber Larsson

    Ich sehe, Du hast dich in Ungarn schon gut akklimatisiert.
    Ich denke auch, dass Knut und Vilma auf dich aufpassen.
    Und die Pfleger in Sosto sind ja sehr nett zu dir.
    Nun hast Du auch noch eine Tante, die dir
    etwas Gesellschaft leistet, die liebe Zora.

    Dear Mervi – again beautiful collages,
    you have outdone yourselve with this!

    Herzliche GrĂĽĂźe

  5. Dear Fiete (and Mervi),

    Thank you for the wonderful story of Fiete’s Hungarian Christmas!

    LG, Christine

  6. Liebe Fiete und Mervi
    Ich wunsche Fietes neue Freunde und Pfleger auch ein Frohes Fest.

  7. dear Fiete,
    I am glad, that you have such a good Christmas time in your new home in Hungary. The food looks deliciiuos, enjoy it. And Rudolph and you, you are good friends how I can see on the picture. It is wonderful, that your Daddy has sent you this touching picture of your siblings.
    It is good you know that your beloved Mama Vilma and Knut are watching over you and do not forget, we all love you so much.
    dear Mervi thank you very much for this lovely story with all the wonderful collages
    dear greetings and paw waves

  8. Dear Mervi!
    I´m running out of words…
    What a wonderful imagination of Fietes first Hungarian Christmas you had and your collages are just fairytale-like. Your really gave your fancy the full scope!
    Thank you for Rudolph, the rednosed reindeer too – now this song will stay in my head for hours and hours….

  9. Lieber Fiete,

    es ist schön zu sehen, dass du dich in Ungarn schön gut eingelebt hast und auch Weihnachten feierst. Wir freuen uns natürlich alle, dass es dir gut geht, vermissen dich aber trotzdem sehr.

    Ich bin mir sicher, dass deine Mama immer ein wachsames Auge auf dich hat, so wie dein Halbbruder Knut auch.
    Tante Zora wird dir jetzt erstmal Gesellschaft leisten, aber ich hoffe, du bekommst bald eine gleichaltrige Freundin, mit der du herumtollen kannst.
    Ich wünsche dir auch schöne Weihnachten, und auch Tante Mervi, die hier wieder so schöne Collagen gezaubert hat.
    Danke Mervi.

    Liebe weihnachtliche GrĂĽĂźe

  10. Eine zauberhafte Geschichte mit zauberhaften Fotos. Da hat unser Fiete aber eine schöne Weihnachtszeit.

    Danke Mervi


    Dear Mervi and Friends!

    Fortunatelly I had white Christmas Eve, as you can see on the next photo with elefants of the hungarian facebook.
    So, I was happy to enjoy the snow two days, “but a bear can always hope don’t you agree?”
    Mervi’s report was correct of the hungarian Christmas and the tradicional food. No Christmas without beigli. But for me is more finer the fried fish with potato-salad and mayonase.

    Now I thank, that you did not forget me.
    By this way I wish all to you a very happy NEW YEAR with many greatings.

    Your Fiete and Theresa

  12. Theresa – thank you for the Video with jumping Larsson. He seems to be comfortable with Sosto!

  13. Dear Theresa,

    Oh bear, you were lucky to have at least a couple of days with snow! 🙂

    I wish you and Fiete a happy new year, too!

    Hugs from Mervi

  14. Nun ist Weihnachten schon vorbei. Aber auch heute hat es noch viel Freude gemacht, ĂĽber Fietes erstes Weihnachtsfest in Ungarn zu lesen.

    Liebe Mervi,

    ganz herzlichen Dank für diesen wunderbaren Beitrag. Fiete hat sehr anschaulich von seinem ersten Weihnachten im neuen Zuhause erzählt und du hast schöne Collagen dazu angefertigt.
    Ich freue mich sehr, dass es Fiete in Ungarn gefällt.

    Das Video, das Theresa verlinkt hat, habe ich mir schon einige Male angesehen. Es ist so schön zu sehen, wie gut es dem Fiete geht <3.

    Ganz herzliche GrĂĽĂźe

  15. Liebe Mervi,
    nun gibt es viel zu entdecken fĂĽr Fiete und in Budapest einkaufen, das wĂĽrde mir auch gefallen, ist
    eine wunderbare Stadt.
    Der Nikolaus ist auch in Ungarn und wird Fiete bestimmt auch beschenken und seine WĂĽnsche berĂĽcksichtigen.
    Vielen Dank, schöne Collagen und Geschichte dazu.
    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe Moni K

  16. Dear Mervi and Theresa,

    Thank you so much for this special Christmas present!
    I only just unpacked it today, but it is heartwarming to see the little big bear enjoying his first Christmas in his new home.

    Dear Fiete,
    Please share a couple of your beiglis with us next Christmas and remember to send a big box of them to Auntie Mervi’s house. I’ll bet, from now on, all her inspirations will start with a croissant and a beigli.


  17. Liebe Mervi
    es ist einfach klasse was Du auf die Beine stellt mit den Eisbären
    es ist immer so klasse
    lg Birgit