Happy birthday to you, dear Vesa!

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22.12.2016 by Mimmi and Nalle with a little help from Mervi

Dear Daddy! We found this lovely photo of you and made a card of it. You have certainly grown a lot but judging from this photo you were quite a rascal in your younger days. Please, bear that in mind when you get upset about our ‘mishaps’!

Well, we must confess you’re a very good and understanding ‘Husse’. You even get along nicely with Mervi who’s addicted to bears and spends a lot of time editing Knuti’s Weekly and keeping Knutitours running – to put it mildly. 🙂

This year we decided to surprise you and let the Christmas tree be ‘untouched’ – at least for a while.

We hope you can hear the Pavacatti singing ‘Happy birthday to you’.

Of course, we have also lots of birthday gifts for you and hope you will like the empty cardboard boxes and paper bags! They are our favourite toys and we’re sure you’ll just love to play with them, too!

These cool friends of ours will make sure your drinks will be cold. Let your whiskey rock on the rocks!! 🙂



Even Dumba has remembered your special day with this nice card.

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  1. Dear Vesa
    I am pleased to send you greetings for your birthday after meeting you again in Berlin after so many years.
    You and Mervi have given so much pleasure and comfort to us in the Knut family.
    Till we meat again I raise a glass and wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Dear Vesa,

    A very Happy Birthday to you!!

    A lovely tribute!

    xo k-j

  3. Dear MIMMI – Dear NALLE
    What a charming birthday contribution you brought to your ‘Husse’ for his birthday already in the night time (with a ‘little’ help of your dear ‘MATTE MERVI’ (MM), we have to admit – don’t we!?).

    You know there are difficult times outside of your proteced little world. It’s good you don’t know too much about it! But that’s why I am up already so early ‘in the morning’. Obviously things worry more than one has thought.

    Would you be as kind as to bring my best wishes to your ‘HUSSE VESA’ (and in the same time also to your ‘MM’ – as they belong together and for really feeling well it’s necessary for them also the other one is in good shape and condition, right as also the two of YOU! 🙂

    Have a pleasant and cheerful day ALL TOGETHER!

  4. Lieber Vesa

    Mimmi und Nalle haben dir da mit Hilfe der Gattin eine
    feine Geburtstagsseite gebastelt. Alles Gute fĂŒr das
    neue Lebensjahr und viel GlĂŒck mit den Redhawks!
    Das Kinderbild hat mir besonders gut gefallen. 🙂

    Liebe Mervi
    Du hast dich mit den Collagen mal wieder selbst ĂŒbertroffen!
    Am besten hat mir das Bild mit den Katzen am Kamin gefallen.
    Und Pavacatti singt bereits die GeburtstagsouvertĂŒre… 😉

    Euch beiden herzliche GrĂŒĂŸe
    eure Chris 🙂

  5. Lieber Vesa,
    herzlichen GlĂŒckwunsch zum heutigen Geburtstag.
    Beste Gesundheit und viele EisbÀrchen Besuche

    Uli und Jochen

  6. Happy Birthday, dear Vesa!
    I hope you will get so many presents as we can see at the collage 🙂
    I wish you all the best for the next year!

  7. Lieber Vesa,

    Happy Birthday!

    Ich wĂŒnsche Dir vor allem ein gesundes neues Lebensjahr!

    Lass Dich heute feiern und geniesse Deinen Ehrentag!

    Liebe Mervi,
    Vielen Dank fĂŒr die schönen Geburtstag-Collagen und ein extra Lob fĂŒr Mimmi und Nalle.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe Moni K

  8. Dear Vesa!
    Happy Birthday!
    Have a cheerful day, perhaps a little party with your beautiful wife, your loving cats and some friendly people.
    I wish you all the best for the coming year of age, especially health and some nice trips to zoos with beloved animals! Finally there are some little polarbear cubs to visit…
    PS: Mervi , your collages are marvellous! Kind regards and some tender loving care to Mimmi and Nalle!

  9. Lieber Vesa,

    so schöne Geburtstagsseiten und Collagen kann nur deine Mervi machen,
    da macht es auch mir Spaß, mal eben bei dem Geburtstagskind vorbeizukommen
    und zu gratulieren.
    Herzlichen GlĂŒckwunsch mit allen guten WĂŒnschen fĂŒr das neue Lebensjahr!

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe auch an die tierischen GĂ€ste Mimmi und Nalle,

  10. Dear Vesa,

    🙂 Happy Birthday to you!
    Mervi, Pavacatti, Mimmi and Nalle have treated you to such a great tribute.
    Your heart must be singing!

    I like the boy who tells the photographer what he’s thinking at the moment and I like the man with the beaming smile when his Lady of Love and Light is putting her arms over his shoulders.
    Many happy returns of whatever is makung you happy 🙂

    Hugs and Happy Howls
    BĂ€rgit & Tommi


    Ih wĂŒnsche Dir alles Gute zu Deinem Geburtstag. Ich denke, Mervi wird Dich heute so richtig verwöhnen.

    Das ist eine sehr schöne Geburtstagsseite von Mimmi und Nalle. Sie scheinen ihren “Daddy” sehr zu mögen.
    Aber auch Mervi, die ja ein bißchen bei der Gestaltung geholfen hat, hat wieder ganz tolle Collagen gezaubert.

    Habt alle noch einen schönen Abend. Und Prost auf das Geburtstagskind.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

  12. Ach ich habe ganz vergessen zu bemerken, dass der “kleine Vesa” ganz schön frech auf dem Foto aussieht.

  13. Dear Vesa,

    I hope you are having a wonderful day!

    LG, Christine

  14. Dear Vesa, also from me and the cats, BEST WISHES for your birthday. Hope you do not mind that I am a day too late, but better late than never.

  15. dear VESA,
    belated happy birthday, good wishes to you. Mervi, Mimmi and Nalle have made a wonderful birthday page for you with lovely collages.
    I send all of you dear greetings and wish you a very cosy Christmas time.

  16. MyöhÀstyneet onnittelut.

    Mirja, Risto ja Turrut.

  17. Dear Vesa

    Wonderful birthday-greetings here. Hope, that you had a nice day.

    All the best for the new Year.

    Hugs to you all in Malmö