Mini-Kati celebrated Ralph’s Birthday

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30.12.2016 by Mini-Kati with a little help from her assistant Ralph

As it was Ralph’s birthday (13. December), Mini-Kati told Bear with No Name (BN) that they would all be going to London for the evening.

After a few hours in the Library reading Knutis Weekly and visiting the Knuipe, it was time to travel to London. Mini-Kati and BN did not notice the journey time as they were fast asleep in Ralph’s pocket. When they woke up they found that they were on a London bus arriving at London’s most famous Store.

 photo KatiHarrods.jpg

 photo BN Harrods.jpg

Although Mini-Kati shopped regularly at the Harrods store at Terminal 5, she had never visited the main shop in London.

Once they were inside, Mini-Kati wanted to go straight to the Food and Wine Department.

BN explained that he always enjoyed caviar when he was working and they soon found a very helpful gentleman, who not only told them all about the caviar, but let them see it close up.

 photo MK BN caviar Harrods.jpg

You will notice in the picture the bottles of iced Vodka, which Uncle Sergei assured them was a necessary accompaniment to caviar.

BN found just the thing for the return trip to Oxford.

 photo BN Harrods Hampers.jpg

There was even a bear to help serve the food!

Although Harrods is an enormous store, Mini-Kati was soon able to find a Polar Bear to talk to.

 photo MK BN Meissen Polar.jpg

This lady came from a very important family in Germany near Dresden, in the town of Meissen. She was pleased to meet everyone, including Ralph. However, she liked Harrods very much and did not want to join the Cotswold Bears. BN believed that she was probably hoping for a career in Hollywood like him.

After a short bus ride, Mini-Kati and BN arrived at another famous London store.

In the window, there was a Polar Bear waiting to greet them.

 photo BN Fortnums Window Polar.jpg

You may be wondering what this impressive Polar Bear was doing in the window. A helpful notice explained.

 photo Fortnums text.jpg

“The Polar Bear and the Penguin. Though they were poles art, they’d never forget a friend overseas. A simple gesture that brings us together in times such as these. Together we’re merrier.”

Mini-Kati thought that this message was a good one for everyone who reads Knutis Weekly and visits the Knuipe.

 photo MK BN Fortnums Christmas Bear.jpg

A Polar dressed as Santa Claus and carrying a Knut Teddy had the same greeting for us all.

The evening was starting and it was another bus ride to the last destination of the evening. Every year in December, London’s Hyde Park hosts a big Fair and Christmas Market.

 photo MK Winter Wonderland.jpg

Sadly, there was a long queue for the Magical Ice Kingdom, but you can see some pictures on the website above. BN was able to find his own magical friend to talk to.

 photo BN and big Polar.jpg

Mini-Kati heard him offering her a part in his next film! Oh yes. BN has admitted that he is an actor. He played “Kevin” in Zoomania. He also likes the idea of being called “Clint” but thinks that Mr Eastwood might have something to say about it. Like all Polar Bears, his real name is unpronounceable to humans. Mini-Kati suggests BN as its nice and short and wakes him up.

Our last stop was at a stall, selling animals made out of ivory. However this is not ivory from animals but from plants.

 photo Tagua bear.jpg

Our latest little friend is about the same size as Mini-Kati.

It just remains for Mini-Kati and BN, as well as Ralph and the Cotswold Bears to wish all KWM readers a peaceful and polarful 2017.

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  1. Dear Ralph

    Thank you for the interesting trip to London with polar friends.
    I´ve never been in Harrods, but have seen reports about the
    very famous “Kaufhaus”. You always find polar bears at
    every visited location, it seems to be a seventh sence. 😉
    Please send some Caviar and Vodka to the Knuipe, so
    we´could celebrate your fantastic new story there! 😉

    Chris .)

  2. Dear Mini-Kati,

    Wow, what a fantastic day you had in London together with BN and the birthday boy Ralph! 🙂

    Your capital city looks great in it’s Christmas dress. I can imagine you had difficulties ‘holding your horses’ in Harrods and Fortnum & Mason.

    You also met many interesting bears and my wild guess is many of them followed you to Oxford. 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing your London diary with the readers of Knuti’s Weekly!

    Dear Ralph,

    Thank you for helping Mini-Kati with the typing! 🙂

    Hugs from Mervi

  3. Wonderful pictures (I love this special style which gives such a unique atmosphere to them,
    as much as we all love your writing style).

    Thank you very much, dear RALPH for taking us along even during your birthday tour.

    MINI-KATI (‘M-K’) and BN look as magic in the first two pics as does the huge London building (HARRODS?) in its Xmas-dress!

    You seem have to been a very ‘luxory group'(!?) Beluga-Caviar! Well then, did you buy or enjoy some
    right on site? May be together with a good glass of Champagne? . . . . I only had it once at a New Year’s Eve dinner when in skiing vacation in Switzerland above Geneva. Time goes by . . .

    “Together we’re merrier!” – Right! – Not always but at most of private gathering occasions!
    What nice figurines/statues/decorations the three of you did discover. I love them all.
    And you even cared for our further education! Very interesting. I had never heard or read before
    of TAGUA = ‘VEGETAL IVORY’. Everybody who loves the look of ivory should immedately switch
    to this stuff instead of causing torture to living elephants for once own vanity (Simply disgusting!).

    I guess your trip across HARRODS was very communicatif, as it seems not too common that there
    is soembody placing its tiny friends beside the huge display figures in order to take pictures (!??).

    Thank you very much. Thanks to the THREE of YOU!

  4. Dear Mini-Kati!
    Thank you for this delightful and entertaining birthday report.
    You, BN and your master Ralph must have had a wonderful day in London. I am sure you enjoyed every minute, like I did when I read your lively and colourful description and considered the pics of this day.
    I love your way of looking at things, it appears very british and sophisticated to me.
    Your preferences seem to be very luxurious: a visit at Harrods, caviar, a nice porcelain polarbear by Meißen… The little guy from vegetal ivory is so cute and I would have taken home too.
    Dear Ralph!
    Your assistance was great again and very much appreciated!

  5. Dear Ralph,
    you had a wonderful birthday with Mini-Kati and BN. I can understand that BN likes caviar 🙂

    I find a slogan: “Together we are Merrier” really great.

  6. Dear Ralph,
    nice to see and read that you have had a wonderful day.
    Hugs Inge

  7. Liebe Mini-Kati,

    da hat sich Ralph bestimmt gefreut, dass du und Mister Namenlos den Geburtstag von Ralph in London verbracht habt.
    Ich war vor vielen Jahren auch mal in Harrods, und ich war beeindruckt. Dagegen ist unser KadeWe ein “Krämerladen”.
    Und Mister Namenlos liebt Kaviar. Ganz schön verwöhnt.
    Hauptsache ihr hattet viel Spaß miteinander.

    Liebe Grüße nach Oxford

  8. Lieber Ralph,
    den Geburtstag in London zu feiern, das ist eine gute Idee, kann aber sehr kostspielig werden.
    Danke fürs zeigen und teilen mit uns in KWM.
    Wünsche dir auch ein gutes und gesundes neues Jahr!
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  9. Mini-Kati und BN werden mit Ralph und allen anderen Cotswold Bears in ruhig kuscheln im Bett beim Radio hoeren und Knuipe lesen Sylvester verbringen.
    Wir wunschen alle hier ein friedvolles 2017

  10. Dear Ralph,

    Fantastic to read that you and Mini-Kati and BN had a great time in London celebrating your birthday! You were able to see many wondrous things 🙂

    Hugs, Sarsam