Mini-Kati’s Berlin Diary – Part 2

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19.12.2016 by Mini-Kati with a little help from Ralph

The next event was at the Zoo to raise a glass and toast Knut. In Ralph’s case it was another chance to meet Katjuscha.

 photo SPDec photosRalph_2_bei_KATJUSCHA_11h45_161203_jpg.jpg

 photo SPDecphotosEisbaerin_1_KATJUSCHA_bitteBLEIBnochLANGE_11h40_161203_jpg.jpg

 photo SPDecphotosRalph_1_bei_KNUTdemTraeumerle.jpg

We found this tribute to Knut particularly appropriate!

 photo D_SP Dec photosKnut 10 years.jpg

Not so sure about this one though…

 photo SPDecphotosralphknutpullover.jpg

By the next day the number of tributes to Knut had grown.

 photo D_SP Dec photosKnut Tributes.jpg

BN liked this thought about Knut

 photo SPDecphotosBNandSteiff.jpg

In the evening there was another meal to celebrate Knut and all the people he had brought together from different countries as friends.

Goose is a special German dish at Christmas and we were all delighted that the restaurant served it so well.

 photo SPDecphotosGoosedinnerralph.jpg

 photo D_SP Dec photosGoose dinner.jpg

BN and I also enjoyed the Advoka and Cream Ice that Ralph had afterwards.

 photo D_SP Dec photosMK BN sweet.jpg

On the Sunday we went to the Zoo again to join in talk by the senior biologist who was responsible for the bears in Berlin Zoo. He assured us that Katjuscha would continue to receive the best care and that in the future a new special set of enclosures would be built for Polar Bears in the Zoo. He also showed us the latest pictures of the little Polar Bear cub in the Tierpark.

BN and I were interested to find out more about the Pandas, as they are very famous animals.

 photo D_SP Dec photosMK Chief Panda.jpg

BN reckoned that he knew this Panda Engineer personally, but would not explain more. I checked out what the new Panda enclosure will look like.

 photo SPDecphotosMKPanda enclosure.jpg

BN and I agreed that they would not be as exciting as Polar Bears, but they are kind and gentle animals.

This picture reminded me of Nancy licking Tosca’s ear. The mother Okapi and her baby are very special as the baby Okapis are as fragile as little Polars.

 photo SPDecphotosMKOkapisEar.jpg

I think this greeting from the Zoo is a great way to wish all Polar Bear friends a Happy Christmas and a beary 2017.

 photo SPDecphotosMKZoogreetings.jpg

When we left the Zoo, Ralph needed a coffee but I managed to find something for me and BN as well. These sticky treats are supporting the Berlin Eisbaers hockey team but they are also Heidelbeer flavoured (Blueberrys) and so a special treat for all Polar Bears.

 photo D_SP Dec photosMK Heidelbaer.jpg

In the evening, Ralph’s friend could not meet us as he had caught a cold, so we decided to do some shopping instead. A big French Department store in the Friedrichstrasse was holding a Polar themed evening shop. This lady was waiting for us.

 photo D-SP-Lady.jpg

Inside the decorations were rather good as well. I took a picture downstairs.

 photo D_SP Dec photosMK Store deco.jpg

and BN took one upstairs.

 photo D_SP Dec photosBN Store Deco.jpg

We spent a long time in the store and then went back to the Christmas markets

BN reckoned that this might be one of Uncle Sergei’s new business ventures. Though BN added that he still preferred Staropramen Czech beer!

 photo D_SP Dec photosPolar Gluhwein.jpg

It was by now very late and we found ourselves near Ka De We. I wanted to do some more shopping, but everyone else was hungry. We had been joined in the afternoon by two bears from an East Berlin market. They are Mini-Tonja and her new cub. The Pommes and Mayo were organic and very good!

 photo D_SP Dec photosPommes and Mayo.jpg

Monday was our last day in Berlin and I know that Ludmila and Uwe have already published some beautiful photos from the Tierpark.

Ralph was able to give a card and some little Polars to the keepers and we learned how well Tonja was looking after her little cub. Ralph took these two photos of Wolodja, showing him eating a frozen carrot and then greeting us. Ludmila’s pictures are much better!

 photo SPDecphotosWolodja greeting_jpg.jpg     photo D_SP Dec photosWolodja eating.jpg

We then went for a walk round the Tierpark, which was very cold. The Malayan Bears are still in their old quarters but will move soon to a new part of the Brehmhaus. Tina was very interested in us, until she realised we had no food!

This little Pampas Mara from Argentina had the right idea on a cold day.

 photo SPDecphotosTierparkMini Mara_jpg.jpg

The flamingos were also well protected from the cold, You can see how wintery the park looks as well.

 photo SPDecphotosTierparkWinter Flamingos_jpg.jpg

The Indian red wolves or Dholes are popular visitors in KWM and the family in the Tierpark were all very hungry and waiting to be fed. They look like Foxes to me,

 photo SPDecphotosTierparkHungry Dholes_jpg.jpg

Ludmila has already shown you photos of the Manatis in the Elephant House. We were also delighted see all five Tigers inside the cliff enclosure in the Brehm Haus. Ralph thought they looked like a scene from a Bollywood movie.

Before long it was time to say goodbye to Wolodja and leave the Tierpark. As there was plenty of time before going to the airport, we decided to have our evening meal near the hotel in the famous Schlemmer Pylon snack bar. I chose a filling Pea Soup with an extra sausage on the side.

As we picked up the bags from the hotel, Mini-Tonja suggested that this might be a good way of getting to the airport.

 photo D_SP Dec photosMT Porsche.jpg

We are all looking forward to our next trip to Berlin when we want to meet Tonja and her cub.

Thanks to Mervi, Dumba and Monika aus Berlin for their help with photos.

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  1. Dear MINI-KATI (and new friend ‘BN’ and helping hand and spirit RALPH)
    Thank you very much for the second part of your KNUT-remembering-tour to and in the CCC.
    You brought nice memories back to us.

    I love especially the photo you did show at the visitors’ window from the polar bear enclosure showing a nice photo of KNUT reading on it ‘HOCH SOLLST DU LEBEN’ and the ’10’ for his 10th birthday – together with the matching ribbons. But there are even following a lot of other nice things (photos, sweets with special motives, very special lightly blurry (which give them a unique effect – I like it!) photos of living zoo animals and friends of yours, sketches/Paintings, and food that make my mouth watering. I just say ‘goose’ – I am very sorry, dear GANDY and DeeDEE!!).
    – – –
    RALPH’s polar bear outfits are amazing! So he has not only to have a big house to gove shelter for all his polar bears but also big wardrobes to place all his clothes with polar bear motives! 😉

    See you soon again, DEARs ALL/e! – here in ‘KWM or may be even in reality during the year 2017!

  2. Dear Mini-Kati and Ralph,
    you had a wonderful trip to Berlin. You meet a huge Kati and many friends. I hope to meet you again in Berlin.

  3. Dear Ralph!
    I like Mini-Katis way of looking at things and telling us all about it 😉
    She and her new friend, who is so cool and always kind of surrounded by great secrecy had a good time in Berlin – and you did everything to meet their demands… You offered them even a tasty German Christmas meal with all the bells and whistles.
    Of course you couldn´t return home without two or more new little polarbears for your enormous collection…
    I am sure Mini-Tonya and her kid do enjoy the company of so many others.
    Thank you for this delightful report about your trip to Berlin.

  4. Lieber Ralph,

    auch Teil zwei, erzählt von Mini-Kati hat mir Spaß gemacht.
    Hoffentlich haben die Bärchen nicht Bauchweh bekommen, von der ganzen Schlemmerei.
    Eure kleine Eisbärenfamilie wird immer größer.
    Süß die neuen Bärchen: Mini-Tonja und ihr kleiner Zwerg.
    Da solltest Du aufpassen, dass die Bären nicht irgendwann mal alleine auf Reisen gehen, und Du mußt zu Hause bleiben.
    Schön, dass Ihr auch noch im Tierpark ward, obwohl es sehr kalt war.
    Ich denke, dass wir uns dort bald alle wiedersehen, wenn Tonja uns ihr Kleines präsentiert.

    Liebe Grüße nach Oxford

  5. Lieber Ralph

    Mit deinen Freunden hast Du schöne Tage in Berlin gehabt.
    Die Gans mit Rotkraut und Knödeln sieht sehr gut aus. 🙂
    Wir hoffen alle, dass Kati noch ein bisschen durchhält.
    ich bin sicher, die Pfleger tun das Beste für sie.
    Okapis mag ich sehr. Mutter und Kind sind
    bezaubernd. Die Flamingos sind im
    Warmen, das ist gut. Danke für
    deine Eindrücke aus Berlin! 🙂

    Herzliche Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  6. Oh my god is everyone okay????? :'(

  7. Der kleine Eisbaer mit Gluehwein habe ich im selben Weihnachtsmarkt getroffen, den man gestern angegriffen hat. Ich kann nur weinen dass ein Ort des Friedens und der Hoffnung so angetastet ist.
    Kleine Baer jetzt bist du ein Symbol fuer fteien Menschen in einer Stdat die ich immer Lieb habe. Hoffentlich steht diese Bude eines Tages mit seinen Eisbaeren wieder.

  8. Dear Ralph,

    It’s almost impossible to believe that only a couple of weeks ago we were so happy in Berlin meeting good friends and even visiting the Christmas markets. I can never understand what makes a person to commit such a terrible attack against innocent people who only wanted to enjoy some Christmas spirit.

    Today we are all Berliners!

  9. Lieber Ralph, Mini-Kati und BN,
    Wo bekommt man bitte so schöne Eisbär-Pullover, habe ich hier im Süden noch nicht gesehen.
    Ich bekomme immer Hunger wenn ich Eure Berichte lese und Lust auf eine Einkaufstour.
    Herzlichen Dank, war wieder sehr schön und ich bin froh, daß ihr alle gut nach Hause gekommen seid.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  10. Lieber Ralph,

    auch wenn das Herz noch schwer ist nach den gestrigen Ereignissen in Berlin, möchte ich dir
    danken für den schönen zweiten Teil deines Berichtes von eurem Treffen, das so fröhlich und
    unbeschwert war.
    Mit deiner humorvollen Erzählweise hast du soviel Heiterkeit vermittelt und ich hoffe,
    dass ihr sie euch auch beim nächsten Besuch bei Tonja mit ihrem Baby erhalten und genießen könnt.
    Wie Mervi so treffend schreibt: Heute sind wir alle Berliner!

    Liebe Grüße

  11. dear Mini-Kati,
    I am glad Ralph is such a good and BN could eat with him the delicious goose meal, the cream and the good Pommes, you know you had a time in Berlin like in Schlaraffenland.
    I like your. report so much, it is always very exciting. It is good, Ralph could see Katjuscha, who was in a good mood. All the pictures are very lovely. Thank you very much dear Mini-Kati, enjoy a good time with all the sweet bears at home.Dear greetings and big paw waves to you and to Ralph, it was a nice entertainment to watch and read your report from Berlin

  12. Dear Mini-Kati and BN (and Dear Ralph), it seems that you have had a veeery nice time in Berlin. When I saw the plate with the goose, I was mighty impressed and I hope that you and BN gave a helping hand (mouth) to Ralph to finish it. OJEE, what a quantity was that!
    Reading this report and enjoying you telling us about the nice walks you had in Zoo, Tierpark and the town itself is bringing peace, especially now that we all know what happened a few days later.
    Thank you so much.