Goodbye, baby bear Fritz!

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7.3.2017 – Quelle: Pressemitteilung von Tierpark Berlin, A few words by Mervi

Am Montagabend erlag der kleine Eisbär Fritz seiner Leberentzündung. In der Tierklinik des Tierparks überwachten Tierarzt Dr. Andreas Pauly und Tierpflegerin Jeane Falkenberg den erkrankten Eisbären. Gegen 19.30 Uhr wurde sein Atem unregelmäßig. Fritz bekam daraufhin eine Atemstimmulans. Auch eine Herzdruckmassage und Sauerstoff halfen nicht, sodass der kleine Eisbär gegen 20 Uhr verstarb.

 photo fritz2.jpg

Heute gegen 9 Uhr wird Fritz im Leibniz-Institut für Zoo- und Wildtierforschung obduziert.

„Wir sind fassungslos, sehr traurig und deprimiert. Es ist unglaublich, wie schnell uns dieser kleine Eisbär ans Herz gewachsen ist“, sagt Zoo- und Tierparkdirektor Dr. Andreas Knieriem.


Dear sweet Fritz, you were allowed to stay with us for only four months but during that short time you brought so much joy and happiness to us all.

Who could have believed we would have another tragedy in Berlin. Everything was looking so good when suddenly we received the news of your illness. Our prayers were not heard and you had to leave us ….

 photo fritz4.jpg

Every polar bear cub is a miracle but once again we are reminded of how fragile the babies are.

 photo fritz3.jpg

At the moment it’s almost impossible to find any words to describe how we all feel. However, one thing’s for sure – we will never forget you cheeky, little Fritz!

 photo fritz7.jpg

 photo fritz1_1.jpg

 photo fritz6.jpg

My thoughts are with your mama Tonja. Her loss is, of course, even greater than ours ….. My condolences to the zoo director, the keepers and the vets in the Tierpark Berlin. We are all devastated today ….

 photo fritz1.jpg

 photo fritz5.jpg

 photo fritz3_2.jpg

 photo fritz8.jpg

Goodbye baby bear! You will always have a warm place in my heart. You are deeply missed – always remembered.

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  1. Thank you Mervi You have said everything I am not able to say this morning

  2. Dear Fritz,
    you captured our hearts in 4 months, within even haven’t been outside in your enclosure.
    I will always remember you, you will always have a place in my heart.
    My thoughts and prayers are with your keepers and the veterinarians, and especially with your mom Tonja.
    Rest in peace, poor little wonderful polar bear boy.
    Mervi thank you so very much.

  3. Ich bin so traurig …

  4. das ist so traurig!
    Da wird einem wieder bewusst, dass Eisbaerenzucht kein Selbstlaeufer ist.
    Das Risiko dass die Aufzucht so schrecklich ausgeht, ist sehr hoch.
    traurige Grüße Moni K

  5. Dear Mervi, thank you for this tribute to little Fritz. It makes us all again realize how fragile these babies are and what a miracle it is every time again when we humans can see them grow up to healthy strong adults. I was already looking forward to all reports and pics of his first days venturing out with his mommy. Poor Tonja, she will be very unhappy and searching for her baby. But she has proven to be an excellent mother.

  6. How incredibly sad … Poor Mommy Tonja, poor Keepers, poor Berliners, poor all of us who’d been overjoyed at the birth of another polar bear boy then years after Knut.
    Dear Ralph, you’ll have to rewrite your touching story now that Aika will have both Tonja’s babies to look after in Rainbowland.
    Gute Reise, sweet little Fritzchen!
    You’ll always have a special place in our hearts..

  7. Lieber kleiner Fritz

    viel, viel, viel
    zu früh.

    Deine Mama und alle, die dich lieb haben, vermissen dich unendlich.
    Es ist einfach nur traurig.

    R.I.P., little baby bear.


  8. Thank you, dear MERVI, that you was able to bring this immediately in ‘KWM’.

    In the course of the time and one’s life one nearly don’t dare
    to be happy about all those little or rather BIG MIRACLES
    = appearance of most lovable creatures/being etc. anymore!

    I believe Dr. Knieriem put it quite well:
    “Es ist ein Irrglaube, dass sowohl bei Menschen wie bei Tieren
    nichts mehr passieren könne” (It’s an erroneous assumption that the condition in the world’s health situation is such that no human and/or animal can be harmed anymore in the beginning of its precious life).
    Even if we are aware of the truth of that,,
    the majority of us rather don’t want to realiz and accept it . . . .
    Isn’t it!?

    It’s so sad we are forced to cope again with such situation
    after a time of kind of happiness in ‘our little zoo-friends world’ . . .

  9. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you for this lovely tribute to ease our pain.

    Goodbye, dear little Fritz!

    LG, Christine

  10. Dear Mervi!
    This is a very sad day!
    Thank you for this bittersweet tribute, your words, thoughts and the very cute collage.

    Now death took our dear little Fritz – merciless, all of a sudden – and again we are left behind weeping bitterly and mourning. I don´t know how to express my feelings, what to say or write.
    There is simply no comfort at this moment and no answer to the question WHY.

    A poem by Rainer Maria Rilke says it all:

    Der Tod ist groß…

    Der Tod ist groß.
    Wir sind die Seinen
    lachenden Munds.
    Wenn wir uns mitten im Leben meinen,
    wagt er zu weinen
    mitten in uns.

    Death is big.
    We are his laughing mouths.
    When we think ourselves in the middle of life
    he dares to cry
    in the middle of us.

    Dear Fritzchen!
    Farewell you sweetie! We already loved you and will miss you so dreadfully though until now.we only saw your photos and videos. It´s heartbreaking you had to pass away so soon..
    Sleep well you lovely


  11. Ich bin so traurig. Mein Mitgefühl gilt besonders Mama Tonja und seinen Pflegern, die alles für ihn getan haben. Danke Mervi und Euch allen für Eure wunderbaren Worte. Machs gut, kleiner Sternenträumer! Alles Liebe, Erika

  12. It is a very sad day again. It was everything well with Fritz, his mother cared about him.
    Sleep well, dear Fritz. It is hard to accept that you left only with 4 month.

  13. Dear Mervi, you said it all.

    It is so hard (impossible) to understand, that it is over after only 4 months. Everything was done but it did not work.

    So sad for Tierpark, for all there who cared for him and for his mother Tonja.

    Good bye little Fritz and thanks for the short time, you was here.

  14. Dear Mervi,

    I agree with the others that you have “said it all” — and more beautifully than I ever could. It is so hard to see a cub (and an adult) leave us, especially so soon……. My best condolences go to Tonja, the zoo director and the keepers.

    Fritz – you will always be remembered.


  15. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you for this tribute to Fritz.

    Another dear polar bear lost in March.

    RIP little buddy.


  16. Bye bye sweet little Fritz.


  17. I am devastated. I cannot describe how sad I feel. May Fritz rest in peace. We will never forget him. We will always love him. We love you Fritz.

  18. dear Mervi,
    thank you for all your touching words, the pictures and the collage are so lovely.
    It is hard to believe that the fairy tale is over before all begun. I think of Tonja, of all the dear keepers and specially of all our dear Berliner friends and animal friends from elsewhere who were looking forward to visit Fritz soon….. .And I am so sorry for the Tierpark Berliin.
    lieber kleiner Fritz, wer kann Dich je vergessen, schlaf gut
    soft hugs to all

  19. Life is so unfair sometimes!

    This is such sad and devastating news particularly after what happened to Knut too in Berlin. It was all so sudden.

    My thoughts are with poor Tonya, the keepers, zoo directors and Berliners who were looking forward to seeing this wonderful, beautiful little Polar bear boy.

    RIP Gorgeous Little Bear – you made a big impression on us all and will be missed.

    The one consolation is that he is now with all the other beautiful polar bears who have left us.

    Love to you all