March has turned into the month of night mares

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19.3.2017 by Mervi and La Dame Blanche

Until the black Saturday – the 19th of March – we were happy having a beautiful, magic polar bear connecting people all over the world. Knut was so much loved by all of us but we were not allowed to have him more than 4 years and 4 months.

We have, of course, our sweet memories  but it will never be the same …..

We were so happy when the polar bear boy Fritz was born but once again we were reminded of how quickly happiness can turn into deepest morning. On the 7th of March little Fritz crossed the Rainbow Bridge and joined Knut. His time with us lasted only four months.

March should be the cheerful month when we start enjoying the Spring time. However, now it’s connected with very sad memories. This month is the month of night mares!

I can’t help thinking it’s so unfair that Berlin had to loose even Fritz – and at such a young age. Both Knut and Fritz brought so much joy and happiness to me …. Of course, I’m are grateful for the happy moments but oh, how we wish they would both still be with us!

Knut and Fritz have always a warm place in my heart but my heart also has two bleading wounds ….

I can’t think of Knut without thinking of Fritz and I can’t think of Fritz without thinking of Knut. You were both just a loan …. I hope you’re happy together in your bear heaven.

 photo LovingMemory.jpg

In the day time I can watch the clouds and maybe find you sitting there watching over us or up to us.

When the sky gets dark I’ll try to find two twinkling stars …..


From La Dame Blanche in France:

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  1. Today is a very sad day!!! Our life changed forever that sad day!!! KNUTI will always be in my heart!!! He brought us all so much joy and happy times!!! He helped me find my Inner Child again that I thought was lost forever. KNUTI brought new people in my life that I will treasure forever!!! We shared many magical moments together!!! I LOVE YOU KNUTI!!!

  2. Dear Mervi,

    March is, indeed, a sad month.
    Losing Knuti was incredibly sad. The loss remains…

    Sweet Fritz was so delightful! There was a polar bear cubbie
    in Bearlin again! But alas he is gone, too.

    Thank you for this dear tribute to them both.

    xo k-j

  3. Dear MERVI – You made visible your deepest feelings (and that of the majority of us here, I guess)
    so clearly and you did underline any of your words with your special and most lovely/lovable collages
    of the two favorite polar bear(cub)s of ours.
    I do love best the positive appearance of your collages! Bright and full of hope despite of the sad background and the pictures chosen of KNUT and FRITZ are more than ‘awwwww . . . !’
    Thank you very much for this Sunday treat.
    This Sunday will be spend regularly interrupted by thoughts of the white fur balls by so many of us.

  4. Dear Mervi
    Thank you for these beautiful collages that express the awful
    loss we have felt since March 2011 and now have felt once more
    in 2017.
    Berlin is a city which symbolises both hope but also horrible events
    that have shaken not just Germany but engulfed the world.
    Polar bears are at once powerful hunters and fragile victims of nature and
    human cruelty.
    Knut and Fritz will be forever in our hearts whether we smile or as now, weep.

  5. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you so much for your sensitive words and wonderful collages!
    At this special day a deep sadness takes place not only in Berlin but all over the world.
    Our lovestory with our dear and beautiful polar bear boy Knut ended so tragically six years ago.
    This fairy tale had no happy ending nor did the bittersweet short story of little Fritz lately.

    I wish there would be an angel who lays his hand upon my shoulder as in the film ” Der Himmel über Berlin” and gives me some comfort and confidence on this gloomy day…
    I wish there would be an angel for everyone who is so sad today.


  6. Dear Mervi
    thank you for your touching hommage to Knut and Fritz. The 19th of March will always be a day of mourning and sorrow. Now even more, that another young bear has left us. And he had to go withou having seen the sky over Berlin, his little paws have never touched grass ground.
    Knut and Fritz they will always be in my heart.

  7. Liebe Mervi,

    diesen Gedenktag hast sehr liebevoll beschrieben und bebildert.
    Keiner von uns hat sich vorstellen können, dass der Monat März gleich für zwei
    Berliner Bären so tragisch sein würde.
    Ja, der große und der kleine Bär bleiben immer in unserer Erinnerung!

  8. Liebe Mervi,

    auch ich danke Dir, dass Du an diesem traurigen Tag (und auch Monat) wieder so schöne Worte für Knut, und auch für Klein Fritz gefunden hast. Die Collagen sind wunderschön, auch wenn sie im Moment wieder sehr traurig machen.

    Knut hat sich ja schon 2006 in unser Herz geschlichen. Der kleine Fritz war erst wenige Wochen alt, und er hat unser Herz sofort erobert.

    Heute wurden auch im Zoo beim Träumerle Blumen, Kerzen und Gedenkschriften niedergelegt. In Gedenken an Knut und an Fritz.

    Knut, und auch Fritz werden immer in unseren Herzen sein. Forever.

    Heute denke ich auch an Tosca, Nancy, Aika, Troll, Chuchill und Vilma, die wir natürlich auch niemals vergessen werden.

  9. Dear Mervi,

    Thanks for this tribute to Knut and Fritz.

    They will never be forgotten by many people around the world.

    Best wishes,


  10. dear Mervi,
    you have made wonderful collages, thank you so much
    you let speak your heart
    it is a little bit a comfort to see Knut and Fritz together
    Knut and Fritz … I will for ever think of the two Berliner Polar bears
    dear greetings and paw waves

  11. ?? correspond normalement à des EMOJI : smiley triste et coeur

  12. Dear Sabine (La Dame Blanche),

    Thank you so much for the Lovely collages. I have inserted the in the article so it’s easier for everybody to see them.

    Hugs from Mervi

  13. Liebe Mervi,

    du hast berührende worte gefunden und deine Collagen sind sehr, sehr schön.

    Knut und der kleine Fritz werden immer einen Platz in meinem Herzen haben.

    ganz herzliche Grüße

  14. Mervi&Sabine!

    Danke, Merci.



  15. Dear Mervi,
    19th March 2011 was a terrible day. I am still very sad about Knut. Now we lost a polar bear baby Fritz.
    Thank you for the lovely collages.

  16. Liebe Mervi, Du hast, wie immer, die richtigen Worte gefunden.
    Wir werden Knut und auch den kleinen Fritz nie vergessen…

  17. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you for your loving words and works of art.
    Yes, March is about to turn into a ‘monster month’. Although the start of Spring time is supposed to bring us joy and hope it will always remind us how precious life is.
    A gift that can be taken from us at any time.

    Charming Knut and Little Fritz will always be a special part of my life.


  18. Dear Mervi!

    Thank you for your touching and hearthwarming words about the little Fritz and our unforgettable Knut.
    The collage is very, very nice.

  19. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute to Knut and Fritz. We are so lucky to have had them for as long as we did.

    Your and Sabine’s collages are absolutely magnificent…..

    Hugs, Sarsam

  20. Liebe Mervi!
    Danke für dieses wunderbare Tribut an diese beiden, die wir geliebt und leider so früh verloren haben.
    Knut habe ich selbst besucht und den kleinen Fritz wollten wir im Juni treffen. Wir sind so traurig und werden diese beiden immer im Herzen tragen.
    Deine Collagen sind wunderschön auch wenn sie unendlich traurig machen.
    Alles Liebe, Erika

  21. Knut and Fritz will be in our hearts forever.

    The one consolation is that they are in heaven together with all the other bears we have lost, along with Thomas.

    Hugs and Kisses


  22. March has been a cruel month. We lost Knut, and Fritz, and also little Swimmer, who was Walker’s brother. Huggies’ baby Swimmer was with us such a short time too, like Fritz.

    We never forget the bears we love, even when they pass beyond our realm.