Napping is necessary but oh bear, so boring!

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28.3.2017 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

In the previous episode Venus tried to make her son take a little nap. Maybe she needed that herself, too, because ‘Nalle’ certainly keeps her busy.

Let’s see if she was succesful with this mission almost impossible! 🙂

Dear son, I think you look tired. Don’t you think you should take a short break now?

 photo nalle12.jpg

You’re still a baby and you need to rest sometimes …. as a matter of fact you need several naps a day!

But mama, napping is sooooo booooring!!!

 photo nalle13.jpg

Can’t we do some downhill gliding before the nap? Please, mama, please!!!

Naturally, the son’s wishes are mama’s commands ….

Now it’s really time for you to start thinking of that nap!

OK, mama – but first I have to check something!

 photo nalle10.jpg

Aren’t these paw prints cute?

 photo nalle14.jpg

Mama, you said these twigs would turn green but they look the same as before!

 photo nalle16.jpg

I can’t see any signs of green ….

 photo nalle17.jpg

I’m no longer so sure mama knows everything ….

 photo nalle15.jpg

Dear boy, I told you it would take a long time before the bushes turn green.

 photo 20170325-_MG_6869.jpg

But mama, a whole day  is a long time!!!

 photo 20170325-_MG_6892.jpg

My son, I think playing for hours is a long time for you so now it’s time for a nap!

 photo 20170325-_MG_6885.jpg

Mama, I want to have a pre-napping session with you!

 photo 20170325-_MG_6913.jpg

With a polar bear mother’s patience Venus let her son have a pre-napping time. 🙂

 photo 20170325-_MG_6922.jpg

 photo 20170325-_MG_6932.jpg

Oh bear, doesn’t that boy ever slow down …..

 photo nalle4.jpg

 photo nalle5.jpg

Maybe now …… I think his eyelids are getting heavier ….

 photo nalle7.jpg

At least my eyelids are heavy as big rocks!

 photo nalle9.jpg

I hope the visitors will be silent now ….

 photo nalle8.jpg

….. my baby boy needs a rest!

 photo nalle3.jpg

Finally – he’s falling in sleep ….

 photo nalle2.jpg

Meanwhile Papa Manasse is wondering what’s going on in the neighbouring enclosure. It looks like he’s been quite busy, too! The tyre around his neck looks quite becoming don’t you think? 🙂

 photo 20170321-_MG_5370.jpg

Now we have to leave Venus and ‘Nalle’ so they can have a nice nap in peace and quiet but they’ll be back! Hopefully even Manasse will join us!


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  1. Dear Mervi,
    thank you for the wonderful picture from Ranua. It is impressive how Venus glides in the snow. It is not easy to get a boy tired. He wants to run and see everything around. 🙂
    Manasse with a tire is funny. He is an impressive bear.

  2. Liebe Mervi,

    ich könnte deine Bildergeschichten stundenlang lesen.
    Dir fallen immer so tolle und witzige Dialoge zu den einzelnen Bildern ein, einfach köstlich!
    Ja, ein Einzelkind beansprucht die Mutter halt rund um die Uhr…

    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße!

  3. Deaar Mervi,
    thank you for the wonderful pictures of Venus and her little one. Venus is a patient and beautiful mom, she loves her little one, who is absolutely cute!
    Manasse looks very strong and sexy with his tyre round his neck.

  4. Dear Mervi, dear Marko!
    Thank you for these delightful pics and funny subtitles!
    Venus is a good and experienced mother, she probably knows how to put her baby boy to bed.
    But this little cutie forced through that he wants to play before – and his cool mother retreated… several times!
    Manasse looks somehow familiar with the black tyre. 😉 So charming!


  5. Hallo Mervi,

    eine wunderschöne Erzählung aus dem Wildlife Park Ranua. Das Eisbärenbaby ist so süß. Herrlich die Bären im Schnee zu sehen.


  6. Liebe Mervi

    Die Bilder sind wieder hinreißend.
    Während hier der “Sommer” aus-
    gebrochen ist, herrscht in Ranua
    immer noch tiefster Winter. 🙂

    Herzliche Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  7. Dear Mervi
    The pictures from Ranua are like a BBC documentary from the
    High Arctic. The words you have matched to the lovely images
    of a mother and cub emerging on to the snowy slopes are magical.
    Of course Manasse has found a tyre from some human settlement
    Ranua and you have given us another treat.

  8. Dear MERVI – This was my perfect ‘Betthupferl’ tonight! Thank you very much.
    Your subtitles show you know a lot about babies’/children’s behaviour (also human ones! don’t you!?).
    So lovable and charmingly written.
    Did you already think about starting a career in ‘children book teller’? 🙂

    Thanks also to the RANUA official photographer Marko JUNTTILA and the RANUA Wilkdlife Park.

  9. Dear Mervi, thanks a lot for showing and telling about the wonderful bears in the wonderful nature.
    I really enjoyed looking and reading. Wonderful comments !
    And thanks also to the Ranua Wildlife Park.
    Hugs Inge

  10. Danke auch an YLE KEMI für das Video.

  11. Liebe Mervi,

    du hast um die beiden Bären eine durch und durch zauberhafte Geschichte geschrieben.
    Es hat unglaublich viel Freude gemacht, sie zu lesen und ich bin ganz sicher, dass sich alles genau so zugetragen hat, wie du es aufgeschrieben hast :-).

    Die Fotos sind wunderbar und das Video ist es ebenfalls.

    Ganz herzlichen Dank an alle, die an dieser schänen bärengeschichte beteiligt waren.

    viele Grüße

  12. Lieber “Nalle”! Schlaf schoen, damit Du auch so groß und stark wirst wie Mama und Papa. Und freu Dich auf den Frühling, wenn alles grünt und blüht!

    Danke liebe Mervi und
    Iiebe Grüße, Erika

  13. Theresa

    Wonderful dreamland for wonderful polarbaermom and his cute baby-boy.

    With greetings,

  14. Dear Mervi

    Wonderful and very cute pictures

    Thank you so much

  15. dear Mervi,
    these are wonderful pictures from Ranua, it is so nice to see Venus and her baby.
    sweet little baby bear enjjoy your childhood with your Mama. you are living in a wonderful area, right for Polar bears. I am very glad Manasse has also a good time and fun
    thank you for this lovely story, dear greetings