Nalle loves snow gliding

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12.4.2017 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Hello dear readers! It’s me again and I can tell you I’m doing better than fine! A couple of days ago we had a blizzard here in Ranua and got 25 centimeters new snow! Mama, papa and I are very amused!

I have just made my inspection round checking if there are any green leaves but no, the trees and bushes are still naked. I hope they’re not freezing and I really wonder why they havend’t got a nice warm fur like mama and I!

 photo 20170405-_MG_8339.jpg

I’m a very sporty kind of guy and I just love snow gliding!

 photo 20170405-_MG_8435.jpg

Who needs skis when you can glide so nicely without them!

 photo 20170405-_MG_8569.jpg

If this was a competition I’m sure the jury would give me the highest points!

 photo 20170405-_MG_8570.jpg

Why are my paws looking so dirty …..

 photo 20170405-_MG_8578.jpg

Well, it can be fixed with a couple of pirouettes in the snow.

 photo 20170405-_MG_8591.jpg

Up again!

 photo 20170405-_MG_8347.jpg

And down again! Yippee! This is so fun!

 photo 20170405-_MG_8355.jpg

Oh bear, oh big bear – I cause a mini avalanche!

 photo 20170405-_MG_8364.jpg

 photo 20170405-_MG_8365.jpg

Sometimes the snow seems to be blue so this photo looks almost like the Finnish flag – white and blue, hehehee ….

 photo 20170405-_MG_8366.jpg

I try to dig a cave although the snow is quite heavy for my small paws …..

 photo 20170405-_MG_8446.jpg

…. but I can try to do it with my nose ….

 photo 20170405-_MG_8491.jpg

That was a bit exhausting so I have a short nap.

 photo 20170405-_MG_8453.jpg

Here we go again! I can’t be napping all day long …..

 photo 20170405-_MG_8473.jpg

I must say I’m a very privileged polar bear boy having such a long and wonderful Winter season.

 photo 20170405-_MG_8492.jpg

Mama, come quickly! I see flying polar bears!!!

 photo 20170405-_MG_8450.jpg

Dear son, they are not polar bears – they are swans! This is a sign that we will soon have another kind of season here even though we got more snow.

 photo joutsenet.jpg

You told me the new season means that the snow will melt away. I’d better enjoy the ICE cream now that it’s still possible!

 photo 20170405-_MG_8587.jpg

Bye bye now! Even though I’m a very busy cubbie I’ll try to be back soon!

 photo 20170405-_MG_8588.jpg

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  1. Liebe Mervi und Marko
    Ranua ist Polar Bear Hauptstadt unbedingt. Nalle zeigt was ein Polar alles
    tun kann.
    Sorry, I lapsed in to German again. After the limited space in the two Berlin zoos,
    Ranua shows how one day all Polar Bears in human spaces should live.

  2. Liebe Mervi,

    die Schneeparade mit Nalle ist wunderschön.
    Ja das kleine Bärchen hat besonders viel Glück in der schneereichen Gegend.

    Auch von mir bekommt er die Bestnote für Haltung und Kür!
    Da sind dir wieder herrliche Dialoge gelungen, einfach süß!

    Die blau-weiße Färbung des Schnees erinnert uns an die Landesfarben
    deiner Heimat, das ist fein.

    Hab vielen Dank für den schönen Bericht aus Ranua!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Dear Mervi, dear Marko!
    Again you have outdone yourself and brought us a perfect teamwork: wonderful photos with humorous and affectionate subtitles.Thank you!
    Although I´m glad in our region winter vanishes gradually and our trees and bushes are turning green, I´m happy for this little rascal that he can still play in the white splendour and shows what kinds of snow sports a little polar bear is able to practice. Simply adorable!


  4. Dear Mervi & Marko,

    Thank you both!

    These photos are a joy!

    xo k-j

  5. Liebe Mervi,

    das sind wieder soooo schöne Fotos vom kleinen Bärchen im Schnee. Er hat mit seinem Geburtstort wirklich das große Los gezogen.

    Wer möchte da nicht gemeinsam mit dem Kleinen im Schnee tollen.

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Sehr schöne Fotos vom Eisbärchen
    und auch von den Singschwänen ! 🙂

  7. Dear Mervi!
    A young bear enjoys the snow. Thank you for the wonderful pictures.

  8. Hi NALLE – You are a real happy and funny kind of little guy.
    So much ‘Lebensfreude’! Wunderbar!
    The photo when you are napping looks like you were resting on a pile of clouds. So lovely.
    Aunty MERVI really loves you very much. She put again so nice subtitles to your gorgeous photos.
    And did you also see the lovely collage she made from a MONIKA-photo of our common dearest friend KNUT!?

    Thanks to the both of you – and also to your beautiful parents.
    Enjoy all the snow- and gliding-fun as long this great possibility lasts in your region of the world!

  9. Dear Mervi and Dear Marko, looking at these pics make me wonder: is this the lost paradise???? Well, at least, it is one for polar bears and it is not lost. They have all they want and need: sufficient food, enough space to roam and knowing they are safe and sound. Every other polar bear in the wild could envy these living circumstances.

  10. Dear Mervi,

    Little ‘Nalle’ and the crisp blue skies and snowfields are a true ‘Stimmungsaufheller’ / ‘upper’ in these days of sadness after Yoghi’s sudden death.

    Thank you for sharing the Ranua Polar Paradise!