The painting bear Juuso is awake!

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24.4.2017 – Source: Kuusamo Predator Center

The painting bear Juuso is awake!

Early this morning Juuso – the famous painter in the Kuusamo Predator Center – came out from his den where he’s been hibernating since the beginning of last November.

 photo juuso1.jpg

Sulo Karjalainen was having his breakfast when he saw Juuso coming out. Sulo immediately invited the big bear to join him.

– Juuso started wading in the snow towards me and, of course, there was a lot of kissing and cuddling when we met after several months. We were both happy to be together again. Juuso hasn’t a big appetite yet but I treated him with honey, fruit and candy. Maybe it was a bit too much because he had to take a nap, Sulo Karjalainen says.

 photo juuso3.jpg

– I was already missing Juuso because this year he came out later than usual – probably due to the very cold Spring. Maybe the warm weather is coming now …. We had a long chat and I had to tell Juuso everything that has happened during his Winter sleep.

 photo juuso2.jpg

Juuso celebrated his 18th birthday in the den. Maybe he had sweet dreams of honey …. He has lost a lot of weight during the hibernation period and now ‘only’ weighs about 400 kilos!

Sulo could also tell Juuso that his art exhibition in Helsinki was a big success. Juuso’s paintings will be on exhibit even in the Riihigalleria in Kuhmo in June. The exhibition is a one of Finland’s 100 years anniversary events and the theme of it is the nature and the bears. In the ancient Finland bears were greatly respected and treated as gods. It was not suitable to call them ‘bears’ – that’s why there are so many nicknames like mesikämmen, otso and kontio.

As far as we know Juuso won’t be attending the exhibition ….. 🙂

– Now we are taking things very easy and just chat, eat and nap – and, naturally, cuddle a lot, Sulo Karjalainen says.

Knuti’s Weekly wishes Sulo and Juuso a very happy Spring time together. Of course, we also wish the great painter good luck with the art exhibition but we’re sure it will be a fantastic success!

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  1. ‘Painting Bear’ JUUSO simply looks great = “ein Bild von einem Bären!”!

    What a treat for a bear lover to share his breakfast/honey with his beloved living ‘huge TEDDY bear’!?

    Oh, what an actual fairy tale this is: “Now we are taking things very easy and just chat, eat and nap – and, naturally, cuddle a lot, Sulo Karjalainen says”. I’m a bit green with envy – but frankly said: I’m raher convinced I do better without a wet kiss from a huge GRISSLY-TEDDY 😉

    Thanks to “Kuusamo Predator Center”/’Juuso-chief’ SULO, TEDDYBÄRENMUTTI, and ‘KWM-chief’ MERVI 🙂

  2. Tervehdys Juuso. Ehkäpä vielä lämmin kesäsää tulee.
    Lämpimät terveiset koko Kuusamon väelle-


  3. Liebe Mervi,

    die enge Nähe dieses Bären zu seinen Pflegern ist wirklich unglaublich ein – Grizzlybär als Teddybär,
    der auch noch malen kann.
    Wie schön, dass er wieder wohlbehalten aus seinem extrem langen Winterschlaf erwacht ist und er
    bald wieder seine künstlerische Arbeit aufnehmen wird.
    Nachträglich Happy Birthday dear Juuso!

  4. Dear Mervi and TBM,
    it is nice to see Juuso again. He looks great after the long winter. I can understand that Sulo Karjalainen was happy to see Juuso and was ready to share his breakfast with him 🙂

  5. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for bringing us the good news.
    I am happy Juuso awake from a long hibernation and enjoys spring and being together with Sulo Karjalainen. The pics are heartwarming. This must be true love. I suppose I wouldn´t like a grizzly´s tongue licking all over my face – but it might be worth trying…when I´m allowed to cuddle him in return.
    I wish them both a nice season!


  6. Dear Juuso,

    Welcome back to daylight! What a great welcome you gave your pal Sulo and I don’t doubt he was just as happy to see you again as we are here in KWM. Honey, fruit and candy will help you to add some pounds to your impressive body and probably will also trigger the joy of painting.

    Thank you, dear Mervi, for sharing this unique bond between two great individuals, Juuso and Sulo.

    Hugs and pawwaves

  7. Juuso ist schon ein gewaltiger Bär.
    Respekt für sein Herrchen – so
    ganz geheuer wäre mir das
    nicht. Aber schön, dass
    Juuso wieder wach ist !

  8. Ah, there is one of my “biggest” favorites again back in town. What a pleasure in seeing Juuso after his long hibernation. I love this interaction between man and bear. And receiving a big wet kissie from such a huge bear makes me actually little green of envy. Wish I was also having such a dear bear friend. And now looking forward to new stories and paintings.

  9. Dear Mervi andTBM
    It is wonderful to see Juuso come out of hibernation. Sulo and
    he are a great partnership

  10. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Best wishes to Juuso.

  11. Liebe Mervi,
    tolle Bilder von einer sehr innigen Bär-Mensch Beziehung!
    Ich wünsche den Beiden noch sehr oft eine so herzliche Begrüßung im Frühling.
    Danke für diesen bärigen Beitrag
    Liebe Grüße Moni K