Visiting Berlin in April 2017

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17.4.2017 by Ralph

I do not have a long report from Berlin as so many wonderful reports are done about both the Zoo and Tierpark in KWM.

I would like to explain that although there is no Mini-Kati story this time, my little travelling group of bears wanted to remember both the victims at the Christmas Market, which they enjoyed visiting so much, and Little Fritz, who they were so looking forward to meeting.

 photo RalphApril1.jpg

 photo ralphApril3.jpg

I spent nearly two days watching Tonja playing with her various toys and as you can see from the photo I was able to get close to her and see how much damage she has done to the “unbreakable” crazy egg. Her power, grace and strength were illustrated by the way in which she was able to stand out of the water, holding a large ball in the air.

 photo ralphApril2.jpg

Wolodja is looking a little better physically, but it is clear that he wants to be back home with Tonja. From what I heard, the only reason he is not back already is the difficulty in finding a suitable travelling container and shipper.

My Kati is looking large and fluffy. Both of us now move more slowly and like to rest a lot. She was on the big enclosure during my stay, which may mean that Wolodja will move soon. I think she would like to spend more time indoors, or maybe she enjoys the target training treats!

 photo ralphApril4.jpg

For once, the return flight was not an ordeal. Because now that British Airways no longer serve food, I had some excellent sandwiches from Kaiser’s supermarket and treated myself to a small bottle of METAXA Greek Brandy (Leti – I love this Greek Brandy!) which made me feel nice and relaxed. I even had a window seat so was able to enjoy the approach to London up the Thames and see all the landmarks.

This morning I treated myself to a bacon roll. Breakfast in England is a nice thing to come home

Now I am planning my trip to Aalborg in May.

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  1. Dear Ralph,

    Your Berlin visit had a sad lining this time but I’m sure you had a good time anyway.

    It was really touching to see your mini bears paying their tribute to little Fritz. I hope seeing Tonja playing in the water made you feel more cheerful. Hopefully Wolodja will soon come back to her.

    I bet the highlight of your visit was meeting Katjuscha again and see her doing so fine.

    You had quite a pleasant flight back home and I can only agree – an English breakfast is an excellent start of a day!

    Bear hugs from Mervi

  2. Lieber Ralph,
    Danke für den Berlin-Bericht. Du und die kleine Bären-Truppe, Ihr hattet dennoch eine gute Zeit. Das finde ich gut.
    Schön, das Ihr auch Glück mit dem Rückflug hattet, ein Sitz am Fenster ist ja nicht übel.
    Und nun kannst Du Dich auf die Mai-Reise nach Dänemark einstimmen.
    Herzliche Grüße,

  3. Lieber Ralph,

    Deine Reiseeindrücke waren wie immer pointiert und herzlich dargeboten.
    Ihr vier wart ein Superquartett. Fast wäre ja noch ein KMP-Bärchen dazugekommen. Oder sehe ich das falsch?
    Dass Wolodjas Heimkehr an der Transportlogistik nicht so rundläuft, kann ich nur mit Kopfschütteln zur Kenntnis nehmen. Die Hinfahrt klappte doch auch wie am Schnürchen…..
    Tonja käme gewiss auch bärsönlich vorbei, ihn abzuholen 😀 Das Taxi für die Rückkehr bekäme das Eisbärpaar bestimmt im Nu!

    Lieben Dank und viele Grüße

  4. Dear Ralph,
    you had a wonderful time in Berlin. You visited the zoo and Tierpark. You met your beloved Kati and the other animals.
    Your mini friends are lovely.

  5. Lieber Ralph,

    deine kleinen Reisebegleiter sind allerliebst, hoffentlich war little Kati nicht eifersüchtig.
    Ich freue mich, dass du Katjuscha bei guter Gesundheit und bester Spiellaune angetroffen hast.
    Auch dein Gedenken an die Terroropfer in Berlin und klein Fritz sind sehr berührend.
    Die fehlenden Transportmöglichkeiten für Wolodja verwundern mich auch sehr…..

    Ich hoffe, dass deine Reise nach Aarlborg unbeschwerter sein wird
    und danke für deinen schönen Reisebericht.

    Viele Grüße,

  6. Thank you Mervi for posting my little report.
    The porcelain bear is made by Meissen and looks very like Katjuscha

  7. Even if it’s not an extended report, you deliver always something special for ‘KWM’.
    Thank you very much for presenting your impressions and feelings through the eyes of your three friends as well as through your own ownes.

    Wishing you good vibes around when planning your next trip – this time moxt probably to AALBORG!

  8. Dear Ralph, good to see and read that you have had a very nice trip to Berlin.

    Lots of greetings and good wishes

  9. Dear Ralph, I know that you were hoping to meet baby Fritz but faith came in between (and not only for you but to all of us and our dreams). Nevertheless, it is so charming that your bear group paid this little fellow all their respects. I hope that very soon, Wolodja can return to Tierpark and to Tonja (whatever the reason for the delay may be). And tja, Kati becoming a little slower due to age and needing some more rest, at our age, we all do know everything about that problem, isn’t it.
    I am crossing my fingers for your next trip to Aalborg and there you will meet Lars again.

  10. Dear Ralph!
    I´m sorry that you did not get to know little Fritz. We did not either…
    His sudden death was a great shock for us all and we miss that sweet polar bear boy.
    But I am happy for you that you saw your Kati, as well as the other bears in a good shape.
    Little Balou I suppose was the cherry on the cake…

    It was nice to see you again and sit together with some Knutfriends in the sunshine like in “the good old times”.

    I wish you good luck for your plans to visit the polar bears in Aalborg, Bremerhaven and Munich!


  11. Dear Rakph,

    A lovely report!

    So glad you’re able to have these bear excursions!


    xo k-j

  12. Lieber Ralph,

    der Berlin-Trip war ja diesmal etwas traurig, und das Wetter hat auch nicht so mitgespielt.
    Aber Du und Deine Bärchen haben das beste daraus gemacht.

    Tonja geht es soweit gut, und Katjuscha geht es auch super.
    Bärchen Balou hast Du auch kennengelernt.
    Ich hoffe, dass man die Todesursache von Fritzchen bald kennt, dass Wolodja endlich wieder zu seiner Tonja kann.
    Viel Spaß bei der Planung für Deinen Trip nach Aalborg.

    Liebe Grüße nach Oxford.

  13. Lieber Ralph,
    freut mich daß sie ein gute Zeit in Berlin hattenund unsere Lieblinge ausführlich beobachten konnten.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  14. dear Ralph,
    I like very much your report and I am glad that you have such a sweet dear travelling group. It is wonderful that you could see your Kati, Wolodja and Tonja and with the touching picture you could remember little Fritz.
    Berlin Zoo or Tierpark will for ever be a magic place. Thank you for your report and the sweet pictures,dear greetings to you

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