White cuteness in Ranua

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3.4.2017 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Hello dear readers! It’s me – your ‘Nalle’ again! Have you missed me?

I have a lot to tell you even this time. Maybe you remember my mama made me take a nap but now I’m fully awake – and I mean FULLY awake!

 photo 20170325-_MG_7064.jpg

Mama, please, wake up! I need company!

 photo 20170325-_MG_7179.jpg

Rise and shine, mama! Many polar bears envy us because we have so much snow here. We can’t waste our time napping all day!

 photo 20170325-_MG_7008.jpg

My dear son, when you reach my age you’ll understand the importance of napping ….

 photo 20170325-_MG_7005.jpg

But I’m not your age yet! So, please, open your eyes.

 photo 20170325-_MG_7004.jpg

OK, that’s better!!

 photo 20170325-_MG_7202.jpg

Before we start playing I have to make my inspection round.

 photo 20170325-_MG_6958.jpg

I’m really excited to see if the bushes are green now.

 photo 20170325-_MG_7030.jpg

But first I try to make a snow ball. Oh bear, it isn’t very round but it will do …..

 photo uusi1.jpg

Follow me!

 photo 20170325-_MG_7028.jpg

Oh no, these stupid bushes and trees are not green!

 photo 20170325-_MG_6960.jpg

I made a very thorough examination but no green leaves!

 photo 20170325-_MG_6961.jpg

 photo 20170325-_MG_6962.jpg

Mama, you said they would turn green ….

 photo 20170325-_MG_6969.jpg

Dear boy, you must sleep many nights until the snow has melted and the grass, the bushes and the trees are green.

But mama, I’ve slept several nights today ….

Naps during the day isn’t the same as the nights, dear boy. When it gets dark then it’s night.

 photo 20170325-_MG_7082.jpg

Oh bear, how on earth am I going to explain the difference between night and day in the Summer when the sun never sets here! That boy isn’t going to sleep at all ….

 photo 20170325-_MG_7013.jpg

Oh well, now it’s still Winter so we can just forget about the Summer time for a while and simply be happy about our white enclosure.

 photo 20170325-_MG_7126.jpg

Mama, I heard you! What else happens in the Summer?

When the snow melts we can go swimming and diving in our pool. You can also feel the soft grass under your paws. We can play football or play with a tyre in the water – oh, there are lots of things to do even in the Summer.

 photo 20170325-_MG_7134.jpg

Why can’t you tell me exactly when the Summer comes? How many nights do I have to sleep?

 photo 20170325-_MG_7137.jpg

We never know the exact date but let’s be patient. The Summer will come – sooner or later! I promise!

 photo 20170325-_MG_7176.jpg

‘Nalle’ was satisfied with the explanation. He was so happy with his mama.

 photo 20170325-_MG_7184.jpg

There are so many sweet photos of  me. Mervi tried to choose the best pics but it was a mission impossible so I show you them all! Without further words – enjoy the white cuteness!

 photo 20170325-_MG_7157.jpg

 photo 20170325-_MG_7146.jpg

 photo 20170325-_MG_7144.jpg

 photo 20170325-_MG_7117.jpg

 photo 20170325-_MG_7115.jpg

 photo 20170325-_MG_7105.jpg

 photo 20170325-_MG_7096.jpg

 photo 20170325-_MG_7076.jpg

In the evening the whiteness turns into fireworks. The northern lights in Ranua are magnificent!

You are all welcome to visit me! That’s all for now but I hope to be back soon!

Your ‘Nalle’

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  1. Dear Mervi!
    Venus and her son play wonderful in the snow.
    The northern lights are great.

  2. Hallo Mervi
    thank you so much for these beautiful pictures! Venus’ little one Nalle is absolutely cute, he and his mom are an amazing couple!

  3. Lieber kleiner Nalle,

    bis alles grün ist im Sommer kannst du noch viele Schneebälle machen, denn in Ranua dauert
    der Winter ziemlich lange. Andere Bären wären glücklich, wenn sie mehr Schnee in ihren Zoos hätten.
    Bis es Sommer ist, wird dir deine Mama mit Mervis Hilfe noch ganz viele und spannende
    Geschichten rund um den Schnee erzählen.

    Liebe Mervi, ich freue mich auf viele weitere lustige Geschichten und Dialoge
    von dir mit Venus und ihrem Sohn Nalle!

    Herzliche Grüße und vielen Dank!

  4. dear Mervi
    We certainly cannot get enough of Nalle. To get similar quality photos from
    the Arctic would take many hours and we get a much closer view than we could
    ever hope to. Venus is a very patient mother, but perhaps she also knows that
    one day the little one might grow to be even bigger than Manasse.

  5. The combination of RANUA- (sorry, rather MarkoJUNTILA-!) pics and MERVI-subtitles
    is unBEARably unbeatable!, e.g. only one example for ao many: “OK, that’s better!”
    😉 🙂

    Again I had a good laugh an d great fun watch-reading this cooperated contribution
    by RANUA WILDLIFE PARK – Marko JUNTTILA – and last nor least: MERVI!

    Thank you very much – anybody involved. This meanns of course also:
    THANKS to the main protagonists VENUS and her little – still unnamed – baby-rascal
    – and not to forget papa MANASSE . . 🙂

  6. Wunderbar 🙂 🙂

    und dann auch noch so ein stimmungsvolles letztes Foto. Bravo

  7. Dear Mervi, dear Marko!
    Venus and Nalle still enjoy the deep snow while we´re already wearing our summer clothes…
    The pics by Marko are marvellous and you, dear Mervi, created a cute and funny story around them again.
    Poor Venus needs a lot of patience with her little wild boy, who does not like to take a necessary nap very often…
    But he has a lot of fun and Venus seems to love it when he is enjoying himself.
    The northern lights in the last photo are dreamlike!
    Thank you for these wonderful impressions.


  8. Nalle rakas!

    Kumpa tapaisimme pian.


  9. Liebe Mervi,

    ich liebe deine Geschichten aus dem Leben des kleinen Bärenjungen.

    Die Fotos, die Marko Junttila vom Ranua Wildlife Park gemacht hat, sind traumhaft schön. Ich verstehe sehr gut, dass du Dich nicht entscheiden konntest, einige der Fotos wegzulassen. Das wäre auch gar nicht gegangen ;-).

    Der kleine “Nalle” is ein kluges und wißbegieriges Kerlchen und Mama Venus macht genau das, was alle Bärenmütter tun. Sie erklärt ihrem Kind die Welt und zwar auf ganz wunderbare Art und Weise.

    Vielen herzlichen Dank für die Geschichte und die Bilder. Ichfreue mich schon sehr auf die Fortsetzung.


  10. Dear Mervi and Dear Marko, thank you for sharing these pics with us. And believe me, it is NEVER too much pics. I just love to see them. From the bottom of my heart, I hope and pray that Ranua Zoo will call this baby boy NALLE. According to me, this name fits him so well. And yes, if somebody would see these pics without knowing that they were taken in a zoo, one would immediately believe that this is “pure nature”. Is it now a good luck or a bad luck that they are living in captivity??? For me personally, when I see these pics, I see a very relaxed and happy polar bear mother, knowing that her baby can grow up in safe circumstances and that there is sufficient food for her to give him the milk he needs. And I also see a very happy polar bear baby who – without knowing or realizing it – can just play with his mother without her living in a stress situation for his and her life.

  11. Liebe Mervi und lieber Marko,
    was für tolle Bilder, weiss auf weiss, das ist nicht leicht.
    Ein bezaubernder kleiner Eisbär der seine neue Welt entdeckt und so herrlich im Schnee spielen kann.
    Herlichen Dank, tolle Bilder und witzig getextet.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  12. Liebe Mervi,

    das sind wieder traumhaft schöne Bilder von Venus und ihrem kleinen Schneeprinzen.
    Es sieht so aus, als jätte der Kleine des Öfteren ein Lächeln im Gesicht. Das habe ich auch, wenn ich diese Bilder sehe.

    Ich hoffe für die beiden, dass der Schnee noch recht lange liegen bleibt.

    Danke an Marko für die wunderschönen Fotos.

    Liebe Grüße

  13. Liebe Mervi!
    Danke für diese zauberhaften Bilder und die lustige Geschichte, Venus und Nalle haben so viel Spass im Schnee und ich wünsche den beiden alles Gute.
    Liebe Grüße und natürlich auch danke an Marko, Erika