Anana’s daughter celebrated her ‘half birthday’

May 11th, 2017 | By | Category: News from the Bear World

11.5.2017 – Source: the Columbus Zoo

Anana’s daughter is 6 months old today (8.5)! To celebrate this little girl’s half birthday, her animal care team made a colorful ice tower, which she took apart to put the green and blue rings in the water!

 photo anana5.jpg

 photo anana1.jpg

 photo anana2.jpg

This growing girl now weighs 91 pounds and loves exploring, diving, and attempting to catch fish.

 photo anana3.jpg

 photo anana4.jpg

Thanks to everyone who voted for this spunky cub’s name! Stay tuned as all three cubs’ names will be revealed on Mother’s Day, May 14.

 photo anana6.jpg

Unfortunately there are also sad news from the Columbus Zoo. On the 26th of April the father of Anana’s and Aurora’s cubs died in liver cancer.

Nanuq, a wildborn guy who lived at the Henry Vilas Zoo, the Buffalo Zoo and finally the Columbus Zoo was 29 years old.

 photo Nanuq standColumbus.jpg

 photo Nanuq portrait.jpg

After the sad news we need a bear hug. Black bears Joanie and Stevie show us how it’s done.

 photo columbusblack.jpg

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  1. Dear Mervi
    What a rollercoaster. The pictures of the adorable little cub but
    then a sad farewell to another of the grand old Polar Bear males. Nanuq
    shows his fine head.
    Needed the hug afterwards. By coincidence the actress who played Joanie in the famous US comedy series HAPPY DAYS also passed wawy recently.

  2. Wieder mal Leberkrebs: in der Natur erreichen
    Bären dieses Alter ja gar nicht. Aber Nanuqs
    Gene leben weiter in seinen Kinderlein. Die
    Eisbomben sorgten sicher für Spaß. So
    liegen gute und traurige Nachrichte nah
    beisammen. Wünschen wir den Bär-
    chen im Columbus Zoo ein gutes und
    gesundes Aufwachsen !

  3. Dear Mervi
    The polar bear cubbies in the Columbus Zoo are ever so cute!
    The pretty photos of Anana´s daughter with that colourful ice tower at her birthdays party are similar to any childrens birthday party. What a nice idea!

    I´m sorry Nanuq passed away. He was a dear and handsome looking guy and will be deeply missed by keepers and visitors.

    I hope vets and scientists will quickly find the reason for these piled cases of liver cancer among polar bears in captivity.

    Many paw waves and bear hugs

  4. Magnificent polar bear Nanuq has passed away, rest in peace, dear Polar bear daddy!
    What a nice half-year polar baby bearsday! Mum and cub had a great day together!
    And the lovable snuggling brown bears really made my day!
    Thank you Mervi, for posting this news and fine pics!
    BIG bear hugs

  5. A biiiig ‘I do!’ as comment to the last hilarious pic! 😉

    ANANA’s daughter seems also to be a real little treasure.
    I simply love the picture where she starts to ‘destroy’ the colorful tower, all standing upright.
    Awwwww. . . .!

    I am so sorry that her father had to die. Hope he hadn’t too much to suffer!

    Thanks to the COLUBUS ZOO and to MERVI for information and pics.

  6. Liebe Mervi,
    schön zu sehen wie die Kleine gefeiert wird.
    Nanuq ist mit 29 Jahren jetzt auch verstorben und wieder Leberkrebs, das müßte wirklich den Eisbärspezialisten zu denken geben.
    Für einen Eisbärbullen ist 29 aber ein gutes Alter und ich hoffe er hat nicht leiden müssen.
    Danke für Feier von Ananas Tochter und die traurige Info daß der Vater verstorben ist.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  7. Dear Mervi!
    The good and bad news come together. I am sad about Nanuq.
    The birthday of Anana’s girl was very good.