Lars and his girls in Aalborg

May 7th, 2017 | By | Category: News from the Bear World

7.5.2017 – Source: Aalborg Zoo

We have seen many photos and videos of Malik and the Twins but now we begin this article with some lovely photos of papa Lars.

The gorgeous bear seems to be doing fine.

 photo lars1.jpg

The enclosure isn’t so green but the keepers gave Lars a branch to play with which he obviously appreciated very much.

 photo lars4.jpg

The branch was thoroughly ‘quality controlled’ 🙂

 photo lars2.jpg

These paws are what I call mighty paws!! 🙂

 photo lars3.jpg

In the neighbouring enclosure Malik finally had a moment for relaxation while the twins were sleeping.

As you could guess the relaxing moment wasn’t very long …. Well, playing cubs are healthy cubs so I’m sure Malik doesn’t mind if her beauty sleeps are quite short these days.

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  1. RALPH – Always a joy to read, hear, and see of LARS being happy and looking good AS ALWAYS!
    Thank you very much for your short last note.
    Are you still in AALBORG ZOO? Then please give a veeeerrry biiiiig air kiss from me to LARS! 🙂

  2. OOps! – My above comment I made on a complete other page!
    As far as I know I did comment on the AALBORG-report
    where were more than 30 comments already!
    What did happen?????

    – – –
    As I am now here on this having got a ‘comment-less report’ . . . . ..
    I watched the VIDEO of MAILIK with her twins.
    The branche fight of one of the twins is hilarious and very ‘putzig’ to watch!

  3. Dumba I am enjoying a sunny afternoon in Aalborg.
    After a lunchtime snooze wrapped around a boulder lars rescued some meat from the pool without having to swim. He then too k it inside his stall where he can be seen in a deep sleep through the open door.
    I think it would be cruel to move him anywhere else. He and Malik are well matched. In particular I do not
    think Lars would copevwith other males. Like Knu he is too gentle to assert himself.

  4. RALPH – thank you for your up-dates from the Zoo in Aalborg.
    Its a good idea, to change the enclosures from time to time.
    For both, Lars and Malik with her girls. 🙂
    Have a pleasant time in Denmark !

  5. NanĂĽ, wo sind die ganzen anderen Kommentare abgeblieben?
    Habe eben bei ĂĽber 30 kommentiert und bin jetzt auf 4 und 5 ?

  6. RALPH – luckily I´ve read your older comment.
    It has vabished now. What a pity for the other
    readers – wir hatten das Problem schon mal…