Meeting with Fiete and Zora

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17.5.2017 by/von Tereza (English / Deutsch)

Last week I spent two days in the Zoo Nyíregyháza-Sóstó, to see how integrated the cute Rostocker ‘bearchen’ is there. First I did not see any polarbear, but later I discovered Fiete walking along the big pool side.

Zwei Tage habe ich verbracht auf Nyíregyháza –Sóstó, und habe besucht Fiete und Zora. Im ersten Moment gar nichts gesehen, doch bald habe ich wahrgenommen der hin- und her umgehende Fiete am sein Wasserbecken.

That was a wonderful moment for me, to see him personally. The little, sweet, and very active Fiete is already a beautiful big polarboy. After some moments he went to Zora, who was laying on the grass, and he licked her. The keepers said me, he makes it often. Maybe he’s not so big yet?

Es war wunderbar zu sehen, der einst klein süss und aktiv Fiete schon als erwachsene Eisbär-Bursche. Nach kurze Zeiter ging zu auf der Graz liegende Zora und fing an sie zu zuseln. Laut die zwei Pflegerinnen macht er est oft. Sind er doch noch nicht so gross?

Zora is a very nice and calm old polar lady. She likes Fiete as if she was his mother.

Zora ist ein sehr geduldige alte Dame, liebt Fiete, als eine Mama.

 photo FieteTereza.jpg

The next time I had opportunity to give my gifts to them with help of the keepers. They tossed down from the high: Fiete jumped in to pool, and suddenly came out with his treats and waited yet for the next ones, but then he disappeared in to their cage. Why? Only he knows it.

Am folgenden Tag traf ich mit der zwei Pflegerinnen. Sie haben mein Geschenk in Wasserbecken abgeworfen. Fiete eingesprungend, sofort heraus kommend mit seinen „Beute” und wartete auf die Nächste. Schliesslich verschwand mit denen in sein innere Gehege. Warum? Das weisst nur er.

 photo fieteTereza2.jpg

Unfortunately I did not see them in the pool, except this moment with Fiete. Maybe they kind of expected the big storm coming some minute later, with a big and very long thunder-shower.

I was happy to see them in good condition, at a very beautiful and big place in two parts: one with a big pool, the other with grass, like tundra, with a little pool which will be a good mama-baby enclosure when it hopefully will be needed.

Leider ich habe sie nicht gesehen im Wasserbecken, ausgenommen die vorhin erwähnte kurze Moment. Kann sein wegen der binnen minuten ausbrechenden Sturmwind mit einen langen Wolkenbruch.

Es war gut sie zu sehen im besten Kondition, auf ein schön und gross Ausseranlage, welche aus zwei Teil besteht, eine ein grosse Wasserbecken, andere ein grasige „Tundra”.

 photo FieteTereza3.jpg

I hope, I can see Fiete in the future also, maybe with a beautiful nice polarbear girl.

Ich hoffe werde Fiete künftig auch sehen, mit einem schöne Eisbärmädchen.

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  1. Dear Tereza,

    How wonderful to hear you’ve visited Fiete and Zora! I’m sure they were happy, too, meeting you and especially the gifts you brought them. 🙂

    This is the first time I could see more of the enclosure – or rather two enclosures. I was very glad seeing there’s also a ‘green area’ for our polar bears.

    It’s touching that Zora is so loving and treats Fiete as her son. At least it seems that way. Of course, I hope Fiete will soon have a girlfriend but he’s happy with Zora for the time being.

    Thank you so much for the report!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Dear Tereza,
    it is great that you visited Fiete. I am very glad that Zora likes him.
    Thank you for the videos

  3. dear Tereza,
    it is wonderful that you have visited Fiete and Zora, and I am grateful that you share your pictures and videos with us. It is very good that Fiete has the dear Zora, so both are not lonely and Fiete can still feel like a polar bear boy.
    I wish Zora and Fiete all the best.
    Thank you for your nice report from Hungary, to know Fiete and Zora have a good life together is great
    dear greetings to you

  4. Dear TEREZA and MERVI – Thank you very much for having brought a sign of living
    of FIETE and his friend ZORA to ‘KWM’.

    Hope YOU and the bears are well. How nice you did even bring gifts to them!

  5. Dear Tereza

    Thank you for the report from Sosto.
    I am glad, that Larsson has Zora as
    a companion. I am excited, how he
    will cope with the other female
    polar bear in his age later….

    Chris 🙂

  6. Dear Tereza and Mervi,

    many thanks for this fine report and pictures of Fiete and Zora! I’m very happy, that Fiete seems to get along well with Zora and that they like each other!

  7. Dear Tereza!
    Thank you so much for your report and the expressive videos and pics!

    You are right, Fiete is grown up now and it´s a relief he and Zora are good friends.
    I found it touching when you wrote Zora likes him as if she was his mother.

    Thank you for bringing him the cones to play with. It is obvious he loved them; he carried them into his den because he wanted them for himself alone – like a child who does not want to share his toys…

    It´s a pity he is so far away now but on the other side it is good to know that he is loved in Hungary too.
    He was a sweetie pie when he was a cub and he is a handsome young male now.


  8. Liebe Tereza und Mervi!

    Wie schön gute nachrichten von Fiete zu lesen. Er ist sehr viel gewachsen. Ein ptächtiger junger Bär. Zora ist sicher eine weise alte Lady.



  9. Dear Tereza
    Thank you for a wonderful report and pictures about Fiete and Zora.
    I saw Fiete last year in Rostock so I am very interested to be able to followhim.
    Zora seems a very kind old lady and it is good that Fiete has company. He will
    get a bit of ashock when he meets a young Polar as she will want to test him
    and be quite strong with him.
    Many thanks to you for joing KWM the Polar Bear CNN!

  10. Danke für die guten Infos über Fiete und Zora. Er ist schon eine großer Bärenunge, aber auch die müssen schmusen.

    Hugs Uli

  11. Liebe Tereza!

    Danke für den lieben Bericht. Schön dass Fiete eine so liebe “Leihoma” hat, er ist ja doch noch ein kleiner Junge und braucht seine Schmuseeinheiten.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika