Nord had a tooth operation

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10.5.2017 – Source: Copenhagen Zoo

Polar bear Nord had his first appointment with a dentist after his arrival from Russia to Denmark a month ago.

Already upon arrival in April, the veterinarians and the keepers notices that Nord seemed to have problems with his teeth. They also saw he didn’t look comfortable while eating.

Therefore, it was decided to anesthetize the bear and to call veterinarian Hanne Kortegaard from the University Hospital in Copenhagen. She is a specialist in the treatment of animals’ teeth and she’s the one the Zoo calls for major dental surgeries.

 photo nord5_1.jpg

Zoo’s own veterinarians helped to anesthetize the bear. They were also present all the time so the dentist could quickly examine Nord’s teeth.

 photo nord4_1.jpg

 photo nord2.jpg

Veterinarian Mads Bertelsen says: “He has an injury on one root canal, but it was one of the smaller teeth that most needed treatment immediately. It was broken, and it was open to the root, so it must have hurt when he was eating.”

 photo nord1.jpg

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The veterinarians therefore immediately began to remove the flaked tooth while the root treatment of the big tooth was postponed for a month.

After the treatment Nord was released from the oxygen tubes and the bear size pads and he could slowly wake up.

“We will give Nord ‘pain killers’ for a couple of days, but now that he has got rid of the cracked tooth even his general condition will be so much better that further medication is not necessary,” says Mads Bertelsen.

The team of veterinarians, keepers, a dentist and a x-ray specialist is ready for the treatment of the canine (the big tooth) next month.

Now Nord can relax and inspect his beardom and forget all about tooth problems for at least a month ….

 photo nord10.jpg

He can enjoy Nöel’s company on the land …..

 photo nord6_1.jpg

…. and in the water.

 photo nord12.jpg

 photo nord8.jpg

Ooops! What a mighty visitor! Luckily Nord noticed it’s just a statue! 🙂

 photo nord13.jpg

Here a his visitors!

 photo nord11.jpg

Dear Nord! You were very brave during your first dental treatment. All the readers of Knuti’s Weekly wish you best of luck even next time.

 photo nord9.jpg

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  1. Dear Mervi
    Thanks for showing. I wish Nord all good. Poor guy. Fine that the Zoo took action.
    Hugs Inge

  2. I hope Nord will feel better soon! I had a root treatment myself a couple of weeks ago, I know how mkghty Nord feels.
    Poor guy!

  3. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the update.
    My heartfelt sympathy to Nord!
    It is a terrible imagination the poor bear had to suffer such a long time.
    Toothaches are a nightmare and a necessary visit at the dentist is – for my part – always regarded with horror.
    I hope he gets well soon and will never have teethproblems again when the treatment of the other tooth is done ! It is pretty bad he has to be narcotized this often.
    I wish him a speedy recovery and all the best.


  4. Liebe Mervi,
    jetzt muß der Arme auch noch ein 2.Mal in Narkose aber dann ist es hoffentlich gut und er kann wieder
    schmerzfrei sein.
    Ich wünsche Nord alles Gute und drücke die Daumen, daß alles gut wird.
    Danke für die Infos aus Kopenhagen.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  5. Nun kann einem ausgiebigen Kuss für Noel ja nichts mehr im Wege stehen!

    Lieber NORD – ich hoffe für Dich, dass damit die harten Zeiten erst einmal vorbei sind
    und schöne Spiel- und Knuddel-Runden mit NOEL bevorstehen!

  6. Poor Nord, I hope that your tooth problems are soon gone and that you can enjoy all your meals with good appetite and without pain. Giving some big kissies to Noel may improve the healing.

  7. Dear Mervi
    Poor Nord. I am hoping that the big tooth will also soon be
    removed .He looks in good shape and seems to enjoy being with Noel

  8. Dear Mervi!

    Thank you vor this report. Poor Nord, problems with the teeth are so painful.
    I hope, he will better soon.

  9. alles Gute lieber Nord
    dear Mervi
    thank you for this article
    I am glad when the lovely bears Nord and Noel can play together and enjoy a good time in their home
    big paw waves