The cubs in the Columbus Zoo have names now!

May 15th, 2017 | By | Category: News from the Bear World

15.5.2017 – Source: The Columbus Zoo

We celebrated our polar bear moms this Mother’s Day with the announcement of their cubs’ names! Meet Amelia Gray, Nuniq and Neva!

We even received additional help revealing Amelia Gray’s name from a special guest who coincidently shares the same name…and is a big fan of polar bears. Thanks to everyone who voted for Amelia’s name in the Name The Cub opportunity, presented by Kroger. We received almost 46,000 votes from across nearly 70 countries!

 photo columbus2.jpg

 photo columbus6.jpg

 photo columbus5.jpg

The names of Aurora’s twins were also revealed today on their half-birthday. The girl’s name is Neva (NEE-vah), which means “white snow,” and the boy’s name is Nuniq (NEW-nick), which is derived from Nanuq, in honor of the cubs’ father. Amelia Gray and the twins will alternate using the Polar Frontier habitat, as polar bear moms raise their young independently.

 photo columbus1.jpg

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  1. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the news from The zoo Columbus. The cubs got the lovely names.

  2. MERVI – die Namen gefallen mir alle gut.
    Mögen die die Drei gut aufwachsen ! 🙂

  3. AMELIA GRAY! – wow!, even a double-name. I like NEVA (NEE-va) and NUNIQ as it reminds rather Indian tradition.

    Sweet cuby, sweet mothers, perfect name-play-thingie! 😉
    Sweet pictures and sweet video!

    GOOD LUCK and health to EVERYBEAR and -BODY 🙂

    Thanks to the COLUMBUS ZOO a n d to MERVI!

  4. -> Please read ‘cubies instead of ‘cuby’ (grrrrr . . .)

  5. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for this update.
    I like the names Nuniq and Neva a little better than Amelia Gray.

    It´s a funny imagination the keepers call her by her full name for instance when they want her to go inside… Perhaps they decide to call her by its short version: Amy – which I like.
    Anyway the cubbies are ever so cute and charming and their mothers Aurora and Anana without doubts real beauties!


  6. hello Amelia Gray, Nuniq and Neva
    it is so good to see you, you are looking lovely, I wish you and your Mamas a wonderful time together, enjoy every day of your precious childhood and have a long and happy life.
    dear Mervi, thank you for this great article
    dear greetings

  7. Dear Mervi
    I have some quiet time before the zoo opens to catch up on
    my KWM reading in the morning sun in the woods neaby.
    Please do not lose heart aboutcomments here and in the
    Knuipe. Yours are unique multilanguage blogs.
    Amelia Gray makes more sense to those of us used to
    the US American good habit of introducind someonebytheir
    full name. In Europe onlyusing first or last name means I
    never remember the rightname. Nuniq and Neva are good.