Salutations de la grand-mère Vienna!

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29.6.2017 – Source: La Palmyre Zoo, Photos: Florence Perroux

Vienna is doing great! She spends a lot of time in her water moat where she enjoys swimming and diving for catching enrichment treats.

 photo vienna1.jpg

 photo vienna5.jpg

 photo vienna3.jpg

We regularly give her ice cubes with fishes and fruits but lately we tried to stimulate her with some sea lion urine! Our sea lions’ chief trainer collected a fresh sample of their urine so that we could use it for enriching the enclosure of Vienna.

 photo vienna2.jpg

Then a keeper put the sea lion urine in a container filled with water and stocked it in the freezer. The following day, we spray the rocks of Vienna’s enclosure with the remaining urine and threw the ice cube filled with urine in the water.

Vienna came out of her night cage and immediately jumped into the water. She played with the ice cube for some time, rubbing her cheeks against the ice.

 photo vienna9.jpg

 photo vienna10.jpg

 photo vienna8.jpg

When she came out of the water, she didn’t seem very interested by the smell on the rocks however (contrary to our female Tania who is much more receptive to this kind of olfactory enrichment).

 photo vienna6.jpg

 photo vienna4.jpg

 photo vienna7.jpg

We will probably use live fishes again as polar bears love hunting them under water!

 photo vienna11.jpg

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  1. Hallo Mervi

    Es freut mich, dass es Vienna so gut geht und man
    alles tut, um ihr die Zeit möglichst abwechslungsreich
    zu gestalten. Wie wir von Kati oder Aika wissen, sind
    ältere Weibchen sich oft selbst genug und ganz zu –
    frieden mit ihrem Solo-Leben. Hoffen wir, dass
    Vienna das schöne neue Gehege in Rostock
    noch erleben darf – aber im Moment spricht
    nichts dagegen. Sie sieht sehr gut aus ! 🙂

    Liebe Grüsse
    Chris 🙂

  2. Dear Mme Perroux,

    Thank you so much for the information and the lovely photos of Vienna!

    It’s good to know she’s doing so fine and getting all kinds of enrichment.

    Hugs from Mervi

  3. MERVI – EIN PASCH IN KWM – that needs a special drink in the evening. 😉

    Mme Perroux – merci beaucoup pour les informations sur grand mère Vienna !

  4. Madame Perroux

    Thank you so much for lovely Photos of Vienna.


    nice Photos of nice icebear lady.


  5. Great stuff!
    Thank you very much, dear MERVI, for having ‘spielen lassen’ your zoo-connections another time!
    Thanks – of course – also to the photographer Florence Perroux and last not least to the La PALMYRE ZOO.

    Isn’t it interesting what different species take for being attractive!? 😉
    We stupid little humans cannot imagine how enriching it can be to cuddle with big urine-ice-cubes.

    The photos of VIENNA are gorgeous!

  6. The photos on the ZOO LA PALMYRE homepage are wonderful.
    Be patient when watching the front page as pics change in a rather slow modus . . .

  7. Dear Mervi,
    Thank you very much! I’m glad to learn Vienna is doing well! 🙂

    Kind regards,

  8. Hallo FRANS!

    Schön, Dir hier mal wieder zu begegnen!
    Geht’s Dir und Deiner Frau gut? Reist Ihr immer noch so viel?

  9. Liebe Mervi,
    anhand der schönen Fotos sieht man wie wohl sich Vienna fühlt. Das macht Freude!
    Dir vielen Dank – auch an Mme Perroux.

  10. Dear Madame Perroux and Mervi
    I visited Vienna inbRostock last year so I am delighted
    to read her story and look at the beautiful
    photos. I am so glad to see that Zoo La Palmyre is
    doing a lot to make this grande same comfortable.

  11. Dear Mervi, dear Florence Perroux!
    Thank you very much for the wonderful pictures of Vienna. She looks great. The idea with the sea lion urine is very interesting. Vienna found the frozen urine great.

  12. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for bringing us the good news about Vienna.
    Vienna is an impressive old polar bear lady and fortunately still going strong, although she went through a difficult period.
    I´m relieved and wish this dear old bear all the best. Hopefully she will return to Rostock and live to see the new Polarium!

    I wonder how they managed to obtain the urine of sea lions(?)…

    “We will probably use live fishes again as polar bears love hunting them under water!”

    For my part, I feel somehow sorry for the poor fishes and think it´s good that live animal feeding is prohibited in German Zoos. In spite of all love and reverence I don´t want to see suchlike hunts when visiting a zoo.
    Where would you draw the line? At living seals? To chase them would be fun and enrichement too for a polar bear.
    In the wild hunted animals would have a chance to escape… That´s the substantial difference to a zoo.


  13. Dear Mervi,

    it´s very nice, that Vienna feel so good in her new home.
    I think, she looks good.


  14. Liebe Mervi,
    sehr interessant wie versucht wird Vienna zu beschäftigen.
    Bei uns in Deutschland ist es verboten lebende Fische zu füttern aber die Jagd eines Eisbären auf den schnelleren
    und wendigeren Fisch ist bestimmt eine sehr gute Beschäftigung.
    Vienna geht es gut und ich wünsche ihr das Beste und viele Fische die sie jagen kann, wenn sie sie erwischt.
    Vielen Dank an Madame Perraux für die schönen Bilder.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  15. Even in Orsa Wilbär and Ewa – and even the Brown bears – have a possibility to catch living fish every now and then during the Summer time. Of course, Orsa has a special permission to do that. I can’t see any harm in that – we humans catch living fish and think it’s OK. Even the frozen salmons have been caught ….

  16. Dear Mrs. Perroux and Dear Mervi, thank you for keeping us updated about dear Lady Vienna. She is looking good for her age, isn’t she. One thing is for sure, Zoo Palmyre took very good care of this precious Lady.
    And yes, Mervi, I agree with you: when humans go hunting or fishing, there is not that much noise. OK, I admit, I would never be able to kill an animal (even a spider will be put out of the house), but when my cats are hunting birds or mice, I cannot blame their nature although I do not like it.

  17. dear Mervi,
    thank you, it is wonderful to see Vienna, she is doing fine, I am very glad that Vienna enjoys the water and the ice
    all the best to you dear Vienna,
    cher Madame Perroux, merci
    thank you so much for this lovely up date ffrom France
    dear greetings to all

  18. Liebe Mervi,

    danke für die neuesten Fotos von Vienna.

    Es ist schön zu sehen, dass es ihr gut geht, und sie auch beschäftigt wird.
    Ich kann gut verstehen, dass sie den Geruch von Seelöwenurin nicht unbedingt mag.
    Auch ich wünsche Vienna, dass sie eines Tages, wenn die neue Anlage in Rostock fertig ist, wieder zurück kommt.
    Bis dahin wünsche ich ihr alles Gute.

    Liebe Grüße

  19. To ANKE B

    I do agree fully to your argumentation!

  20. Dear Mervi,

    Chapeau – another scoop of yours!
    Thank you Mme Perroux for the good news on Vienna. She is good-looking and seems to be very happy. Your ice-cube-enrichment must be a real highlight for her. I’m so glad Vienna is doing fine and is enjoying summer-time.

    Merci beaucoup