BN and Katited visit Munich with Ralph from 25 to 28 June – Part 1

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7.7.2017 by Ralph

Bear with no name (BN) explained to Katited that, as Mini-Kati (MK) was too ill to travel, she would have the chance to go to Munich to visit the best Polar Bear Habitat in Germany and see a really famous Polar Bear mother and daughter. BN knew that MK had told Katited to do some shopping at the airport first.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportShopping InfoPoint_jpg.jpg

 photo MunichvisitTripReportMinibears BigHallview_jpg.jpg

Katited was very impressed with the big modern hall at London Airport and the desk where she could get information about shopping. BN said that as Ralph would carry them around, and that BN already knew all the shops, this was not necessary.

 photo D_Munich visitTrip ReportATM.jpg

BN told Katited that this machine was called an ATM and allowed people to get money to pay for things with. However, as he carried a “Raspicard” and a phone link to Uncle Sergei, paying for things never seemed to be a problem, though some humans got very nervous when Uncle Sergei phoned them.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportCartier desk_jpg.jpg

 photo sunglasses.jpg

Katited liked these designer sunglasses and thought they would suit BN. She also liked the little purses. A shop called Cartier even had a desk for BN to use to phone Uncle Sergei.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportWalkers shortbread_jpg.jpg

 photo MunichvisitTripReportFortnums Salmon_jpg.jpg

BN wanted to ensure that they had personal presents for Giovanna and Quintana. One shop had Scottish biscuits that seemed to be made by Walker at the Highland Wildlife Park. In the end though, organic smoked salmon from Fortnum and Masons looked a good present for both mother and daughter.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportBN Airbus_jpg.jpg

It was not long before the two had to get back into Ralph’s pocket for the flight to Munich, but they were able to get a look at the airliner they would be flying in.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportAirbus exit_jpg.jpg

It was not too long before the airliner had reached Munich and everyone began to get off. Ralph ensured that they were able to travel by train and underground train to the famous zoo of Hellabrunn. They were delighted to learn that they would be spending 4 days there, mainly with the Polar Bears, but as the map below shows, with many other new friends to meet.

Map of the zoo

 photo MunichvisitTripReportGiovanna firstportrait_jpg.jpg

The first thing to greet them at the main gate to the Zoo was a picture of a beautiful Polar Bear. Ralph told them that this was Giovanna. BN and Katited already knew her from the wonderful reports in Knutis Weekly. They also remembered that Ralph had first met her when she was a young bear. She had spent several months in Berlin with Knut while her own home enclosure was being built. Katited thought that Hellabrunn must be very proud of Giovanna to have her picture at the entrance.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportPolar Bearsblacksilhouette_jpg.jpg

The leafy pathways and water from the nearby River Isar made it lovely and cool after the heat of the city. When they got to the Polar world, Ralph pointed out that new enclosures were being added for other animals, but naturally the Polar Bear remained the star.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportGiovanna portrait_jpg.jpg

Another picture of Giovanna was on the side of a machine which issued souvenir coins of the Zoo, featuring Giovanna in silhouette. BN and Katited both took one home.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportPolarBear Noticewithsponsors_jpg.jpg

Coca Cola are famous for their sponsorship of Polar Bears and many of their plush bears and souvenirs live in Kidlington with Katited and BN. Katited liked the drawing of a Polar Bear Mum and cub.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportPolarBear silhouettewithsponsors_jpg.jpg

This life-sized Polar Bear shows some of the people who have sponsored the Polar Bears in Hellabrunn.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportGuide1 Hellabrunnenclosures_jpg.jpg

Ralph explained to BN why Giovanna was so lucky. Munich had a very clever Head of Bears and keepers who really understood Polar Bears and what they needed. As the drawing above shows, they built a special double enclosure for the bears. One side is concrete and rocky with deep water, the other is grassy like the tundra and with shallower water, where cubs can practice swimming.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportGuide2 ClimateChange_jpg.jpg

Katited liked the series of charts around the enclosure, explaining the work of the Zoo and why it was necessary to keep Polar Bears in a Zoo like Hellabrunn.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportGuide3a birthandrearingPolarBearbabies_jpg.jpg

BN and Katited knew that Polar Bear cubs were small and very fragile. In Hellabrunn, Giovanna had already given birth to two cubs before Quintana, and the Zoo had special facilities to film the birth and rearing of the cubs in colour and allow the keepers to check on them without disturbing them.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportGuide3b rearingPolarBearbabies_jpg.jpg

Rearing Polar Bear babies in the wild is not easy, but Giovanna has also been learning how to look after her cubs. As Quintana is on her own, Giovanna is able to spend more time teaching her how to be a Polar Bear. The Hellabrunn keepers help her by providing toys and food which takes skill and effort to eat. The keepers work very hard. BN had seen them on television and was delighted to be able to see them for real.

 photo MunichvisitTripReportGuide4 PolarBearsInternational_jpg.jpg

Part 2 will follow …..

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  1. Dear RALPH – Thanks again for another charming report, based on the observations of your two travel companions and the memories of the third one in the bunch of your three travel bears. All the best for MN aka MiniKATI.

    ‘ORGANIC SMOKED SALMON’ for sure is an appropriate gift to bring to ‘GIOVANNA and MISS Q.
    Were you able to see them eat it?

    I am amazed. – Really!? Does Munich build again a new arctic area (‘NEUE POLARWELT’)
    after they have ‘just’ built the beautiful polar bear enclosures?
    Beautiful silhouette of an adult polar bear and a cub on the corresponding informative ‘AD’.

    Thanks for having shown all the information boards you did find in HELLABRUNN.

    Looking forward to the 2nd part of the report of the THREE of you!
    May be with a little extra-HELLO of MK!? 😉

    – – –
    May be, it’s a stupid question . . . but I would like to know what KATIted means . .. .

  2. Dear Ralph, BN and Katited,

    What a pity Mini-Kati was injured and couldn’t follow you to Munich. I wish her a speedy recovery! 🙂

    BN is already an experienced traveller so he could guide Katited to the best shops in Heathrow. I guess the used the Raspicard very generously. 🙂

    I can imagine how excited BN and Katited were when they entered the Tierpark Hellabrunn and could look forward to meeting the famous Giovanna and her daughter Quintana.

    The signs offer excellent information to the visitors. It seems to me your trip to Munich started very well. I’m looking forward to the second part of your reports!

    Hugs from Mervi

  3. Lieber Ralph,

    schön war es, Dich in München sprich Hellabrunn begrüßen zu dürfen.
    Quintana und Giovanna haben Dir gezeigt, wie schön ihr Zuhause ist und dass es ihnen gut geht.

    Die wunderschönen neuen weißen Schautafeln erzählen viel.
    Auch wir Fotografen haben unsere Freude daran. Die Tafeln spiegeln sich in fast jeder Scheiben wieder 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

  4. Lieber Ralph,

    dein Reisebericht aus der Sicht deiner Begleiter ist wieder sehr amüsant.
    Ich sähe gerne einmal die verdutzten Gesichter der Mitreisenden, wenn sie
    plötzlich zwei kleine Bärchen auf dem Geldautomaten oder der Verkaufstheke sehen.
    Die vielen Infotafeln über die Bären und ihren Lebensraum erfüllen ihren Bildungsauftrag
    in ansprechender Weise.
    Ich bin gespannt auf dein Wiedersehen mit La Donna und ihrer Tochter!

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Dear Ralph

    Thank you for the entertaining report with Katited and BN.
    I don´t know, if Hellabrunn has “the best” enviroment for
    bears in Germany. Don´t forget Karlsruhe, Hannover or
    Gelsenkirchen – in near future also Rostock. So let us
    say, one of the best. The people in Bavaria always
    like to speak in superlatives, I know that. Its good
    enough, that they have the biggest beer party. 😀
    I also like the enclosure in Nuremberg, with the
    big old trees and the very clear water…. 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  6. Lieber Ralph!

    Reisebericht war sehr lustig. Tut mir leid, dass Mini-kati nicht reisen konnte.
    Aber sicher BN und Katited freute sicher viel in Hellabrunn.

    Danke vielmals


  7. Dear Ralph,
    thank you for the entertaining report with BN and Katited. What is this for the name “Katited”?

  8. From ralph
    Thank you all for the kind comments.
    Katited is named because she is soft
    and looks like a teddy bear.

  9. Dear Ralph!
    The first part of your travel report is informative and entertaining as always. I am very appreciative of that and am looking forward to the second part!
    I like the humorous descriptions of the circumstances of your Munich trip very much.
    The shopping facilities at the airport seem to be quite tempting – not only for the mini bears. 😉
    I´m sorry for Mini Kati who could not join you on your journey.
    Thank you for the effort.

    Dear Mervi! Thank you for editing!


  10. Lieber Ralph,

    mir geht es wie Britta-Gudrun. Ich würde auch gerne mal wissen, was die Leute denken, wenn Du “überall” die Mini-Bären aufstellst.

    Aber was sie denken, ist ja eigentlich auch egal. Hauptsache ihr habt zusammen viel Spaß bei euren Reisen.

    Die vielen Infotafeln finde ich gut.

    Auch ich freue mich auf Deinen Bericht aus dem Tierpark Hellabrunn.

    Liebe Grüße nach Oxford

  11. Lieber Ralph,
    das ist wieder ein sehr kurzweiliger Bericht. Deine Begleitung ist putzig. Sie haben enormes Glück, so viel in Europa mit Dir erleben zu können und viel zu lernen.
    Vielen Dank für diesen amüsanten Bericht und ich freue mich schon auf Teil 2.
    Liebe Grüße von Annemarie

  12. Lieber Ralph!

    Ich bin sicher, BN und Katited hatten viel Spass in München und Du auch.
    Danke für den lustigen Bericht.

    Alles Liebe, Erika

  13. dear Ralph,
    I think it was very exciting for Katited to travel with you to Munich, so good, that BN could explain her so many new things and with his Raspicard no problem to buy something
    thank you for your report with very interesting details
    dear greetings and big paw waves to you, BN and Katited,
    I hope so much, Mini-Kati is soon feeling good again

  14. Lieber Ralph,
    da hat sich einiges an der Beschilderung geändert bei den Münchner Eisbären, aber vielleicht habe ich es einfach übersehen.
    Danke Dir für Deine, Kati und BN´s erste Eindrücke aus München.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  15. Dear Ralph, finally having the time to enjoy Part I of your Munich trip. I adore the way you are describing the travel and arrival. And of course, BN was a great help for Katited (by the way, I hope that Mini Kati is doing better by now). I had a goo dlaugh with your Raspicard and Uncle Sergeij link (always good to have the right connections in live, isn’t it). And by the way, I would love this smoked salmon too.

  16. Lieber Ralph,

    schön, dass ihr alle so viel Spaß bei eurem Besuch bei Giovanna und Quintana hattet
    Vielen Dank für deine herzerfrischenden Reiseberichte an die Wohnorte unserer Eisbärlieblinge.

    Bärige Grüße aus dem Fränkischen