Nalle wondered if it had been snowing AGAIN!

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26.7.2017 – Photos and video by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Terve taas! Hello again! Oh bear, you can’t imagine what a great surprise mama and I had this morning! When we came out we found lots of snow in our enclosure! First we thought it’s been snowing again but then we found out that the snow is a donation from the Ruka Ski Resort.

Ruka has so much snow stored for the next season that they decided to bring some of it to us. The idea came from the children of an employee in Ruka. When they visited the Ranua Zoo the children wondered why there was no snow for the polar bears. Well, it could easily be arranged their father thought and today we  could enjoy the touch of snow under our paws again!

We’ve had some really hot days so the timing was perfect!!

Let’s see if I remember what to do with this white stuff!

Look, I made a king size snow ball. You must be impressed …. 🙂

I never thought I could make snow balls in July! My mama told me we have to wait until November but for once she was wrong! 🙂

This is soooo COOOOOOOL!

There’s so much snow that I can make a small cave, too!

Hahaa, the visitors must be wondering where the cute polar bear boy is …..

Oh bear, mama found me – but she’s a very clever and observant mama. Too observant sometimes if yo ask me!

Thank you, Ruka, for bringing us this wonderful gift!

Mama said that seeing snow is like meeting a dear friend again. She certainly looks happy!

Of course, even my papa Manasse got his fair share of the snow. He’s already an elderly gentlebear so he just took a short nap on a snow heap instead of rolling in it.  However, I’m sure he’ll be rolling in the snow  in the afternoon when it gets really hot.

I’m a happy polar bear boy today. On second thought –  I’m a happy polar bear boy every day!

Dear readers, I hope somebody will donate snow to you, too, when and if it gets too hot!

Snowy greetings from your pal Nalle

Here’s short video for you:

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  1. Hallo Mervi

    So eine Ladung Schnee mitten im Sommer ist natürlich eine feine Sache.
    Nalle schaut erstmal ganz ungläubig. Aber dann geht der Spaß im weißen
    Element los! 🙂 Auf dem einen Foto sieht es so aus, als wenn er einen
    Schneemann bauen will. Venus beaufsichtigt die Arbeiten. Marko hat
    wieder tolle Fotos aus Ranua geschickt! 🙂

    Liebe Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  2. Na da ist ja eine tolle Überraschung für den kleinen “Nalle” und seiner Mama Venus.
    Schnee im Sommer! Einfach herrlich.
    Eine tolle Idee.
    Die beiden haben jedenfalls viel Spaß. Leider wird die weiße Pracht sehr schnell schmelzen.

    Danke liebe Mervi für`s Einstellen.
    Danke auch an Marko für die wunderschönen Bilder.

    Liebe Grüße aus dem schneelosen, aber verregneten Berlin

  3. Dear Mervi,
    the polar bears in Ranua got a big surprise.It was a great idea to bring the the snow from the Ruka Ski Resort. Venus likes the snow 🙂 Nalle was happy to play in the snow.

  4. Dear Mervi, dear Marko!
    When I saw the pics without reading the subtitles I was shocked… Oh no, it´s winter again in Ranua after an extreme short spring and no summer at all I thought.

    Fortunately it IS summer even in Ranua. The polar bears Venus, Nalle and Manasse just got a wonderful surprise with a big heap of snow. What a nice and refreshing idea from some kids who love polar bears and how generous from the Ruka Ski Resort!
    I´m happy for the bears, they obviously have so much fun.

    The pics are marvellous – as always.
    Thank you for these heartwarming impressions!


  5. Liebe Nalle, Marko und Mervi!

    Schöne Ueberraschung. Bitte merken sie wie GROSSE TATZEN NALLE HAT!

    Nalle will sicher grösser als Papa manasse werden.



  6. Lieber Nalle,

    das ist ja wirklich eine perfekte Überraschung. Ich wundere mich gar nicht darüber, dass die Idee, euch Schnee zu schenken, von Kindern stammt. Wie schön, dass das Ruka Ski Resort diese zauberhafte Idee in die Tat umgesetzt hat.

    Die Fotos von Marko Junttila sind wunderbar und mit deiner Hilfe hat Mervi die Geschichte vom Schnee im Juli sehr schön aufgeschrieben.
    Ich wünsche dir, deiner Mama und deinem Papa noch viel Spaß mit dem Schnee. Vielleicht rollst du ja noch einen oder zwei große Schneebälle und deine Mama baut einen Schneemann daraus.

    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt

  7. Oh, wonderful to see this ‘TERVE TAAS’ which means we are again spoiled with gorgeous VENUS-, NEALLE- and MANASSE pictures as well as pics of other species in the beautiful f i n n i s h(!) ‘RANUA WILDLIFE PARK’.

    Dear NALLE, you won’t believe it, I am not at all astonished to learn from your report that you found again SNOW in your enclosure – in JULY! In , may be it’s due to the ‘Kour region of Europe it’s SAID to be HIGH(!) SUMMER and we ahve mainly around 20° Celsius, lots of rain, and it’s as dark as in winter . . . (earlier temperatures around 33 to 37° Celsius were rather ‘normal’ at this time of the year . . . May be, it’s just one cool summer (pity!), may be it’s due to the ‘KLIMAWANDEL’ (tragedy!).

    It’s wonderful to see you playing so happily again in the white stuff! . . . What a great idea this was of those children. . . I’m shure you did or you will show them your broadest smile when you saw/will see them at your enclosure’s fence . . . To have snow even it’s hot-hot-hot outside (as TEDDYBAERENMUTTI and your godmother MERVI did tell us) is kind of a miracle, isn’t it!?

    Thank you for your good wishes! May be we’ll need them soon again.
    In this crazy world you never know what the next day will offer as a surprise.
    Lucily there are still also positive surprises!

    Thank you, dear MERVI for having helped NALLE to tell his latest adventures
    and Thanks to you, dear Mr. photographer MARKO JUNTTILA for the beautiful pic-documentation


    Au ja, Du hast Recht!
    Aufgrund Deines Hinweises habe ich mir extra alle Fotos nochmals angesehen:
    NALLE lebt in der Tat auf großer Tatze!!! 😉

    Entschuldigt bitte meinen verdrehten Satz oben und die generell vielen TIPP(!)-Fehler bei meinen ‘Ergüssen’. Ich bemerke zwar Fehler meist sofort, leider aber bei unkorrigierbaren Texten fast immer erst nach dem Absenden. . . So mancher hier hat bestimmt schon gedacht, ich sei ein orthographischer wie grammatikalischer ‘VollPfosten’! . . . Bin ich nicht!!!! 😉

  9. Terve Nalle,
    how wonderful you can play in snow also now in July, What a good idea and a phantastic donation I can see how much joy you and Mama have with this big snow. It is really like in Schlaraffenland, some disire become true. I wish you and your Mama and also your Daddy much fun.
    Dear Marko and dear Mervi, thank you for these sweet pictures
    big paw waves to all in the North

  10. Dear Nalle

    Snow is always cool 🙂

    Dear Mervi
    Thank you so much for this wonderful pictures.


  11. Liebe Mervi,

    die Schneeladung mitten im Sommer war eine tolle Überraschung für die drei in Rauna.
    Im Video sieht man besonders gut, wie er Venus und Nalle gleich zu neuen Spielen anregt.
    Mir gefällt natürlich auch besonders die Idee von dem kleinen Mädchen für die
    Schneelieferung und der Papa hatte die entsprechenden Verbindungen dafür.

    Danke dir und Marco für die herrlichen Winterbilder im Sommer!
    Liebe Grüße

  12. Dear Mervi, this is just wonderful. Seeing the joy of the polar bears having snow again and frolicking around in it demonstrates how much the snow, ice and the Artic world is their natural habitat. Living with 26°C must be hell for them!!! And for us humans, it is actually a perfect temperature. Nalle is apparently having a very good time, just like his mommy. And it is soo funny to see how they start to play together in the snow immediately.

  13. Dear Mervi and Marko
    I am reading and watching this on my Knuphone in a hotel room
    in Berlin after a warm day here.
    Your words and pictures for Nalle are better than anythong on the TV
    in my room. I can almost hear Nalle and Venus talking and delighting

    in the magical white present.

  14. Hello Raph., I’m really glad to meet you here! I agree, what have the TV shows to offer when you can see polar bears in action! 🙂

  15. Terve taas, dear Mervi and Nalle!

    Snow fields look so much better than the flooded fields there are in special parts of Germany.
    I’m so happy to see the Ranua bears enjoying themselves in their gorgeous snow beds.

    Thank you, dear Marko and Mervi for sharing this winter special in July!


  16. Liebe Mervi und lieber Marko,
    das ist natürlich das Beste für Eisbären, Schnee im Sommer und das war richtig viel Schnee.
    Kinder denken geradlinig und so logisch und es ist toll, das das so umgesetzt wurde.
    Vielen Dank, schöne Bilder von glücklichen Eisbären.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K