Breakfast time in the Scania Animal Park

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25.8.2017 by Mervi & Vesa

On the 23rd of August we thought it was time to visit the Scania Animal Park again. We started early so we were among the very first visitors in the park. Just like in any other zoo/animal park the morning hours are the best – we could have the whole area almost for ourselves.

As usual the goats were there to welcome us. They were in the middle of their breakfast so they didn’t have time for long chats. 🙂

These two had other things in mind than breakfast. Was it a break-away trial going on?? Well, we didn’t meet them outside so maybe they decided to stay home.

In the beginning of a park tour we even met the Linderöd pig mama with six babies. Obviously the breakfast was over because the whole family was napping.

Even these two enjoyed the sun rays.

Later the piggie babies were awake exploring the enclosure and having mud baths.

Where are these beautiful horses heading?

Oh, the Horse Pub was open! It seemed to be a popular hangout for these gorgeous animals.

It felt almost unreal to walk in the park with no other people. The foxes usually hide when they see and hear the noisy crowds coming but now we could see them properly.

This one was half awake but he seemed to tell us not to disturb his beauty sleep. However, it was very kind of him to open his eyes and give us a glance. 🙂

The other one was deeply asleep. Doesn’t he/she look sweet?!

We continued to the wild cats and this one had already done her morning toilette. She was jogging in the enclosure but agreed to take a short pause for posing for one photo!

On our way to the brownies we even saw two wolverines but they were far too fast for our cameras. We even tried to catch sight of a wolf but the whole wolf clan was hiding in the forest.

This wooden bear tells the visitors that they are approaching the bears’ area.

But no bears in sight! The three last year’s cubs are living in the same enclosure than last year but now without their mother. All three were sleeping behind stones and bushes. Maybe we would have better luck with Ester and Glok who are now together again.

We couldn’t see Glok but found Ester sleeping by the wall. She half opened her eyes when we called her name but only for a second. Then she was back in the land of dreams again.

We left Ester and walked further to the arctic foxes. We could only see one and it was surprisingly shining white! Usually they still have the Summer ‘outfit’ this time of the year. Only the nose part was darker – maybe it was just dirt ….

What a beautiful animal this is!

Our next stop was by the raccoons. We were trying to find them among the grass when we suddenly found this one playing peek-a-boo with us. 🙂 It was so funny – it kept hiding and then popping up again and again and again. We had at least as fun as this rascal!

Finally he called a friend to join him for a bath in their small pool. We spent a lot of time with these lovelies. They are not only incredibly sweet but they seem to like to interact with the visitors. Thank you for the entertainment!

The lynxs have their little forest near the arctic foxes. After a few minutes ‘research’ we found this couple in a shadow under a big tree. It was a bit difficult to see because the sun was very bright. When I tried to take photos I couldn’t see anything in the camera display. Of course, I started to curse the sun that was causing problems. After I had expressed myself with some juicy words in Finnish Vesa pointed out that the photographing just might be a bit easier if I removed the lock from the zoom ….. I’m still blushing …. 🙂

The only action seemed to be yawning …..

…. but just when we were leaving the couple started walking towards the hence. I don’t know what they saw but it must have been something very interesting. We couldn’t help comparing them with our cats Mimmi and Nalle who  behave in a similar way when they see birds.

Little by little they lost interest for what ever it was and decided to take a break on ‘the sunny side of the street’.

We finish this report with a photo of this beauty. Maybe you’re wondering if we saw more of the bears ….. Don’t you worry, we did meet them all – more about it in our second report – coming soon!

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  1. Dear Mervi
    Your captions always bring the visit to life, though I think this time a siesta seems to be the order of the day.
    Raccoons are always interested in people.
    The Arctic fox still in white, or does he already know that a harsh Winter is coming.
    My favourite are the breakout goats!

  2. Liebe Mervi,

    bei früh morgendlichen Besuchen im Wildpark trifft man hin und wieder auch Langschläfer, die
    ihre Morgentoilette noch nicht beendet haben.
    Aber jene, die da waren, haben sich über die frühen Gäste bestimmt gefreut.
    Die schlafenden Füchse und badenden Waschbären ließen sich jedenfalls nicht stören –
    egal ob mit oder ohne Sonnenschein.
    Die Luchse gefallen mir ganz besonders gut.

    Danke für deinen Bericht mit vielen Grüßen

  3. Dear Mervi and dear Vesa!
    It is always worthwile to make an early visit in a zoo or animal park: less other visitors, relaxed animals, perhaps the possibility to talk with one or two keepers.
    That must have been quite a pleasant walkabout in the Scania Animal Park.

    You saw a lot of beautiful and chilled inhabitants. Mainly occupied with breakfast or a late morning nap in the sunshine they obviously had a perfect start of the day…
    Your pics show them lively and very sympathic.

    I loved them all: the enterprising goats. the pigs, the pretty ponies, the tired foxes, the wild cat, sleepy Ester, the – at this time – unexpected white polar fox, the cute raccoons and the beautiful lynxes.
    Thank you for taking us along your sunny walk!



  4. Sorry!
    I should have read my text to the end again before sending it.
    But I think double hugs would not harm anybody…

    I wish everybody a nice weekend!

  5. Dear Anke,

    I’m sending you double hugs, too! 🙂

  6. Liebe Mervi

    Es war eine sehr gute Idee, mal wieder den Skania Park zu besuchen.
    Die alten Haustierrassen, wie Ziegen und Schweine sind interessant.
    Die Fotos der Luchse haben mir besonders gefallen und natürlich
    die verschlafenen Füchse. 🙂 Ein schöner Rundgang!

    Herzliche Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  7. Liebe Mervi und Vesa!

    Danke fuer intressante Fotos. Fotomodellen sind super.
    Text war auch super.
    Danke vielmals.

    Hugs 3X


  8. Dear Mervi, thanks a lot for the report with wonderful pictures. I enjoyed seeing and reading. I was there 2 years ago, and I did really like the park with the very large enclosures in the wonderful nature there.
    Weekendgreetings and hugs from Inge

  9. Dear MERVI – It is good to know you and VESA are so active lately despite of your various aches!

    Your first picture in this ltest personal report of yours is already a ‘Hingucker’.
    It’s so full of peace and charmes! (Weather seemed to be just perfect! – Isn’t it!?)
    Concerning the second pic: perhaps the wood of the fence was extremely yummy
    or they did find some SALT there!!??

    The pig-‘babys’ are rather big already – guess mama is very busy when ‘babys’ don’t take a nap!?

    Pigs and horses are also real beautiful and lovable animals.
    It must not always be necessarily a lion, tiger, or polar bear to be charmed and happy to meet with . . .

    Also the furry ‘guys’ of SCANIA ANIMAL PARK are beautiful – and so are even the wooden sculptures.

    Beautiful ESTER. She is an impresive brown bear. . . . The white beauty at first glance seemed to be an ‘arctic fox’ but may be legs are too short and so is the whole body!? But it’s handsome anyway. . .

    It’s for sure much fun to play peekaboo with a racoon. Their faces are so beautiful, lovely, sweet – you name it! 😉 🙂

    OH! – that did so good this morning – I had a good laugh when I read this:
    QUOTE: “When I tried to take photos I couldn’t see anything in the camera display. Of course, I started to curse the sun that was causing problems. After I had expressed myself with some juicy words in Finnish Vesa pointed out that the photographing just might be a bit easier if I removed the lock from the zoom ….. I’m still blushing …” . . . A situation I could have been in also very easily !!!!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

    The result finally was just perfect. I love the lynxs and you managed to make wonderful pics after the helpful hint of your KNubby . . . Ha-Ha-Ha . . .

    Thank you very much for having given us the occasion to accompany you to a nice place while happy meetings with lovely animals.

    Have a nice weekend both – or even the FOUR of you: YOU, VESA, KNimmi and KNalle(r) ! 🙂

  10. dear Mervi,
    what a nice walk through the Scania Animal park, all looks so cosy and the dear animals are relaxed and content. This is really a wonderful time now, nearly the end of the summer but still warm and lovely. Ester was a bit tired but so sweet, I hope Glok is also fine .I like the Lynxs very much.And happy pigs, they can have a mud bath, when ever they want it. Thank you for your report and for all the wonderful pictures,
    dear greetings to you and Vesa

  11. Liebe Mervi,

    ich habe zu erst mal gegoogelt und nun habe ich wieder etwas gelernt 🙂
    Der Tierpark wirkt sehr beschaulich und noch sehr verschlafen so früh am morgen.
    Familie Waschbär ist noch bei der Morgentoilette während Familie Luchs sich dafür entschieden hat,
    später aufzustehen. Wie viele andere Bewohner auch.

    Ihr Zwei, Du und Vesa, seid Frühaufsteher
    und so gibt es sehr interessante Einblicke in die morgentlichen Rituale 🙂

    Vielen Dank für den netten Bericht
    Ein schönes Wochenende

  12. Liebe Mervi,
    früh morgens sind die Tiere aufmerksamer und wenn dann einzelne Besucher kommen, ist ihre Neugierde
    Füchse sind auch in Tierparks scheu und ihr hattet großes Glück, sie zu sehen.
    Die Schweinefamilie ist ein Hingucker und Ferkel sind einach nur süß.
    Die Luchse waren bereit für euch und haben sich schön ablichten lassen.
    Natürlich bin ich jetzt gespannt auf den bärigen Teil 2 und danke ganz herzlich für den schönen 1.Part.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  13. Dear Mervi, I love Part I of your Ranua report. It is always great to see that the animals there are having sufficient space to have “some privacy” if they want that. Even though they are maybe not sitting on the right spot for a perfect pic, you were able to bring us great photos (especially after Vesa’s wise advise). I had a good laugh when reading about your camera adventure. But you must admit, it is sooo Mervi-like, isn’t it.
    And I also agree that the first hours in a zoo/wildpark are the best:: almost no people, no noise and all animals still very relaxed and enjoying their breakfast. Loved the pic of the Horse-pub and the polar fox is gorgeous.
    And now, I am looking forward to the bears.

  14. Dear Mervi!
    You met many nice animals in the park. The wildcats and the lynxes are my favorits.

  15. Liebe Mervi, lieber Vesa,

    schön, dass Ihr wieder im Scania Animal Park gewesen seid.
    Ich gehe auch am liebsten morgens in den Zoo wenn es noch schön leer ist. Man sieht die Tiere beim Aufwachen oder auch noch beim schlafen und auch schon mal beim Frühstück.
    Vor allem kann man mit ihnen quatschen, ohne dass jemand einem doof anguckt.

    Diese Morgenstimmung habt Ihr gut auf den schönen Fotos eingefangen.
    Der kleine Fuchs ist niedlich, und auch die Wildkatze gefällt mir. Luchse sind sehr schöne Tiere.
    Der kleine süße Polarfuchs mit seinem schneeweißen Fell ist so putzig. Wenn ich das dichte Fell so sehe, deutet das auf einen baldigen Winter hin.

    Der Bär aus dem Baumstamm geschnitzt, ist echt eine tolle Idee.

    Danke für den interessanten Rundgang.

    Liebe Grüße, und Grüße an Mimi und Nalle