Chatting with brown bears Ester and Glok

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28.8.2017 by Mervi & Vesa

After meeting many other animal friends in the Scania Animal Park we took a little break in the Bear Mountain Café and enjoyed a hotdog and a coke. We both want to compliment the café for their delicious bread. Usually the hotdog bread tastes like an old paper. Well, we haven’t actually eaten old papers but …. 🙂

When we came to the adult bears Ester was still napping in her corner. That bear doesn’t let anything disturb her beauty sleep!

Oh, it’s you again. OK, I try to wake up …..

….. please, give me five more minutes!

Of course, we waited patiently and gave the sweet lady time to ‘wash the sleep off her eyes’. We assured her she was very presentable!

At the same time we also saw Mr Glok watching us.

Then the both bears came to the point of the enclosure where it’s possible to see them incredibly close. We call this place ‘Checkpoint Brownie’. The distance between the bears and the visitors isn’t more than maybe three meters. Naturally, there’s a wall grave and and a hence between us! 🙂

Glok has a very dark fur and sometimes the light makes it look almost dark lilac. His smile is always very charming.

Oh bear, oh bear! Isn’t Ester beautiful! She looks as round as Tonja in the Tierpark Berlin and this is just how a bear lady should look – don’t you agree? Ester looked bigger than Glok so I had to ask if this really is Ester. Yes, she is – her fur is light brown and even much fluffier than Glok’s fur so maybe that gave us the impression of her being bigger.

For the new readers I can tell that Glok comes originally from Finland. His mother died in a train accident and the orphaned cub was brought first to the Kolmården Zoo and then to this park. Ester comes from Orsa.

As you can understand we have a lot of common with these bears and lots to chat about! 🙂

Light has an interesting effect on the colours of our photos. Even Ester seems to have a lilac fur. She was scratching her belly as if she wanted to tell it was time for the catering service to come.

Even Glok pointed out his belly. 🙂

The feeding time was close now and there were already amazingly many visitors around the enclosure. The peaceful chatting was nearly over now …..

One more Glok smile for you.

We didn’t wait for the feeding because we had spent almost an hour talking with our bear friends. These moments were more precious for us than a noisy feeding ….

The last year’s cubs were in the ‘wrong end’ of the enclosure which made photographing almost impossible. Luckily there was a lady visitor who told us to look up so we could see this rascal in a tree. Unfortunately we hadn’t our cameras ready and the bear was already climbing down so this is the best we could do.

Before leaving the park we saw Glok sitting in the lower part of the enclosure. I like this photo because it frames our friend so nicely.

He seemed to be saying ‘How nice to meet you again! Please, come again soon so we can have a nice chat – just between you and me’. 🙂

Ester was having another beauty sleep – not that she needs one! The stone doesn’t look like a comfortable pillow but obviously Ester has a different opinion. 🙂

We were lucky having Ester and Glok for ourselves for such a long time. ‘Chatting’ with them really made our day. Thank you, dear bear friends, for taking your time with us!

Even though it’s already the low season the parking area was filled with cars and there were many cars waiting for a free place. We saw a car with Austrian registration plates so we offered the family our place when we left. It’s nice to see that even foreign tourists find their way to this park which may not be so easy to find.

The whole album with photos from our visit in the Scania Animal Park on the 23rd of August, 2017

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  1. Hello Fru Esther und Herr Glock.

    So nice to meet again. Have you any plans to more cups?
    We want to you and your children nice autumn.

    Thank you Mervi and Vesa.



  2. Dear Mervi and dear Vesa!
    The second part of your Scania Animal Park report is as cheerful as the first. Thank you!
    I had a good laugh about the imagination of you eating paper-bread with a sausage and your facial expression meanwhile…

    You took beautiful pics of Ester and Glok and your description of the “chat” with them shows the love you feel for bears. I enjoyed each and every photo and every word. Especially Ester was posing so charming for you!
    The bears seemed to be quite relaxed, both of them looked great and content. So it must have been a real good time at the bears enclosure!

    I´m getting somehow sad when thinking of Siddy in Wuppertal and all the beloved departed brown bears in Berlin – Bernie, Petzi, Jana, Maxi and Schnute – since there are no brown bears left in Berlin, after all the heraldic animal of the city…

    I wish everybody a good start of the week.

  3. Liebe Mervi,

    das war eine tolle Unterhaltung von euch mit den beiden Bären, bei der so viele ausdrucksstarken Bilder entstanden sind. Man sieht genau, wie aufmerksam Esther und Glok euch zuhören und sich in bester Manier für die Fotos präsentieren.
    Natürlich ist deine humorvolle Beschreibung dazu nochmal ein Sahnehäubchen für diesen schönen Bericht.
    Der Schönheitsschlaf von Ester wirkt auf jedem Untergrund, obwohl sie ihn bei diesem wunderbaren Fell wirklich nicht braucht. Die unterschiedlichen Farbnuancen hast du prima getroffen.
    Die Ausflüge der Jungbären in schwindelerregende Baumhöhen sind immer wieder beeindruckend.

    Vielen Dank auch für das ausführliche Album mit exzellenten Fotos von der Schweinebande, den majestätisch blickenden Luchsen, gefräßigen Ziegen, schneeweißen Füchschen und den badenden Waschbär-Kobolden!

    Herzliche Grüße

  4. Dear Mervi
    I agree with you that hot dog rolls often taste like paper, a and am glad that you had a better bread.
    I like the idea of Checkpoint Brownie.
    Esther and Glok deserve the loveliy photos.
    They are fine looking bears

  5. Dear Mervi, you kept your promise: here are the bears and how!!!! Both Glok and Esther are looking great, especially Esther with her fluffy fur. I am glad to read that you had the possibility to have a long chat with them. And the little rascal at least gave you the chance to share his climbing (down) skills with us. And the photo of Glok in the lower part of the enclosure is not only yours but also my favorite. The entire composition of this pic is just marvelous.

  6. Dear MERVI (and VESA)

    As I told you already in your Flickr-album, your brown bear pics are gorgeous!
    This is a pretty bear familly!
    It was fun to watch all your pics of them in your album but things gets even more charmes
    if there is the additional of your comments/subtitles. Thank you so much!

    The ‘ Checkpoint Brownie’-scenery is marvellous:
    so many gorgeous pics of deeply relaxed ESTER and GLOK!

    What could possibly exceed the charmes of those pics!??
    Yes, indeed: tree climbing cubs!

  7. Liebe Mervi,
    da hattet ihr eure Lieblinge ganz nah und ich kann mir gut vorstellen daß Ester und Glok aufmerksam
    zugehört haben.
    Die Kinder sind separiert und werden in andere Zoos kommen, schade daß die ganze Familie nicht zu sehen war.
    So schön rund wie Ester ist, kommt bestimmt wieder Nachwuchs und kleine Bärchen sind schon das Größte.
    Mir hat es gefallen euer witziger Chat mit den Bären, Danke dafür und liebe Grüße
    Moni K

  8. Liebe Mervi,
    vielen Dank für die Beschreibung dieses sehr unterhaltsamen Besuchs bei Ester und Glok 🙂

    Die Beiden sehr stattlich und sehr prächtig aus.
    Frau Ester und Herr Glok sind wirklich zwei sehr schöne Vertreter ihrer Art.

    Während der “Audienz” habt ihre viele tolle und beeindruckende Bilder gemacht.

    Liebe Grüße aus München

  9. dear Mervi,
    I am glad you had such a nice meeting with Glok and Ester. Glok has a smile so lovely and Ester looks elegant and very friendly, They have both a beautiful fur .And we can see, they enjoy the good service in their nice home. This wonderful season is very cosy for the bears before the long winter is coming. Thank vou so much that you have made this visit to Scania Animal Park and have written for uns this nice report and for all the great pictures.
    Big paw waves to you and Vesa

  10. Liebe Mervi – Esther und Glok sind zwei sehr liebenswerte Bären.

  11. Liebe Mervi, lieber Vesa,

    ich habe mir gerade nochmal das schöne Album aus dem Animal Park angeschaut.
    Als Sahnehäubchen kommen jetzt noch die wunderschönen Bilder von den Braunbären.
    Die beiden sehen schon recht wohl genährt und “winterfest” aus.

    Es ist so schön anzusehen, wie Ester erwacht und ganz langsam aufsteht. Und Mr. Glok hat wirklich ein Lächeln im Gesicht.

    Und der Nachwuchs will hoch hinaus. KLasse Foto.

    Liebe Grüße