Katited’s first trip to Berlin: Part One Thursday 27 July

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2.8.2017 by Ralph

Katited was very excited. She would be going to meet Katjuscha in Berlin for the first time. The Bear with No Name (BN) had already made the trip, so he was rather relaxed. Both were very pleased that instead of shopping, Ralph had decided to let them join him for a big breakfast in Terminal 5 before they set off. They were very glad that he had decided to order Eggs Benedict with Salmon rather than Bacon and Eggs. There was also plenty of coffee.

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdaySalmonBreakfast.jpg

Everyone was still hungry after the early start, so in honour of Mr Michael Bond and Paddington Bear, they ordered a Marmalade sandwich.

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayMarmalade.jpg

It was soon time to get on the British Airways flight to Berlin. Not surprisingly after such a big breakfast all three travellers were soon asleep. In what seemed a very short time, they were on the yellow bus, which BN explained to Katited was Ralph’s form of transport. BN was used this from his weekly beer drinking in Oxford. He explained to Katited that much better forms of transport were available.

After they had checked into the big Crowne Plaza Hotel, BN was pleased to see that his call to Uncle Sergei had worked.

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayBNandHummer.jpg

Katited was very impressed and wanted to get in straightaway

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayKatitedandHummer.jpg

But Ralph explained that the Zoo was only a short walk away and he needed as much exercise as he could get. BN agreed that Ralph was very fat and could not wear Armani suits like BN, so they should walk. Katited muttered something about having a perfect figure for a Polar Bear.

Once inside the Zoo, Ralph explained that they would be meeting some Very Important guests in Berlin (Actually we did this on Saturday and Monday, but Katited likes this version better-Ralph). The Zoo had built a special Panda Garden for the guests. The first Panda they met was The Lady Meng Meng.

BN told Katited that he had been to China with Uncle Sergei and the Chinese bears were very formal and used grand titles. He showed her the wooden thrones with Bamboo holders that the Pandas had demanded. The Lady Meng Meng laughed with a delightful tinkling sound when she saw the Polar Bears. “In the language of your Two Leg, we are called “Little Darling”. You will see that I have brought my own personal staff from Chengdu”.

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayMengMeng.jpg

“But now you must show respect to the Lord Zhiao Quing!”

Katited was quietly grunting in the language of the Polar Bears. “Lords indeed. These chubby little bears. BN we should go soon to see the real Lady of the Zoo.” BN calmed her down, he knew that protocol was important. Soon they were in the presence of Jiao Quing, whose name in English means “Little Dreamer”

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayJiaoQuing.jpg

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayJiaoQuing2.jpg

Jiao Quing nodded graciously at BN and Katited, but was too busy eating to answer them.

“More like a Little Buddah, sniffed Katited. “He is as bad as Ralph, always eating and drinking!”.

A short while later Katited and BN were able to meet Katjuscha.

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayKatitedmeetsKati.jpg

Katjuscha laughed at the two Polar Bears’ account of the meeting in the Panda Garden.

“The Two Legs like these chubby little things and treat them like children. Polar Bears are above such things. Though Tosca and her son, Knut, liked to entertain them as well. I prefer to be like Marlene Dietrich, mysterious and aloof.”

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayBackofKati.jpg

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayKatiinGreen.jpg

Katited was delighted and told BN as they were leaving, ”That is how a real lady should be”

BN decided to show Katited the statue of Knut.

“Kati always felt that Knut was too much like the Two Legs, but he was a brave bear and became a symbol for both the Two Legs and many of us White Bears. His mother, Tosca, had been trained by the Two Legs to entertain them. Her son inherited her talents, and before he died they shared some good times together.”

BN was then silent, as he knew that real respect has to be earned.

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayKnutEar.jpg

BN and Katited walked through the mulch next to the statue

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayBearsinMulch.jpg

As they did so, a Two Leg cub climbed onto the Knut statue and his father took a photo. Katited huffed a bit, but BN explained, the Two Leg who made this image of Knut intended the little Two Legs, who could no longer meet the real Polar Bear, to have some sense of his presence. Knut is forever in the hearts of the Two Legs. Katited thought for a little, “let us hope that the Lady Meng also learns this kind of respect”.
BN decided that he and Katited should show respect to the Two Leg who had made the statue and whose name – Josef Tabachnyk – is engraved on its base. Ralph joined them in remembering both Josef and Knut.

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayJosefTabachnyk.jpg

 photo BerlinReportulyThursdayKnutlabel.jpg

It was all too soon, time to leave the Zoo for the day. As they did so, BN and Katited noticed another sign of the Two Legs’ respect for the White Bears. A big white bear with many animals painted on him, but with a little Polar Bear as well.

“Knut and Little Fritz” whispered Katited.

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayCubonBuddyBear.jpg

On the way back to the Crowne Plaza, BN noticed this artwork in a shop called “Lego”. Ralph explained that there were even Lego Polar Bears living with the Cotswold Bears.

 photo BerlinReportJulyThursdayBerlinBearTrabbi.jpg

“Ralph was here in 1989, but watching the way that bear drives, I can see why Ralph is happier on a bus!” laughed Katited.

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  1. Dear Ralph,

    As I’m not a friend of the so called ‘Continental breakfast’ I was glad to see you had a proper meal – or two – before your flight took off. 🙂 Hmm, the photos made me very hungry …. 🙂

    I had many good laughs reading about Katited’s reactions when she visited the pandas. I must say I agree with her in many respects ….. Luckily BN could calm her down so she didn’t violate the protocol!!

    Katjuscha is undoubtedly the Queen of the Berlin Zoo! She certainly is Marlene Dietrich of the polar bear world although she sometimes like to play role games and turns into Esther Williams. 🙂 – The second photo of her looks like a painting!

    You have described your moments by Knuti’s statue so beautifully. I also loved to read Katited saying “Knut and Little Fritz” when she saw the cub painted on the Buddy Bear. Even I always connect Fritz with Knut although they didn’t live at the same time.

    I have no driving licence because I would most probably drive like the one in the picture. 🙂

    Thank you so much for this charming and funny but even touching report from Berlin!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Dear Ralph

    Thank you for your first report from Berlin.
    Now you´ve seen the Pandas. And Kati
    was in the water – a good sign! The
    statue remembers of the good
    times with Knut. 🙂 Katited and
    BN had a nice day in the Zoo.

    Chris 🙂

  3. Dear Ralph!

    Fantastic story. You have real quality time with Katited and BN.

    Photos are perfect.



  4. Dear Ralph,
    it was great to meet you, BN and Katited in Berlin.
    You had a nice time with Kati and you lernt Meng Mang and Jiao Quing.

  5. Dear Ralph!
    I´m happy you and your mini polars had a good time in Berlin with Kati, other VIP bears and some two legged creatures…

    Your travel report is quite entertaining, funny and interesting the same time. When I read about your breakfast I was getting an appetite for it…
    By the way: you are not fat, a little roundish perhaps.
    I think BN is a bit impertinent – who needs Armani suits when visiting beloved polar bears?
    There is no doubt about the perfect figure of Katited…

    The pictures you took are special and expressive, some of them remind me of paintings or watercolours.

    Thank you for the first part. I´m looking forward to the next.


  6. 🙂 Thank you for the funny travel report.

  7. Dear Ralph,

    A charming and funny report…

    I thoroughly enjoyed myself!


    xo k-j

  8. Lieber Ralph,

    vielen Dank für diesen feinsinnigen und schelmischen Reisebericht mit deinen
    zwei Begleitern in den Zoo Berlin.
    Kathi zeigt sich von ihrer besten Seite und kann gut und gerne mit den Pandas
    konkurrieren. Das Bild mit der Knutstatue gefällt mir ganz besonders. Sie wird nicht nur
    am Ohr gestreichelt, das sieht man den goldfarbenen Locken im Fell.

    Herzliche Grüße

  9. Lieber Ralph,
    nebst Deinen putzigen Reisebegleitern hast Du eine sehr schöne Berlin-Tour verbringen können. Der Bericht ist vom Feinsten: lustig und spannend. Dankeschön! Eisbärin Kati kann sich freuen, solch einen humorvollen Mega-Fan zu haben, der von recht weit immer mal angereist kommt. Und das finde auch ich richtig gut!
    Mit besten Grüßen,

  10. dear Ralph
    I like your sweet and touching report from your Berlin visit and I am so glad you, BN and Katited have seen our dear Katjuscha and also the Knut statue. I can imagine Katjuscha was happy to see you, she looks good. The Panda bears are also adorable. Thank you for your nice report and for all the pictures.So sweet also the pircure of little Fritz, how many friends he would have now … It is always a dream to be iin Berlin.
    dear greetings and big paw waves to you all in your home in England

  11. What a charming report you brought again to ‘KWM’ – ‘with a little help’ of your travelling companions BN and KATITED. . . Thank you so much. It’s real fun to read and watch.

    Had to laugh about KATJUSCHA’s statement towards her appreciated guests from GREAT Britain (BTW: there’s no need to make it more GREAT again! 😉 ) “I prefer to be like Marlene Dietrich, mysterious and aloof.”, the more as I know somebody who seems to think the same way, even it’s a male! 😉

    What a nice sentence and what pleasure it was to read the following – right on KNUTi’s 128th monthly birthday!:

    “Kati always felt that Knut was too much like the Two Legs, but he was a brave bear and became a symbol for both the Two Legs and many of us White Bears. His mother, Tosca, had been trained by the Two Legs to entertain them. Her son inherited her talents, and before he died they shared some good times together.”

    Sending many KNUTi-style hugs to the FOUR of you:
    KATITED, BN, RALPH – and not to forget(!) MINI-KATI
    How is she? Do you think she will ever be able again to accomapny you also again one day???

  12. Dumba
    Thank you for your kind remarks .
    I am afrwid that Mini Kati is more
    fragile now and we have decided
    she needs to stay safe and sound
    at home with other special bears.
    Travelling is usually only done a few
    times, though BN seems to be quite
    tough. He and Katited will probably
    come with me again, but often a last
    minute change is made.

  13. Lieber Ralph,

    danke für Deinen Berlin-Bericht Teil 1.
    Besonders feut es mich, dass Kati in letzter Zeit super drauf ist, und Du sie auch so schön spielend im Wasser erleben konntest.

    Und unser Täümerle wird immer goldiger.

    Liebe Grüße

  14. Lieber Ralph,
    Vielen Dank für den 1.Teil deiner Reise und du hattest deine Kati voll in Aktion.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K