Katited’s First Visit to Berlin: Part 2 – Saturday 29 July 2017

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7.8.2017 by Ralph (many thanks to Monika aus Berlin for most of the photos and being the Knut Taxi)

After a busy day on Friday meeting Wolodja and Tonja in the Tierpark, BN and Katited were looking forward to a special day of celebrations by the Two Legs who love the Polar Bear Knut, but also the other white bears like Katjuscha.

Tonja had explained to Katited that although she still loved Wolodja very much, he was big and clumsy like all males and she did not want him around when she might be having to look after cubs. The loss of “Bringer of Noise” or “Fritz” as the humans had called him still hurt, but she was a strong bear with her old friend Aika to guide her. In honour of Aika, she always sat on her favourite rock even in the bright sunshine.

Meanwhile, BN had been listening to Wolodja telling his side of the story. Wolodja was doing as much exercise as possible. Tonja was a real headache. He wanted to be able to play with her, but she did not want to. But he knew that at any moment she might change her mind.

But that was all forgotten, as BN and Katited watched the Two Leg keeper throw a bright red ball in the direction of Katjuscha. Katjuscha watched it carefully, but did not dive into the water. Instead she waited until the ball floated to the side and she was able to easily scoop it up with a paw. The Two Legs think that such balls are hard, but a Polar Bear is harder. With one bite, Katjuscha had it in her mouth, and then carried it to safety in her favourite doorway.

Much more to Katjuscha’s liking was a big salmon, which she did dive into the water and then carried away to safety.

Katited was not surprised that like the fat pandas, Ralph had found food.

 photo DSC05172.jpg

She did not think anyone would queue to see Ralph eating! Katited and BN did enjoy the Polar Bear cake which one of kind Two Legs had baked specially.

 photo bearcookies.jpg

The little party was soon over and they walked back to the Hotel. But on the way Ralph went into a shop in the basement of the Europa Centre where they still sell little Polar Bear cubs in plush that look just like Knut. Katited and BN were not sure what to make of the new addition, who was much bigger than either of them despite being a cub.

Later on, they walked back to the Zoo, with BN complaining that they should have used the nice black car that Uncle Sergei had provided. Ralph reassured them that a friend would be waiting for them. She soon drove up.

 photo auto.jpg

“A special Knut taxi” Katited was delighted at the little red car.

A few minutes later they were inside a restaurant dedicated to producing good Schnitzels. Ralph introduced everyone to his team. He had even put on a shirt showing Tonja and a cub, which he bought at the Tierpark.

 photo DSC05233.jpg

 photo DSC05236.jpg

The Berlin plush Knut and Ralph ordered a typical Berlin drink of light beer with syrup. Katited thought it reminded her of the water in the Polar Bear enclosure

 photo DSC05258.jpg

 photo DSC05259.jpg

The group of Two Legs come together twice a year to remember Knut and celebrate the other Polar Bears. They even have their own banner.

 photo newbanner.jpg

Katited decided that she wanted to be involved and demonstrated using a menu how big Kati prefers to be in the doorway to her home, but as we have not got a photo of that, Katited decided to pose on the Knut Banner.

 photo DSC05263.jpg

After such a busy day everyone was hungry. Ralph ordered a light snack, which he had seen Mervi eating last year. Fortunately, Plush Knut, Katited and BN were there to help him eat it.

 photo DSC05266.jpg

Ralph had brought some special sweets from England. BN was feeling a bit annoyed as one of the Two Legs had described him as not very good looking. So he decided to do his imitation of Kevin Costner as the Bodyguard. True, Katited does not sing as well as the late Whitney Houston, but she can catch salmon in her paws!

 photo DSC05264.jpg

The sweets are hard transparent mints like little glaciers and have a Polar Bear on them. Ralph always brings some with him.

It was a brilliant evening and photos of all the Two Legs involved can be found if you are a member of Knutitis on their website.

Sunday was a very hot day, so Ralph decided we should go to the Tierpark again and spend the day sitting on a bench chatting to Tonja and Wolodja.

 photo BerlinReportJulySaturdayTierparkSign.jpg

 photo BerlinReportJulySaturdayTierparkSign2.jpg

BN and Katited liked the signs showing the Two Legs how to find Tonja and Wolodja. The other bear is in fact the real Paddington, a spectacled bear from darkest Peru. They live near the Polars and are very noisy, always having parties and singing!

 photo BerlinReportJulySaturdayTierparkShop.jpg

As we were leaving, we saw this bear. Ralph wanted to take him home, but BN and Katited suggested that one of the nice mugs with a Polar Bear cub would be better. Ralph chose one without a name on, as they did not have one with “Ralph” or “Ursula” on it.

BN and Katited were supposed to be home safely on Sunday night but the Two Legs could not get the Airbus to work so they were able to see the Pandas and Kati again before flying over a sunny London and returning to Oxford on another bus. A friend of Ralph’s was waiting in a bar with a glass of champagne and later on BN was able order a Staropramen beer, but without green stuff!

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  1. Dear Ralph

    Thank you for the funny second part of your report.
    The Schnitzel is unbelievable big – could you eat it?
    I think, you had nice days in Berlin with friends and
    your beloved Katjuscha! 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  2. Nice to see not only lovely polar bears in various formats but also a happy and most relaxed seeming RALPH!

    Had to laugh about the sign (RESERVIERT-Schild)
    ‘Tschuldigung. Ich bin leider schon vergeben!!!’.

    Seeing the humble food in your pictures,
    I wonder why you didn’t starve while your stay in Berlin! 😉 😉

    The new waywisers to find the polar bears as well as the spectacled bears in TIERPARK BERLIN are very nice. Thanks for having presented them to us.

    Seems you are a man who knows how to read women AND men. Your description of the behaviour of TONJA and WOLODJA is very entertaining! . . . And in general, also the second part of your Berlin-report is very charmingly written. I had a good time reading it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, dear RALPH.

    How nice if there is a friend to welcome one with champagne when coming back from a journey!

  3. Dear Ralph,

    What luck BN and Katited listened so carefully what Tonja and Wolodja had to tell them. It’s, of course, hard for Wolodja to be refused when he wants to play with the queen of his heart but we must understand Tonja’s reasons. Let’s hope she’ll be more lucky next time ….

    You and your travelling companions sure had a great time with Katjuscha. The old lady is till going strong – very strong!

    The ‘red taxi’ is a very suitable vehicle for a zoo visit and even for an ‘after zoo’. 🙂

    I had a good laugh at Katited’s opinion of the Berliner Weisse. 🙂 I hope you and the plushy bear enjoyed the drink anyway!!

    The light snack really is of ‘Berliner size’. In this city you don’t have to run to McDonalds after a meal. 🙂

    Even though you couldn’t take the big white giant with you I’m sure you had a fantastic trip. Thank you so much for this very entertaining report!

    Hugs from Mervi

  4. Dear Ralph, thank you for the second part of your report from Berlin. Unfortunately we had not time to visit Tonya and Wolodja. Your description of their life is very interesting 🙂
    It was nice to meet you again. We had a good time in the restaurant.

  5. dear Ralph,
    you, BN, Katited and the plush Knut are looking so good and content while sitting and stay together with dear Knut- and Polarbear friends in Berliin. Your report is written so lovely and with all the sweet pictures by Monika I can imagine how wonderful your Berlin visit of July was. I am glad you have seen Katjuscha, Tonja and Wolodja and you have had a good time together with dear friends. What a nice surprise the special bear cake and I also like the Knut taxi.
    Thank you so much for your funny but also touching report. it was a big pleasure for me to read it and watch all the pictures.
    dear greetings and big paw waves to you and to all your polar bears, I hope also Mini-Kati is well.

  6. Dear Ralph!
    Thank you for the enjoyable second part of your travel report.

    You, accompanied by Katited , BN and a brandnew member of the Cotswold bears, surely must have had a good time with the “Two Legs” from the Knutitis.

    I´m glad you did not suffer from hunger in Berlin… 😉 The cake, although it looked very tasty, seemed to me to beautiful to be eaten… In a way I´m sorry for the baby bears on it!
    The “Schnitzelei” obviously lived up to its name. Wow, that was really what men call a Schnitzel ! I for my part would never ever have managed it! I´m relieved Katited, BN and Plush Knut helped with it.

    I like the banner of the Knutitis.
    I own a badge with this picture printed on it. I think it was Doris who designed it.


  7. Lieber Ralph,

    das ging aber schnell mit Part II Deines Berlin-Besuches.
    Tja, verhungert bist Du hier bestimmt nicht. Bei diesem Schnitzel!!!! Das wäre auch mir zu viel, aber Du hattest ja noch zwei Mitesser, die einen Bärenhunger hatten.
    Das Essen (und nicht nur die Scnitzel) ist dort sehr lecker, und das Personal sehr freundlich.

    Übrigens, die Bonbons aus England sind wirklich sehr lecker.

    Es war wirklich ein schönes Wochenende mit vielen lieben Knutfreunden.
    Ja Anke, das Foto von Knut war die Idee von Doris. Die gab es auch als Anstecker. Angefangen hat es mit “Knut forever in Berlin”, und nach seinem Tod wurde es geändert auf “Knut forever in our Hearts.

    Ralph, Dein Katited scheint ja ein schlaue Bärchen zu sein, dass es Dich überredet hat, den großen Bären im Shop zu lassen. Eine Kaffeetasse trägt sich auch viel leichter.
    Und mein kleines “Knut-Taxi” hat ihm (oder ihr?) auch gefallen.

    Du hattest jedenfalls viel Spaß im Zoo und auch im Tierpark. Besonders wird sich auch Kati über Deinen Besuch gefreut haben, so super wie sie drauf war.
    Wir haben uns natürlich auch gefreut, dass Du mit Deiner Begleitung hier warst.

    Liebe Grüße, auch an alle Deine Bärchen

  8. Lieber Ralph,

    deine Reiseberichte sind immer unterhaltsam und erfrischend.
    Wie schön, dass du deinen Berlinbesuch mit einigen Knutfreunden feiern konntest.
    Dank der witzigen Fotos von Monika kommt eure gute Stimmung aus der Schnitzelei
    prima rüber.

    Herzlichen Dank und liebe Grüße

  9. Lieber Ralph,
    deine ganz besondere Sicht auf Berlin und seinen Attraktionen ist ein herrliches Vergnügen.
    Natürlich war Kati und die Bären das Wichtigste aber auch außerhalb von Zoo und Tierpark
    hast du die Zeit gut verbracht.
    Danke Dir für deinen wie immer sehr humorvollen Bericht deines Berlinbesuches.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  10. Lieber Ralph,
    auch Teil 2 Deines Berlin-Berichts ist total unterhaltsam. Man kann förmlich die gute Laune spüren, die Du und Deine bärige Begleitung in Berlin genießen konntet. Sehr schön und auch sehr lustig!
    Herzlichen Dank und liebe Grüße,

  11. Dear Ralph, a bit late to comment on your reports, but I really enjoy the style of telling us what all happened there in Berlin. Luckily that BN is around to make sure that everything stays in the good way, because it looks to me that you and Katited are a bit of “wild kids”.