The hippo baby has a name now!

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13.8.2017 – Source: Copenhagen Zoo

The majority of the voters chosed Marico as the name of the few weeks old hippo baby. The name is after the South African Marico River.

 photo marico1.jpg

The young half sisters Yala and Marico are now together in the hippo house. However, so far their mothers keep them separated but it shouldn’t take long until the babies can be seen side by side on the island of the big basin.

It’s obvious Marico loves the visitors! 🙂

 photo marico13.jpg

 photo marico11.jpg

When the mothers and their kids feel safe and secure with each other even the male hippo will be allowed to join his family.

 photo marico12.jpg

 photo marico14.jpg

Tasmanian Devil babies are doing fine.

 photo marico16.jpg

 photo marico17.jpg

The okapi mama looks very proud of her daughter.

 photo marico3.jpg

On the 2nd of August the chimpanzee Marti gave birth to a baby. Since the mother is keeping her baby very close to her the keepers haven’t been able to see if the baby is a girl or a boy. However, they think they’ve seens signs that it’s a boy. 🙂

 photo marico6.jpg

 photo marico8.jpg

 photo marico9.jpg
 photo marico10.jpg

Nowadays you can meet the zoo already at the Copenhagen Airport!

 photo marico4.jpg

I’m sure waiting for the luggage is not so boring now that we can admire lovely animals at the same time. 🙂

 photo marico5.jpg

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  1. MARICO ist ein sehr hübscher Name für das kleine Flusspferd. 🙂
    Ich wünsche ihm und dem jungen Teufel alles Gute und ein langes
    Leben. Auch dem kleinen Schimpansen und dem jungen Okapi
    wünsche ich nur das Beste für die Zukunft! 🙂

  2. MARICO! Nice name I never heard before. Mario, Marino etc. yes, but never Marico.
    So, may this name bring luck to you, sweet little hippo!

    The Tasmanian Devil Baby looks quite huge on the arm of its keeper.
    Also lots of luck to this new resident of COPENHAGEN ZOO!

    Wonderful even to see an Okapi-mother with child (lately we saw a pic of ‘our’ Okapi-lady in ZOO BERLIN which gave a bit hope to think there might also be a surprise not too far from now (!!?).

    Ape babies, whether chimpanzee or orang-utan or gorilla are always too sweet to see and observe and so are their mothers.

    It’s a nice idea in Copenhagen, as it is in Berlin to welcome visitors of the city with some impressive and/or nice pics of their animal inhabitants!

    Thanks COPENHAGEN ZOO. . . Thanks MERVI . . . . And wishing ‘INGE aus Cph’ enough leisure time to being able to have little walks through her beautiful home zoo to relax from all her regular and extra tasks and sorrows!

  3. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the pics from the Copenhagen Zoo.

    The hippo baby is ever so cute. I like the name Marico and hope it will bring this cutie good luck.

    The little tasmanian devil is actually not as little as I imagined. To be blunt: it is really big!
    I´m glad the small devils are doing well.

    Okapis are beautiful animals. Mother and daughter in Copenhagen are definitely good-looking.
    As Dumba already mentioned there is hope for Okapi offspring in the Berlin Zoo too.

    The pics of chimpanzee Marti and her baby are heartwarming! I wish them all the best.


  4. Liebe Mervi!

    Danke für die süßen Bilder aus dem Copenhagener Zoo. Marico ist ein hübscher Name für das kleine Nili.
    Das kleine Teufelchen ist putzig, die Okapimama kann wirklich stolz sein und Marti ist eine Supermama.

    Alles Liebe,

  5. Dear Mervi,
    thank you for the news from the zoo Copenhagen. Marico is a nice name. The young Tasmanian Devil is cute.
    Okapis are lovely.
    I wish alle the best to the chimpanzee Marti and her baby.

  6. Dear Mervi
    The new hippo girl is adorable and the name Marico is easy to use and remember.
    The Tasmanian devil with a keeper is an unusual sight as the animals are normally very aggressive
    to humans. Kindness brings its just reward.
    Okapis are also rare animals and difficult to breed safely.
    Marti knows what sex her baby is, but is not telling, so there!
    The new Berlin airport could learn something from Copenhagen, a display of pictures from the Zoo and Tierpark would help ease the wait.

  7. Dear Mervi, thanks for showing and reporting from ” my” local Zoo.

    Hugs Inge

  8. Liebe Mervi,
    einfach nur süß Klein-Marico aber auch der tasm.Teufel und das Schimpansenbaby sind ganz niedlich.
    Danke für die Neuigkeiten aus dem Zoo in Kopenhagen.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  9. Dear Mervi, thank you for the update of Copenhagen Zoo. Marico is a nice name, but I should have taken this for a boy rather than a girl. It is funny to see how different zoos can react about the reunion of the family members. In Zoo Berlin and in Pairi Daiza, the entire family was together again shortly after the birth, whereas here in Copenhagen and Antwerp, the keepers decided to wait a little longer. Na ja, I suppose that all this depends on the animals itself.