Baby elephant Plaisak – Brown bears’ sweet reunion

Sep 21st, 2017 | By | Category: Denmark

21.9.2017 – Source: Copenhagen Zoo

The elephant baby Plaisak is still a bit glumpsy but it doesn’t prevent him from being very curious. The heavy raining made the ground quite muddy and slippery but luckily mama was nearby.

 photo copen12.jpg

 photo copen10.jpg

 photo copen13.jpg

Plaisak loves to climb the ‘sand mountain’ even if he sometimes looses his balance.

 photo copen9.jpg

 photo copen3_1.jpg


 photo copen6.jpg

 photo copen5.jpg

Plaisak is a brave boy and got up very quickly. 🙂

 photo copen7.jpg

 photo copen2_1.jpg

You can follow the elephants in a web cam, too.

Touch of love

The brown bear couple in the zoo are together again after their cubs have moved to a zoo in France. The reunion was very sweet!

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  1. Dear Mervi,
    Plaisak is very small. It looks really a bit clumsy. Good, that a mother is not far away.
    The brown bears are lovely.

  2. Dear Mervi
    as you promised, a very sweet video
    and a wonderful little elephant.

  3. Plaisak is a very cute little elephant.
    Thank you for the brown bear video!

  4. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for bringing us this accumulation of cute pics of an adorable baby elephant.
    Every little elephant is a sweetheart and this one is no exception.
    I wish him all the best and a long and happy life

    These photos were already great but the touching video of the brown bear couple made my day – or, to be precise, evening!
    These bears must have missed each other and are so happy now just lying side by side. They can´t stop touching each other in a very gentle way. They are really what I call a love couple, so sweet!


  5. Thanks dear Mervi for showing this wonderful pics from my home Zoo. Plaisak is so little and cute. Good he has a wonderful mother and a helping aunt.
    The bears are sweet together. She is more or less blond/light brown. And one of her cubs had the same colour.

    Hugs Inge

  6. Liebe Mervi,

    der Babyelefant ist allerliebst und seinem Charme kann keiner widerstehen.
    Leider hat es den Anschein, als mĂĽsse man sich fĂĽr die Webcam via Mail anmelden?

    Die zärtliche Begrüßung des Braunbärenpaares ist zum Dahinschmelzen und erinnert an ein Video
    von Frau Köhler in Hellabrunn mit Yoghi und Giovanna, dem ChristinaM den Titel gab “I wanna hold your paw”.

    Danke und liebe GrĂĽĂźe!

  7. Indeed, most sweet – elefants as much as the dark and the blon bear
    crossing front and hind paws. Awwww . . . . .!

    Thank you so much, dear MERVI, for this ‘hertwarmer’ 🙂

  8. For the Oldies among us – and for anybody who wants to sing along
    while watching the lovely-hilarious video of the two tender bears:

    I wanna hold your hand

    …et les yeux dans les yeux et la main dans la main !! . ..


  9. Dear Mervi, I must confess that some years ago, I never had any idea on how funny little elephants could be. But now, I learned that they all are actually masters in mishaps. And one of the most frequent mishaps is falling of their trumpie or boomsie!! And then, good luck that mommie is around to bring them back in good lines.
    The reunion of the two brown bears is heart warming. It is more than obvious that they have missed each other and are now glad to be reunited.

  10. Liebe Mervi,
    so ein kleines RĂĽsselchen ist schon sehr niedlich und muĂź jetzt seine Erfahrungen machen.
    Die Kinder sind aus dem Haus und dann sehen wir diese Bärenliebe, wunderschön!
    Danke das sind sehr schöne Bilder.
    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe Moni K