Gerda and the snow

Sep 7th, 2017 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

7.9.2017 – Photos by Anna Novikova

The polar bears in the Novosibirsk Zoo have a big mountain of snow but only Gerda appreciated the White stuff. Kai was swimming in the pool and Rostik was walking about the enclosure.

Maybe the guys want the real thing – snow flakes falling down from the sky. 🙂 Well, it shouldn’t take such a long time until their dream comes true.

Gerda seems to be happily surprised anyway!

 photo gerda4.jpg

Oh bear, I like this white, soft stuff.

 photo gerda6.jpg

Thank you, dear keepers!

 photo gerda1.jpg

On a warm day it’s wonderful to keep one’s nose cool.

 photo gerda2.jpg

I can bury my whole head in the snow. How funny is that! 🙂

 photo gerda5.jpg

 photo gerda7.jpg

I really like the touch of frost even in the Summer!

 photo gerda3.jpg

Well, it’s time to see if I have some fans watching me …. but first I need a sip of water.

 photo gerdakai4.jpg

I think I see the visitors now ….

 photo gerdakai2.jpg

Many of them have cameras so I make a short stop and pose for them.

 photo gerdakai1.jpg

Is this better?

 photo gerdakai3.jpg

Hello visitors! How nice to meet you all here! I hope – well, I’m quite sure you like what you see. 🙂

 photo gerdakai5.jpg

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  1. When hearing/reding the names GERDA and KAI I am thinking automatically rather of a human couple in the North of Germany than of a polar bear couple in Russia 😉

    I like what I see anyway or most probably even much more than if I saw a human couple.
    GERDA you are a white beauty and ANNA NOVIKOVA has taken the chance to take pics
    from you very well And MERVI did borrow you some of her nice words. I am sure you like both
    as much as we do!

    Thanks to the three of you and to your keepers who did spoil you with some snow in the summer time!

  2. As I liked to hear and listen to the Bavarian voices in former videos from Munich
    I like here to hear and listen to unknown Russian words! 🙂
    Thanks also for the video.

  3. Dear Mervi, Anna and Gerda
    Beautiful words and pictures of a gorgeous Polar Bear lady

  4. Thank you Anna and Mervi for the nice pictures of Gerda in the snow. 🙂

  5. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    The photos of Anna Novikova are wonderful.
    Best wishes to Gerda, Kai and Rostik.

  6. Dear Mervi, dear Anna!
    Gerda loved the hill of snow the keepers piled up in her enclosure thatÂŽs for sure.
    ItÂŽs a pleasure to see her having fun with it and she is so good looking meanwhile.
    It comes as no surprise that there were a lot of visitors who wanted to see her.
    Thank you for the wonderful pics and the delightful subtitles.


  7. Dear Anna and Dear Mervi, thank you for this update about Gerda. And OH YES, the lady loves the snow and indeed, pretty soon she will have the real stuff. I had to smile when seeing the pics: like all Russian polar bears, Gerda is pretty roundish. Made me actually think of Kati in her “younger” years, bit of a “hangbuikzwijntje”.

  8. Gerda in ihrem kleinen Schneehaufen gefÀllt mir auch.
    Weniger gefÀllt mir die angestrichene arktische Kulisse.
    Ich hoffe, Gerda hat auch eine etwas natĂŒrlichen Boden unter ihren Tatzen.

  9. Dear Anna and Mervi!

    So beautiful Fotos . Gerda is very elegant icebaer lady.
    Thank you very much.



  10. What a charming lady !
    Thanks dear Anna and Mervi.
    Hugs Inge

  11. Liebe Mervi und liebe Anna,
    natĂŒrlich gefĂ€llt Gerda der kĂŒnstliche Schneehaufen.
    Warum Rostik und Kai darauf nicht reagieren verstehe ich nicht aber vielleicht sind ihnen die eisplÀttchen
    nicht ganz geheuer.
    Danke fĂŒr schöne Bilder von der fluffigen Gerda.
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe Moni K

  12. dear Mervi and dear Anna,
    thank you so much for these lovely pictures of Gerda. I am glad Gerda can enjoy this good snow feeling and it is so good to see, how many people want to see her. Gerda looks great. It is always a pleasure to see content Polar bears.
    big paw waves and dear greetings

  13. Liebe mervi,

    wenn auch wenig, aber besser als gar kein Schnee. DarĂŒber freut sich jeder EisbĂ€r, und wie man sieht, freut sich Gerda auch darĂŒber.
    Außer Kai und Rostik, die beiden scheinen wohl keinen Schnee zu mögen.

    Danke an Anna fĂŒr die wunderschönen Bilder.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe