Rostik made his bed

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16.9.2017 – Photos and videos by Anna Novikova

All polar bear lovers know how peaceful it is to watch a sleeping bear. This time Anna’s photos – and even a video – show how Rostik makes himself ready for a nap.

 photo rostik8_1.jpg

When the bed is made he must find the most comfortable lying position.

 photo rostik7_1.jpg

The eyelids are getting heavy now ….

 photo rostik4_1.jpg

Very fast Rostik has entered the land of dreams.

 photo rostik6.jpg

Wouldn’t it be great to know what he’s dreaming of ….


 photo rostik2.jpg

Maybe he’s wandering on the ice and feeling some snow flakes falling on his nose ….

 photo rostik3_1.jpg

Sweet dreams to you, lovely Rostik!

 photo rostik9_1.jpg

In the first video you can see how skilfully Rostik prepares his bed.

Rostik is making his bed

Of course, he doesn’t just sleep. Oh no, he’s a very active polar bear boy when he feels like it. 🙂

Rostik swims and plays

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  1. Dear Anna,

    Rostik is such a sweet polar bear boy! No matter if he’s playing or if he’s napping – he’s always so cute!

    I loved to see Rostik making his bed. That boy knows how to make things as comfortable as possible. 🙂

    Thank you so much for the lovely photos and videos!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Dear Anna!
    Thank you for keeping us updated about the polar bears in Nowosibirsk.
    Rostik is a smart, playful and clever young polar bear.
    He knows how to pile up the little bit of hay when he wants to sleep upon it.
    His pool may be quite small but he makes the best of it.
    I wish this cutie a wonderful life and a bright future!


  3. Liebe ANNA & MERVI

    Danke für die schönen Bilder
    von Rostik aus Russland. 🙂

    Grüssle Chris

  4. Liebe Mervi,
    liebe Anna,

    dieser Bär zeigt uns, womit er sich wohlfühlt, nämlich mit einer Unterlage, die er
    nach seinen Bedürfnissen nutzen und gestalten kann. Ein bisschen Mulch oder
    Sand würde ihn genauso glücklich machen!

  5. Liebe Anna, liebe Mervi!

    Danke für diese wunderschönen Bilder, Rostik sieht so zufrieden und glücklich aus.
    Ich wünsche ihm alles Gute und wunderbare Träume.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  6. Liebe Anna
    Liebe Mervi

    Rostik ist ein süßer kleiner Knuddelbär.
    Die Anlage ist jedoch ganz und gar nicht schön.
    Kein Wunder, dass er den harten Fliesenboden mit Gras komfortabler machen will.

    Danke für die netten Bilder und das Video.
    Viele Grüße

  7. dear Mervi,
    dear Anna,
    it is so good to see, what a cosy place Rostik has found to make a nap and after a good sleep he is ready for big water fun. What wonderful pictures and video, thank you so much for this up date. Although Rostik lives to far away with your help he is close to us, what a pleasure.
    dear greetings

  8. Dear Anna,
    Rostik is a lovely boy. I hope he will come in the nice zoo. He was separated from Gerda as he was a year old. In Germany the kids stay two years with their mothers. Kai and Gerda are since the spring together. Maybe Gerda is pregnant again. I wish all bears all the best.

  9. Dear Mervi
    here we go again. pictures of a peaceful sleeping Polar Bear and all some
    people can do is complain. I have spent a week watching Polar Bears young and
    old happily sleeping on top of and round solid rocks. Also during my stay in Hellabrunn
    I noticed that even Giovanna preferred the hard surfaces in the old enclosure to the
    tundra. Same is true in Doncaster where the bears often sleep on top of rocks instead of
    inside their soft dens. They have different options. I think Anna’s photos show that Rostik
    is loved and well cared for.

  10. Dear ANNA NOVIKA and dear MERVI
    Thanks for having presented the photos of this impressive polar bear all relaxed!

  11. In the videos ROSTIK looks much smaller than in the pics.

    Very nice to see how concentrated he works on preparing a comfortable bed.
    And good to see all the treats around: big yellow pumpkin, big branches.

    His ppol is rather a bath tub but most important he can have fun there with himself!

    Thanks for the two entertaining videos!

  12. Liebe Mervi und liebe Anna,
    interessant zu sehen wie der junge Rostik gehalten wird.
    Er scheint sich wohl zu fühlen und das ist die Hauptsache und ein Bär der spielt und Appetit hat, dem geht es gut.
    Vielen Dank für die schönen Bilder/Video
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  13. Rostik ist so ein Schöner Eisbär.Vielen Dank für die schönen Fotos Hans Odermatt

  14. So ein liebes Kerlchen!

    LG Brigitte

  15. Liebe Mervi, liebe Anna,

    danke für die schönen Bilder und Videos von Rostik.

    Der “Käfig” ist wirklich nicht schön, und der Kachelboden auch nicht.
    Ich kann Rostik verstehen, dass er sein Futter opfert, um sich ein weiches Bett herzurichten.

    Liebe Grüße

  16. Dear Anna and Dear Mervi, thank you so much for bringing these pics of Rostik. The young dude knows perfectly well how to make his bed and I had a good laugh seeing that he was making sure that his pumpkin was close and safe to his bed. OLALALA, imagine that this pumpkin would have – all of a sudden – special travel plans while the young boy was asleep!!!! I refuse to comment on the enclosure because I have learned one important thing during the last years: in Russian zoos, the breeding and raising of young cubs is always bringing a better result. And not every zoo can offer the space of Orsa or Ranua.