Frida and Aron in their new enclosure

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27.10.2017 – Source: Tallinn Zoo

Many of you have already read about the opening of the new polar bear enclosure in Tallinn and even seen photos from Frida and Aron. However, not everybody visits Facebook or other forums so I made a little article for Knuti’s Weekly, too.

On the 8th of October it was finally time for the grand opening.

 photo tallinna2.jpg

Frida and Aron were allowed to explore their new home even before the opening day.

 photo tallinna1.jpg

Lot’s of visitors came to admire the new, spacy enclosure with a big pool. Frida is making an inspection round and looks quite satisfied with what she sees.

 photo tallinna5.jpg

Aron has a kind of wreath between his teeth. I wonder if this was meant to be a head decoration …. ­čÖé

 photo tallinna3.jpg

No doubt – both the mama and her son are happy in their new home!

 photo tallinna7.jpg

The jewel of the crown is the big pool!

 photo tallinna14.jpg

Now Frida and Aron can take long swimming and diving tours.

 photo tallinna15.jpg

I’m so glad for Aron and Frida! Unfortunately I don’t know how Nora and Nord are doing but let’s hope they’re also happy and healthy!

 photo tallinna8.jpg

It looks like Aron still doesn’t believe he’s living in a big enclosure now.

 photo tallinna16.jpg

 photo tallinna17.jpg

The night has made the ground frosty and Aron even found a piece of ice in the pool. Brrr, the water must be really ice cold!

 photo tallinna10.jpg

Hmm, doesn’t taste so much, doesn’t smell so much ….

 photo tallinna11.jpg

…. but maybe it can be used as a frozen toy ….. ­čÖé

 photo tallinna13.jpg

Aron decided to push it into the water.

 photo tallinna12.jpg

The icy water didn’t prevent Aron from having fun with his red ball.

 photo tallinna9.jpg

It’s been snowing even in Tallinn and, naturally, Frida and Aron were delighted!

Kibibi and Kibeta are not bears but the baby rhino is very cute so I want to show this video to you.

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  1. Dear Mervi
    For those of us who do not use Facebook much it is marvellous to have your versions to read and watch.
    I would love to visit the Polarium as it is hard to judge the size from the photos, but Frida and Aron look very much to be enjoying the area given to them.

  2. I love the way in which the little Rhino trots after his mum.

  3. Liebe Mervi

    Sch├Âne Eindr├╝cke aus Tallinn.
    Ein sch├Ânes Wochenende!

  4. Dear Mervi!
    The new enclosure in Tallinn is really great. Aron and Frida enjoy it.
    There are two polar bears more in the zoo Tallinn. Nora will leave the zoo Tallinn soon. Nord, the father of Aron, is still in the old enclosure.

  5. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for bringing us the latest news from the Tallinn Zoo!
    I┬┤m happy for Frida and Aron since they have so much space now. It┬┤s obvious they are doing well.

    But I agree with Ludmila and feel sorry for Nord and Nora who are still living in cages.
    Hopefully their lives will soon change for the better too!

    Little rhino Kibeta the offspring of Kibibi and Kigoma is a sturdy sweetheart and a real cutie. There is still such a strong mother fixation that he or she has to follow her wherever she goes.

    Have a nice weekend

  6. Die neue Anlage gef├Ąllt mir sehr gut. ­čÖé
    Was f├╝r ein Unterschied zu den K├Ąfigen.
    Aron genie├čt sein gro├čes Wasserbecken
    sichtlich und auch die Zuschauer sind in
    gro├čer Zahl am Gehege zu sehen. Damit
    hat Tallin eine echte Attraktion bekommen.

  7. The TALLIN ZOO enclosures seem to be quite nice and they have good a good photographer/s.

    Beautiful polar bears. I especially liked the pics of the one playing so happily with the ice piece and the red ball!

    Even to watch the video of the handsome rhinos was fun. I just WANT to believe that it was also fun for mother and child to run always to and fro the same distance.

    (Sorry, Video of FRIDA and AARON doesn’t work at my end)

    Thank you very much, dear MERVI, for giving us again the occasion to profit from your extensive connections – worldwide!

  8. Liebe Mervi,

    das kleine Rhino wei├č, dass es seine Milchquelle auf vier Beinen nicht aus den Augen verlieren darf…..

    Die Wonne von Frieda und Aron ├╝ber das neue Gehege und den tollen Pool kann jeder nachvollziehen,
    der die vorherigen “K├Ąfige” gesehen hat.
    Mann kann nur hoffen, dass den beiden anderen B├Ąren wenigstens wechselweise auch mal die gro├če Anlage zur Verf├╝gung gestellt wird, egal wie lange der eine oder andere noch in diesem Zoo bleibt. Die Eisb├Ąrenv├Ąter werden leider in fast allen Zoos au├čerhalb ihrer Zeugungst├Ątigkeit sehr stiefm├╝tterlich behandelt…

    Das h├╝bsche Video, das man heute nicht sehen kann, zeigt es die gro├če Wonne von Frieda und Aron ├╝ber die gr├╝ne Wiese?

    Vielen Dank f├╝r diesen Beitrag ├╝ber eine wesentliche verbesserte Haltung von Eisb├Ąren!
    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  9. Liebe Mervi,
    im ZooTalinn geht man nun moderne Wege. Das kommt den Tieren und den Zuschauern zu Gute. Prima!
    Da kann man sich nur dr├╝ber freuen.
    Vielen Dank f├╝r diesen sch├Ânen Bericht.

  10. Liebe Mervi,
    ich freue mich f├╝r die B├Ąren, da├č sie nun ein neues gr├Â├čeres Gehege und einen Pool nutzen k├Ânnen.
    Vielen Dank, da├č wir diese positvie Entwicklung in Tallin hier sehen k├Ânnen.
    Liebe Gr├╝├če Moni K

  11. Dear Mervi,
    it`s very nice to see the Tallin Zoo. great photos from there and very lively polar bears. Thanks a lot for hiring in the KWM.
    Bear hugs

  12. Liebe Mervi,

    danke f├╝r den Bericht mit den sch├Ânen Bildern aus Tallinn.

    Die neue Anlage ist super. Wenn man bedenkt, in was f├╝r kleine und h├Ą├čliche K├Ąfige die B├Ąren dort gelebt haben, und teilweise ja immer noch leben.

    Frida und Aron d├╝rfen die sch├Âne Anlage mit dem gro├čen Pool genie├čen, und das tun die beiden auch ausgiebig. Das mu├č ja f├╝r die beiden ein kleines St├╝ck Paradies sein. S├╝├č, wie Aron mit dem kleinen Eisst├╝ckchen spielt.

    Ich hoffe auch, dass die anderen noch in Tallinn lebenden Eisb├Ąren auch ab und zu in den Genu├č der gro├čen Anlage kommen.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če