Happy birthday to you, gorgeous Ranzo!

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18.11.2017 by Mervi

Dear Ranzo! How time flies – today you celebrate your 6th birthday although it feels like it was only yesterday you presented yourself as a cute cubbie to us.

I remember so well the happy moments you had with mama Venus.

Now you’re a gorgeous polar bear and you even have a beautiful girlfriend!

I’m so glad knowing you’re doing fine in Vienna and, of course, I’m very proud of you – our Finnish Viking!

Maybe we will soon have the pleasure of meeting a mini-Ranzo, too ….

Well, you and Lynn are still very young so there’s absolutely no hurry! 🙂

I’m sure everybody in Finland are sending their best birthday wishes to you.

Your little brother Sisu hasn’t forgotten your birthday either:

Dear Ranzo! I wanted to send you a special gift but there was a little mishap. I made a nice parcel with snow and ice but they melted away before I could post the parcel. However, it’s the thought that counts …. so I send you some beautiful snow flakes with this card.

Love from Sisu

HyvÀÀ syntymÀpÀivÀÀ, Ranzo! Ole aina onnellinen jÀÀkarhu!

Dear Ranzo! Always be a happy polar bear!

Photo credits to Marko Junttila, Jola Belik and Jutta Kirchner

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear RANZO in your zoo-home ‘Schönbrunn’ in Vienna.
    Even now that you are kind of an Austrian you will always remain a right Finn, won’t you!?

    Can you see/read/feel how much you are still loved and admired even by your former friends/fans,
    especially from FINLAND, as e.g. your ‘glĂŒhendste Verehrerinnen’ MERVI who wrote this tribute for you and who named you ‘FINNISH VIKING’, as well as MIRJA, who called you ‘ASLAK’ as long as you lived in the RANUA WILDLIFE PARK in FINLAND. All the three names are still in use!

    I am really touched to see/read what your little brother SISU had prepared for you – with a little help of auntie MERVI who has always brilliant ideas when it comes to her belaoved polar bears, especially those of Finnish origin! – Read their words to you properly and you can for sure feel ALL THEIR LOVE !

    Thank you very much, dear MERVI (and dear Marko Junttila, Jola Belik and Jutta Kirchner !),
    for this Saturday morning treat also for us ‘KWM’ readers/watchers!

  2. Dear Mervi (and Marko, Jola and Jutta)
    Ranzo has really grown into a super looking Polar Bear and Vienna has proved to be a romantic new home, with the gorgeous Lynn. I actually hope that like Victoria and Blizzard in Hamburg they can have a good few years together before Ranzo has to be separated from Lynn. I am not sure what provisions Vienna has made for this.
    Happy Birthday Ranzo!

  3. Happy Birthday, dear Ranzo!

    Mervi, vielen Dank fĂŒr diesen liebevoll zusammengestellten Geburtstagsgruß fĂŒr Ranzo. Auch seine kleine Schwester hat so nett an ihren Bruder gedacht. Ganz sĂŒĂŸ!

  4. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for this heartwarming and touching birthday tribute for Ranzo!
    What a good idea you let his little brother Sisu send some heartfelt greetings too. He did even prepare a birthday gift. What a pity it melted away… 😉
    You chose lovely photos, very empathetic words and – last but not least – created wonderful collages.
    I wish Ranzo, this very special “Finnish Viking” all the best and a good life with his beautiful sweetheart Lynn.
    Like you already wrote: may he always be a happy polar bear!


  5. Ranzo hat sich zu einem tollen BĂ€ren entwickelt
    und mit Wien und GefĂ€hrtin Lynn das große
    Los gezogen. Sisu wird bald in seine Fuß-
    stapfen treten. 🙂

  6. Lieber Ranzo!



  7. Dear Mervi!
    Ranzo is a big boy now. I can remember how happy we were as he was born. He had a wonderful mother. Now he has a girl friend and maybe will be a father soon. I wish Ranzo a long and happy life.
    Dear Marko Junttila, Jola Belik and Jutta Kirchner, thank you for the wonderful pictures.

  8. dear Mervi,
    what a sweet birthday page for Ranzo you have made with all the wonderful pictures and collages, thank you so much.
    I am glad Ranzo and Lynn have a good life together in their nice home
    dear Ranzo happy birthday to you, I wish you all the best, have much fun and joy with Lynn
    dear greetings and big paw waves

  9. Liebe Mervi,

    vielen Dank fĂŒr die wunderschöner Geburstagsseite fĂŒr Ranzo.
    Schön auch das Foto, wo er mit Mama Venus zu sehen ist. Und nun ist Ranzo ein junger EisbÀrmann und hat eine Freundin in Wien gefunden.

    Schön, dass auch Ssu seinen großen Bruder zum Geburtstag gratuliert hat.
    Und genau das möchte ich hier auch tun.
    Alles Gute zu deinem Geburtstag, lieber Ranzo.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

  10. Lieber Ranzo, alles Gute zum Geburtstag und weiterhin viel Spass mit Lynn im schoenen Wien!

    Liebe Mervi, Du hast fuer Ranzo eine schöne Geburtstagsseite gemacht, bestimmt freut er sich ĂŒber die GrĂŒĂŸe aus Finnland, besonders von Sisu.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe, Erika

  11. Dear Ranzo, already a big boy of 6 years old. I remember the first pics of you and mammy: you a tiny little cub and now 6!!! O JEE, that makes me realize that I am growing old. Wishing you a wonderful time in Vienna together with Lynn and hope that you too will have lots of snow. With regard to babies, AH WELL, maybe within a few years, but take your time.