Milk – a playful Japanese polar bear girl

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12.11.2017 – Photos by Yoshida Mitsuyuki

Polar bear Milk is a big attraction at a zoo in Kushiro, Hokkaido in Japan. She was born on the 4th of December 2012 at Oga Aquarium Gao in Oga, Akita Prefecture but came to Kushiro when she was two years old.

According to her keepers Milk swims in her pool like a sea otter, throws a plastic container in the air and stands with a gas pipe on her head. Visitors are particularly impressed when Milk walks on her hind legs, sometimes taking nearly 20 steps.

The following photos and the video proves the keepers are right but even a playful polar bear is tired in the early morning.

Oh bear, there are lots and lots of toys! I wonder what I should choose first ….

The pink hat looks very elegant in the morning.

The green pylon looks very interesting, too!

“Milk appears triumphant and looks like she’s gauging the audience reaction,” says one of her keepers. “I’ve never seen such a bear.”

Juggling with different colours

Walking with the green pylon around her neck.

Looks good on both sides doesn’t it?

Time for water games now. The pylon is a great play mate!

Milk seems to love all the colours. The green pylon was replaced by a blue barrel.

In this zoo there’s even a male bear Kiroru born on the 9th of December 2008 in Sapporo. I hope we will see photos of him, too, later on.

Milk in action

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  1. Dear Mervi and Yoshida
    Japan has more Polar Bears in zoos and parks
    than any other country.
    Milk looks a lovely playful girl with plenty of toys.
    She enjoys her clear water pool.
    Thank you for bringing her to KWM. I hope
    that we will meet Kiroru too.

  2. Well, NOW, when hearing/reading/seeing the name HOKKAIDO I won’t think exclusively of yummy pumpkins but alos of a very charming and agile female polar bear youngster. MILK seems to be a self-trained circus bear without any suffering. She looks so content and funny when acting with all her playing material!

    Thank you, dear photographer YOSHIDA MITSUYUKI and Thank you, dear ‘KWM’-editor in chief and -owner MERVI for having brought this pretty and funny young polar bear LADY from soooo far -named ‘MILK’- to our knowledge!

    Great Sunday fun! 🙂

    Wow!…… and the video brings even more fun . . . and ideas:
    What an as fancy as funny head this MilkyWay did construct!
    May be I should take it as a pattern for an appropriate and sufficiantly protecting from cold ‘winter cap’, as I never found something like this, protecting front head, ears, neck and complete head equally effective!

    This girl even reminds a lot GIOVANNA when balancing the yellow stick and jumping up high to get it back into the water . . .

  3. How nice. Milk is very active young lady.

    Thank you very much.



  4. Dear Yoshida and Meriv

    The pictures and the video are marvellous.
    Milk is an active and a playful polar bear. She reminds me of Giovanna 🙂
    Thank you!


  5. What a funny girl! Thanks for showing.

    Greetings, Erika

  6. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    The photos of Yoshida Mitsuyuki are wonderful.
    Best wishes to Milk.

  7. Dear Yoshida and Mervi

    Milk is a lovely polar bear lady.
    She has many toys and knows
    how to use them. Its nice, to
    see pictures from Japan! 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  8. Dear Mervi!
    What colourful and funny pics of Milk, this frisky polar bear girl you´ve found and brought to us.
    Thanks for editing and to Yoshida Mitsuyuki who took them.

    It is hilarious that nearly every young polar bear likes to put his nose respectively head in every possible jar or bucket. I love it. My favourite is the “ultramodern” look of Milk with the green pylon. She seems to be ahead of her time with regard to fashion…

    I had a good laugh too when I saw the video.
    Milk used the pink basket like a helmet of a knights armour and the long yellow tube like a sword as if she wants to be a kind of female “Water-Jedi Knight” in the fashion of the “Star Wars” films.


  9. Dear Mervi!
    Milk is a funny polar bear girl. She has many toys and like to use them.

  10. Liebe Mervi,

    bei diesen herrlichen Bildern von Milk fehlt nur noch, dass sie einen Gefährten namens
    Honey hat, das wäre ein schönes Paar.
    So köstlich ihre “Verkleidungen” mit dem Korb um ihren Hals sind, mir macht es immer
    etwas Angst, wenn sich die Bären defekte Plastikteile um den Hals wickeln….

    Liebe Grüße

  11. Liebe Mervi,

    danke fürs Einstellen, der wunderschönen Bilder von der süßen Milik.
    Sie ist so herrlich verspielt, und hat so viele schöne bunten Spielsachen.

    Bei dem Anblick der Fotos mitt dem “grünen Hütchen” habe ich auch gedacht, hoffentlich kriegt sie den Kopf da wieder raus.

    Das Video ist klasse.

    Liebe Grüße

  12. Dear Yoshida and Mervi, thank you for sharing these pics and video. Milk is having the most colorful collection of toys that I have ever seen. And frankly said, I must confess that I was not aware of the fact that polar bears could see colors. And I think that you all will agree: that pink “hat” is the top and the lady wears it with dignity.