Now the ice carries Sisu’s weight!

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15.11.2017 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Terve! Hello! Servus! In my last report I told you we have snow and thin ice. Now I’m glad to inform you that the ice is – in most parts – thick enough to carry my weight! Oh bear, that’s so wonderful!

Just watch and admire! I’m standing on the ice. You must admit I’m already quite an impressive polar bear although mama still calls me her baby. Sigh, you know what the mothers are like ….

Follow me and I show you what I can do on the ice.

Oooops! There are some unfrozen spots …. but the water really is so refreshingly cold! Maybe you wouldn’t dive in this water but then you don’t have a furry swimming suit like I have. Why do you have to be so naked???

It looks like our pool is filled with ice floats.

I don’t mind wetting my paws. May I remind you that I’m a Finnish Viking!!!

I think I found something ….

Oh, yeah, there’s definitely something under the ice!

Yippee! I was right! I wonder if this is meat or maybe the remains of an ice bomb ….

Must shake my boomsie to get rid of the water on my fur.

Oh bear, there’s a dessert, too!

This kind of treasure hunting is soooo fun!

It will take some time until our pool is completely frozen but I’m so happy about it already.

These paws are made for walking on the ice! 🙂

This time of the year it gets dark very early. We call it ‘kaamos’ which means that there’s daylight only a few hours a day. However, the sun hasn’t totally abandoned us and when it shines my fur gets this wonderful platinum shade of white.

The sun rays really are very flattering for my fur and make me look smashing. Excuse me for saying so myself but I’m sure you agree! 🙂

When the sun has disappeared it’s not really dark. The snow has made the darkness turn into a ‘blue hour’. And with any luck we can see a fantastic show in the sky – the northern lights! How does that sound?

I must continue my walk and see if I can find more treasures. Oh, there’s always something!

I hope you liked the photos of me on the ice. That’s all for now but I hope Marko will come and visit me again so I can post a new report for you.

With this video I send my best greetings to all the readers of Knuti’s Weekly! Your pal Sisu

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  1. Terve! Hello! Servus! little big fluffy white SISU aka ‘RANUA-NALLE’.

    Your home gets more and more pretty with all this white fluffy stuff.

    The ice is really thick now which can be seen where it’s broken anyway! And exactly those are my favorite pics of you this time – when one sees ice and water together and you make your exercises on or over it!

    But also the pics in the suns which produce especially nice light-and-shadow-effects at this time of the year
    are great!. Please say THANK YOU to MARKO JUNTTILA and I say THANK YOU h e r e to MERVI.

    Enjoy youth and your marvellous RANUA winter to the maximum! . . . The video shows how much fun is ice scratching and sticking the beautiful white head into the ice cold water!

  2. So schöööööön anzusehen. Sisu hat ein herrliches Leben und dann auch noch so leckere Sachen im Eis. Klasse 🙂

  3. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    These are fabulous pics of Sisu in the winter wonderland of Ranua again. Thank you for bringing them to us!

    Sisu seems to be quite satisfied with the quality of the ice though it is partly unfrozen yet and he is as well pleased with himself – with good reason!
    He looks so cute, simply wonderful. His fur is thick and shiny – especially in the sunshine – and his stature shows that he is well prepared for winter with it´s frostiness.

    It is nice he found something yummy in the frosty water. I love these pics on which he is fishing and putting his head beneath the water surface.

    Since there is not much daylight during Kaamos, it becomes all the more precious . It is a special light in Ranua now: bright white with blue shades. Beautiful! The fur of Siku turns golden in the sunshine.

    Liebe Grüße

  4. Morjens Sisu!

    Jaa, ett snuu uimaallas on nyt sit jääs. Ei toi Aurajoki vaa missä jääs viäl ol. Ei tääl kyll sem puale mittä jääkarhuika ol. Meiän kanss komppaa semmosi sisätettykarhui, mutt ei ne millä jääl luistel eikä ne ainaska me uima. Snuul muuten onki aika viksu pakastin. Onk se sun mammas ko äkkäs, ett jää ala voi pittä ruokareservi.
    Oleks muute kuullu, ett nämä panda tulevakki vasta tammikuus. ne haluava fiirata kiinalaist uutt vuatt Ähtäriss.

    Tatis vaan tas kovaste söpösist kuvit. Käsk sen markon ottaa ens kerrall pali vilmii följyy.
    Kerro Mammalles ja markol sekä koko Ranua väel terveyksii.


    We have with Sisu our own language.

  5. SISU,
    dir gönne ich Eis und Schnee in dem du spielen und toben kannst von ganzem Herzen.
    Es ist nun schon dein zweiter Winter und du balancierst sehr geschickt über das Eis.
    Lass es dir weiterhin gut gehen und bei der Kälte bleibt dein Futter immer frisch und

    Danke Mervi für deine wieder so passenden Kommentare und MARKO für die tollen Bilder.
    Die Sonnen und blue shadows Bilder sind ganz großartig!

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Hallo Sisu,

    bei dir und deiner Mama sieht es schon wunderbar winterlich aus. Eis, Schnee und Eisbären, das gehört einfach zusammen :-).
    Es ist toll, dass du unter den Eisschollen noch feine Leckereien finden kannst. Das ist wirklich fast so, wie auf Jagd zu gehen. Im Sonnenlicht siehst du wunderschön aus. Aber auch ohne Sonnenschein strahlt dein herrlich fluffiges, weißen Fell.
    Ich wünsche dir, deiner Mama und allen anderen Tieren im Ranua Zoo einen wunderbaren Winter mit viel Schnee.
    Und noch etwas – egal, wie groß und stark du auch sein wirst, für deine Mama wirst du immer ihr Baby bleiben <3.

    Liebe Mervi,

    ganz herzlichen Dank für diese zauberhafte Geschichte aus dem Leben von Sisu. Vielen Dank auch an Marko Junttila für die herrlichen Fotos und das das schöne Video.

    viele Grüße

  7. Dear Mervi and Marko
    Siku has really grown into a big cub already.
    Your words and photos fit together beautifully.
    Siku is showing that he has the hunting instincts
    to cope with his new icy world.

  8. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures of Sisu on the ice. Sisu has a polar bear weather. I think he likes the ice, snow and the cold water.

  9. Das Eis ist schon stark genug, um Sisu zu tragen.
    Er wird einen schönen, langen Winter mit viel Spaß
    in Eis und Schnee haben – was will man mehr als Bär?

  10. Dear Mervi and Marko

    Thank you for this magical report !
    Wonderful pictures and a a nice movie !

    Hugs Anita

  11. Hallo mervi,

    wunderschöne Foto von dem kleinen, großen Eisbären Sisu. Das Eis hat ja schon eine große Dicke, sodass es schon einen so fluffigen Eisbären trägt. Wie wird es dann erst im Winter sein? Das Eis ist ja frei geschnitten worden. Wird es den ganzen Winter offen gehalten?


  12. Liebe Mervi, lieber Marko

    vielen Dank für die wunderschönen Schnee- und Eisbilder aus Ranua.

    Es macht viel Spaß zuzusehen, wieviel Spaß der kleine Siku im Schnee hat. Und mit Eisklumpen kann man auch so schön spielen, und auch ab und zu mal daran knabbern.
    Und wenn dann unter den Eisschollen noch so einige Leckerlis verteckt sind, macht alles noch mehr Spaß.
    Der Winter fängt ja erst a, und Siku wird noch lange Zeit Freude daran haben.
    Schönes Video.

    Liebe Grüße

  13. dear Mervi,
    thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures with us and for your sweet story
    terve dear Sisu
    I am glad to see how exciting and interesting your life now is with all the ice in your pool, you can walk on it and you can find some good food after a little bit work with the ice, enjoy this great time, all the best to you and to your Mama
    dear greetings and big paw waves

  14. Dear Sisu,

    seeing you in your element is just wonderful. Snow, ice, an almost frozen lake… what does polar bear want more?! You will definitely experience a fantastic winter and discover many new things. It was great fun to get a little insight and I’m looking forward to a lot of winter-reports from you and your mama. And by the way, you just look great with your fluffy fur.

    Many greetings from Hamburg / Germany

    P.S.: Thanks so lot dear Mervi and Marko for this fantastic story.