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9.11.2017 – Posted by Florence Perraux, Zoo de La Palmyre

Vienna is fine. She still spends lots of time in her water moat, enjoying swimming and colder temperatures.

 photo Vienna3.jpg

 photo Vienna4.jpg

 photo Vienna5.jpg

Our male Moni has just turned 31 and because of health issues due to his respectable age, our vet decided not to move him to the enclosure currently occupied by Vienna as it is usually the case at this time of the year.

 photo Vienna1.jpg

Consequently, Vienna will stay in her enclosure until she’s back to Rostock Zoo. Not a bad news for her as she won’t need to be anesthetized to be transferred to the other enclosure and won’t have to live together with our female Tania as the two females didn’t seem to get along very well last year.

 photo Vienna2.jpg

A few more months to wait for Vienna before going back to Rostock where she will find a brand new enclosure and join her former keepers.

 photo Vienna7.jpg

 photo Vienna6.jpg

Zoo La Palmyre

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  1. Dear Mervi,
    Thanks very much for this article about Vienna. Nice photo’s!
    I’m suprised to learn the Zoo La Palmyre seems to be certain that Vienna will return to Rostock. Which will of course be wonderful for her keepers. Let’s hope the old lady is in good enough condition to cope with the arduous transport.

  2. Ich freue mich, dass
    es Vienna gut geht! 🙂

  3. Dear Mervi,
    thank you for the very good news about Vienna.

  4. Liebe Mervi,

    ich freue mich unglaublich, etwas von Vienna zu hören und vor allem, Fotos von ihr zu sehen.
    Sie sieht viel besser aus als vor einigen Monate und ich finde gut, dass sie nicht wieder zu Tania ins Gehege muss. Das wäre für beide Bärinnen eine schwieige Zeit, von der Narkose ganz zu schweigen.

    viele Grüße

  5. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the good news!
    A wish will come true if Vienna could return to Rostock.
    I hope she will be healthy enough to cope with the exhausting journey.
    I´ll keep my fingers crossed!


  6. Dear Mervi
    After the tragedy of losing Lars and Vilma, which I appreciate
    fully having spent a day in Rostock last year talking to the wonderful keeper, I am hoping that Vienna will be able to go
    home to them. But she is a very old bear and will need all our

  7. Dear Mervi, chère Florence,

    Merci beaucoup pour les nouvelles de Vienna!
    Good to see the Lady Vienna is doing fine.


  8. Thank you very much FLORENCE PERRAUX and MERVI that you made it possible to the ‘KWM’-readers/-watchers to get some news and nice pictures of LADY VIENNA!

    VIENNA looks very nice and even kind of content – as nothing is mentioned I trust the black spots in her face are nothing dangerous.

    Also Mr MONI looks very good. Taking in consideration also his high age even gorgeous!

  9. dear Mervi,
    I am very grateful tu read about Vienna, all the pictures are so lovely, It is wonderfjul to know that Vienna has a good life iin France and she can enjoy a cosy life there. Of course it would be great when Vienna could come back to Rostock.
    Thank you dear Mervi and merci cher Florence
    dear greetings to you
    liebe Vienna bleib gesund

  10. Liebe Mervi,

    danke fürs Einstellen der schönen Fotos von Vienna.
    Endlich gibt es mal neue Fotros von ihr, und es scheint ihr auch gut zu gehen.
    Ich hoffe auch, dass Vienna gesund bleibt, und nach Rostock zurückkehren darf.

    Liebe Grüße