Touch of Frost in Ranua

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11.11.2017 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

This is how it looks like on the path leading the visitors to the polar bears. Quite suitable don’t you think? This time I don’t show you photos of polar bears but of other beautiful animals in the snow.

 photo 20171030-_T4A9963.jpg

Madame Moose with her twins find the snowy landscape very beautiful.

 photo 20171030-_T4A0014.jpg

The twins are simply adorable!

 photo 20171030-_T4A0023.jpg

What do see, sweetie pie?

 photo 20171030-_T4A0036.jpg

I guess she was looking at Monsieur Moose with the impressive antlers. He knows he’s the king of the forests and carries his crown with great pride.

 photo 20171030-_T4A0052.jpg

The wolverine is wondering what to do in the white stuff.

 photo 20171030-_T4A9969.jpg

The deer clan doesn’t mind the cold weather either.

 photo 20171030-_T4A0006.jpg

Hey, why should we mind the snow and the cold weather? Here in Ranua we are all used to the Finnish Winters – and we love them!

 photo 20171030-_T4A0001.jpg

Maybe a bouquet to Mrs Piggie?

 photo 20171030-_T4A0062.jpg

Isn’t this a lovely sight!!!

 photo 20171030-_T4A9947.jpg

The brown bears Malla and Jemma wanted to enjoy the snow before starting their hibernation.

 photo 20171030-_T4A9891.jpg

The snow is so soft under my paws.

 photo 20171030-_T4A9909.jpg

I haven’t got a black eye and I have not used make-up to create a sooty look! 🙂

 photo 20171030-_T4A9914.jpg

 photo 20171030-_T4A9919.jpg

The snow is so refreshing in many ways!

 photo 20171030-_T4A9928.jpg

I just hug the snow before I retire to my den. I hope the keepers have made my bedroom cosy and comfortable because I plan to have a looooong sleep. See you again in the Spring!

 photo 20171030-_T4A9931.jpg

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  1. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    The pics are just wonderful! Winter at it´s best.
    I simply can´t say which one I like best, I love them all.

    All the animals in Ranua look simply fantastic and are obviously doing well.
    Seems that is the just the weather they have asked for and now they really enjoy it.
    My darlings are mother and father moose and their charming calves and the good tempered, smiling and laughing bears.

    For my part winter could restrict itself to the northern parts of Europe till Christmas…
    I am freezing when watching the photos although they are gorgeous and I´m happy for the animals.

    I am surprised the bears are not sleeping yet.

    All: have a nice and cosy weekend!


  2. Dear Mervi and Marko
    This is such a glorious Ranua photostory. The animals all look pleased to see the snow and it
    is firm and white.
    I think the Wolverine in particular looks ready for action.
    Malla and Jemma are real teddies!
    The Moose family looks just like a Christmas card.
    Many Thanks and Merry Christmas to all at Ranua

  3. What a nice headline for this latest report of RANUA WILDLIFE PARK.
    I guess our ‘RANUA NALLE – SISU’ godmother-auntie is quit excited and happy!?

    MERVI as MADAME MOOSE does, for sure finds the snowy landscape VERY BEAUTIFUL ! 🙂
    Right!? . .. There are lots of snow already. I have t admit_ Had I the right clothing and wouldn’t
    it be so far away, I would prefer this white, indeed beautiful landscape
    to our grey, wet and dark one – by far!!

    In the moose family EVERYONE is most pretty! And so are all the other furry guys and girls.

    MARKO JUNTTILA seems to have outdone himself again. Beautiful photos!

    Thanks to the both of you for this Saturday-treat in ‘KWM’

  4. Liebe Mervi, Lieber Marko.

    WonderfulFotos, wonderful habitans.



  5. Dear Marko
    Dear Mervi

    Only just WONDERFUL !!!
    Thank you so much for this beautiful impressions

    Hugs Anita

  6. Liebe Mervi,

    die Winterfotos sind wunderschön, dennoch ist mir der viele Schnee angenehmer in Ranua als hier.
    Dort sind die Tiere den Schneemassen besser angepasst.
    Die Braunbären nehmen sich in diesem Jahr viel Zeit bis zum Winterschlaf.
    Die anderen haben das Glück, dass ihnen, egal wie hoch der Schnee liegt, immer genug Futter zur
    Verfügung steht.

    Mein Liebling ist heute das neugierige Elchkind!
    Viele Grüße

  7. Dear Marko and Mervi

    Again you present us beautiful
    winter impressions from Ranua. 🙂
    Luckily all these animals can cope
    with the frost and snow in the north.

    Chris 🙂

  8. Liebe Mervi,

    wie cool ist das denn? Der erste schöne Schnee in Ranua. Und man sieht es den Tieren an. Sie freuten sich alle darüber.

    Der kleine Elch ist wirklich niedlich.

    So wie es aussieht, genießen auch Malla und Jemma den ersten Schnee in dieser Saison. Da hat die Winterruhe noch etwas Zeit.

    Danke an Marko, dass er uns die ersten Schneebilder geschickt hat.

    Liebe Grüße

  9. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    The photos of Marko Junttila are wonderful.
    Best wishes to all the animals in Ranua.

  10. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the winter pictures from Ranua.
    Malla and Jemma enjoyed the first snow. It looks like they were not ready for hibernation 🙂
    The mooses are lovely.

  11. Dear Mervi!

    The Mooses are sweet, Ranua must be really great!

    Greetings, Erika