Chaartschaana has arrived in St Petersburg

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15.12.2017 – Source: St Petersburg Zoo

First some facts to freshen up your memory: Chaartschaana was born in the Yakutsk Zoo on the 30th of November 2016. Her parents are mother Kolymana who was found in the wild in 2012 and father Lomonossow born in 2011 in St Petersburg.

The visitors of the St Petersburg Zoo have been waiting to see Chaartschaana and finally on the 6th of December it was time for the young polar bear lady to present herself to the visitors and for the media.

 photo leningrad2.jpg

There were many VIPs attending the presentation of Chaartschaana like the governor of St Petersburg and the leader of the Yakutsk region.

 photo leningrad3.jpg

Chaartchaan lives in a bears’ enclosure where she can be seen by the visitors. She eats and drinks well and has accepted her new home – in other words she’s doing fine! When the renovation of the polar bears’ enclosure is finished she will move to the new home and live close to her grandma Uslada.

 photo leningrad1.jpg

Uslada, photo by Micha Moroz


Knuti’s Weekly wishes Chaartschaana and Uslada good times in their new enclosure!

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  1. What a beautiful SHY girl this young polar bear lady is.

    I am under the impression she doens’t really feel at home so far
    but I hope and trust the right enclosure will soon be ready and
    the scent of grandmother USLAD gives CHAARTSCHAANA some more confidence.

    GOOD LUCK to you, little sweet bear!

  2. Dear Mervi,
    I am very sorry for this young polar bear girl. She was separated from her mother in the age of one year. Now she waits for the enclosure getting ready for her.
    I am sending the best wishes to her.

  3. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for this update!
    I wish to join Dumba and hope the young lady will feel comfortable soon in her new home.
    All the best to her – and Uslada as well!


  4. Liebe Mervi,

    für die frühe Mutter-Kind Trennung habe ich kein Verständnis,
    egal aus welchem Grund, wenn es überhaupt einen gibt.
    Armes Babybärchen!

  5. Liebe Mervi,

    danke für die Fotos der wirklich süßen Bärin.
    Mein Gott, sie ist noch so klein, und wurde schon von ihrer Mutter getrennt.
    Ich kann diese Machenschaften in Moskau nicht verstehen.

    Ich wünsche der Kleinen alles Gute, und dass sie sich ganz schnell einlebt in ihrem neues Zuhause.

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Auch ich verstehe die frühe Trennung nicht ganz.
    Alles Gute trotzdem für das kleine Bärchen.
    Möge sie sich gut einleben! 🙂

  7. Die kleine wohnt fast in unseren Nachbarschaft. Ich wuenshe ihr alles Gute ibn St Petersburg.



  8. The separation between cubs and their mothers is always a traumatic occasion, however carefully Zoos try to handle it. This is because in the wild, the mother will quite suddenly, and for a variety of reasons, decide to chase her cubs away to fend for themselves. Sometimes this may be because a male bear has appeared and she wants to mate with him. Fortunately, Polar Bears are very robust animals and the cubs are equipped to use their curiosity and intelligence to try and cope with new situations.
    I think Chaartschaana will be getting much love and attention in her new home. St Petersburg has a long tradition in looking after the white bears