Fiete has a girlfriend now!

Dec 1st, 2017 | By | Category: News from the Bear World

1.12.2017 – Source: Official site of the Mayor of Moscow

Fiete has birthday on the 3rd of December but he has already got a wonderful birthday gift. A young bear lady named Snezhana (Snezhka) from the Moscow Zoo has arrived in the Sóstó Zoo in Nyíregyháza.

Snezhka is three years old so it was time for her to leave her mother.

 photo snejka110.jpg

The journey to the Sóstó Zoo took 24 hours. The transportation of the bear was successful and now Snezhka is in the mandatory quarantine. It is reported that she is doing fine and that she’s already exploring her new home. Employees of the Moscow Zoo are constantly in touch with their Hungarian colleagues to be informed of the welfare of Snezhka.

 photo snejka2.jpg

I hope I can soon show you more photos and even write more information of our polar bear friends in Hungary! Now I only wish the first meeting between Fiete, Zora and Snezhka will go well!

Dear Fiete! I know your birthday is on the 3rd of this month but let me congratulate you already. I’m sure you’re glad to have a girlfriend now but I hope you will maintain your great friendship with Zora, too. Be a happy bear, dear friend!

 photo Fiete2017.jpg

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  1. Liebe Mervi

    Das sind erfreuliche Nachrichten.
    Die russische Lady sieht bezaubernd
    aus. Ich wünsche ihr eine gute Zeit in Sosto.

    Grüssle Chris 🙂

  2. Dear Mervi
    It will be interesting to see if the
    lovely Zora is as skilful as Aika
    with her two young Polar Bear companions.
    Is their any special meaning to the new
    bear’s name?

  3. Dear Ralph,

    I think the name has something to do with snow – maybe snowball or snowflake…. We must consult Ludmila about this matter! 🙂

    Have a good time in Berlin!

  4. Dear Mervi
    Thank you for this exciting update about the polar bears in Sóstó.
    Snezhka is a young beauty and as Ralph I hope Zora will not be jealous but relaxed and tolerant towards the young couple. I suppose Snezshka will fall in love with Fiete in no time…


  5. Liebe Mervi,

    das ist in der Tat ein schönes Geburtstagsgeschenk für Fiete – eine hübsche Freundin !
    Ich bin gespannt auf das erste Zusammentreffen der zwei und wie sich das Verhältnis
    zu Zora entwickeln wird mit den beiden Youngsters.
    Ich hoffe, sie sieht sich als Oma für die zwei, so wie Aika das bei Tonja und Wolodja war.

    Danke für die feine Neuigkeit aus dem Zoo in Ungarn und liebe Grüße!

  6. Liebe Mervi,

    danke für die schöne Nachricht.
    Das scheint ja eine proper Lady zu sein. Vom Gesicht her, sieht sie eher aus wie ein Männchen.
    Da bin ich ja mal gespannt, was der Fiete zu seiner neuen Spielgefährtin sagt.
    Ich wünsche der Lady eine gute Eingewöhnung.
    Ich hoffe auch, dass die beiden Kids sich gut verstehen werden, und auch gemeinsam mit “Oma” Zora eine friedliche Gemeinschaft bilden können. Sie tat dem Fiete bisher so gut.

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Seen under water your fiancée seems to be a right beauty. Congratulations dear FIETE!
    Hope you will cope best to your both pleasure in next to no time and that you will have lots of fun
    playing and arranging ‘mock fights’. 🙂 and not to forget to hug and cuddle. Please include also
    Lady ZORA one in a while . . .

    I wonder who is to be seen in the second photograph, as I see a huge male there.
    It’s not imaginable that this is FIETE!??? nor that this is a female polar bear. Am I wrong . . .

    I’d like to join MERVI’s words:
    “I hope you will maintain your great friendship with ZORA, too. Stay a happy and healthy bear, dear friend!”

    [ So, also VILMA and FIETE would have been able to celebrate their birthdays the same day
    – were VILMA still alive! 🙁 ). She did die November 3rd last year. ]

  8. Dear Mervi!
    I am very happy for Fiete. I hope he and a new girl will be happy together and Zora will be patient with the kids.

  9. dear Mervi,
    how interesting and how exciting, thank you so much for this article
    I am glad Snezhka has arrived good in Sosto Zoo,
    dear Fiete, nachtraeglich alles Gute für Dich, ich freue mich, dass die liebe Snezhka bald mit Dir zusammen sein kann, sei lieb zu ihr
    für alle Bärchen im Sosto Zoo, bleibt gesund und vertragt Euch gut
    big paw waves to all

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