Happy birthday, dear Vesa!

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22.12.2017 by Mimmi and Nalle

Dear Husse! We wish you a very happy birthday with this little ‘picture book’ of our Christmas preparations. Your birthday is for us the start of Christmas. We hope you will read it while sipping a glas of champagne or maybe with a good beer.

 photo vesa2017_12.jpg

Usually you have visited Berlin in December but this year you had to stay at home. Well, we didn’t mind so much although it has always been nice to have the flat for ourselves. You’ve been so delighted finding our home in a ‘new dress’ ….. at least we think so.

On the Lucia Day it was time to decorate the tree and, naturally, we wanted to assist you and Mervi.

Mimmi: Where are the decorations? I’m really running out of patience now!!

 photo Vesa2017_2.jpg

Mimmi: Lying under the tree is my favourite hobby during the Christmas season …. if they only could get started with the decorating!

 photo Vesa2017_6.jpg

Finally!! The lights are on and the glass balls, silver ribbons and, of course, lots of small polar bears are hanging from the branches.

 photo vesa2017_9.jpg

We were wondering why you only have polar bears and no cats in our tree but you had a good explanation: We already have two beautiful cats so we don’t need cats in the tree! We can’t but agree!

 photo vesa2017_8.jpg

Many of the decorations are gifts from your friends you’ve met in Bärlin. These sweet polar bears is from Ludmila. When you decorate the treee we can always hear you remembering all the great moments you’ve had at the Knut meetings.

 photo Vesa2017_7.jpg

Nalle: I’m quite satisfied with the tree but you forgot Santa! You must find a place for him, too!

 photo Vesa2017_3.jpg

Mimmi: Nothing compares to a nice cardboard box!

 photo vesa2017_10.jpg

Nalle: I promise to help you placing your trotting bets even next year even if it often is really exhausting to find the winning horses. Hmm, I’ve noticed you very often watch polar bears instead of horses! That’s good because it gives me an opportunity to take a well deserved nap.

 photo vesa2017_5.jpg

We promise to be nice cats and not cause too many ‘mishaps’ – but a decent cat just has to DO some things and accidents DO happen! We might add that whatever we do ‘we didn’t do it’!

Nalle: I also promise to hold my horses – or should I say hold my cats? – with my morning concerts. Maybe a huge glass ball could be a solution? Whatever, I’ll try to sing my morning arias a little later in the future.

 photo vesa2017_11.jpg

We are very glad you didn’t make us wear a stupid hat. That certainly  wouldn’t make us amused! A beautiful cat doesn’t need any ‘decorations’!

 photo Vesa2017_4.jpg

You are the best ‘Husse’ in the world! Happy birthday to you!

Onnittelut maailman parhaalle ‘husselle’! Lupsakkaa syntymäpäivää!

 photo Vesa2017_1.jpg

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    Dear Mervi, Mimmi and Nalle,

    What a lovely birthday greeting for VESA!

    Let the holiday begin!

    xo k-j

  2. Lieber Vesa,


    Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderschönen Geburtstag im Kreise deiner Lieben.

    Liebe Mimmi und Nalle und liebe Mervi,
    das ist eine Katzenliebe, wenn so eine schöne Geburtstags-Seite das Ergebnis ist.
    Vielen Dank an euch 3 für die schönen Collagen und den richtigen Miau-Text.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  3. Happy Birthday, dear Vesa!
    Ich wünsche Dir Gesundheit und viel Freude im neuen Lebensjahr!
    Dear Mervi!
    You wrote a wonderful story with the wonderful collages for your husband.

  4. Dear Vesa
    Happy Birthday from England.
    I hope that we will meet in Berlin again
    in 2018.
    Dear Mervi
    A wonderful tribute.

  5. Dear Vesa!
    Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day!
    I´d like to join your beloved wife – isn´t she a beautiful Santa? – and your dear housetigers Mimmi and Nalle and wish you all the best: health, happiness, success and well being, may every coming day be a good day!

    Your lucky that some helpful paws support the decoration of the Christmas tree. Additionally your little helpers seem to offer always good advice… They even like to decorate your flat independently to their taste while you´re not at home. Amazing!

    Have a wonderful day with Mervi and your loveable purring cats, clink glasses of sparkling wine or have one or two glasses of tasty beer.


    PS: Dear Mervi! Your Birthday side for Vesa is simply heartwarming! I love all the pics and humorous subtitles – and the imagination of a sleeping cat beneath the beautifully decorated tree on Christmas eve.

  6. Dear Vesa

    The best wishes to your new year are coming from Munich!

    Hug Anita


    alles Gute zum Geburtstag, lieber Vesa. Da hat Dir Deine Frau aber eine wunderschöne und liebevolle Geburtstagsseite gebastelt. Ich glaube, sie wird Dich heute so richtig verwöhnen.

    Auch Mimmi und Nalle werden heute schnurren.

    Die Collagen sind sehr schön. Super auch die Schneekugel mit Mimmi und Nalle.

    Ich wünsche Dir, Mervi und den beiden Miezen einen schönen Tag .

    Liebe Grüße

  8. Happy Birthday Dear Vesa und viel Freude an Deiner wunderschönen Geburtstagsseite!

    Liebe Grüße aus Tirol, lass Dich feiern und Euch allen ein wunderbares Weihnachtafest!

    Alles Liebe, Erika


    Mervi created a nice bithday page for you.
    My favourite picture is Nalle on the PC desk.
    Mimmi seems to be a guard for the tree. 😉

    Alles Gute wünscht
    Chris 🙂

  10. dear Vesa,
    all the best to your birthday. Have a nice day with your Family.Much health for you in the new year of life and continue many trips to the polar bears. Of course, Berlin is also on the program, we keep our fingers crossed that the young come through.
    Bear hugs
    Manfred. Simone and Gudrun

  11. Happy birthday dear Vesa !

    Wonderful birthdaygreetings here from Mervi, Mimmi and Nalle.

    Hugs Inge

  12. Happy Birthday, dear Vesa! Have a wonderful day!

    Liebe Mervi, Deine Gratulation für Vesa hast Du total liebevoll gestaltet. Sehr schön!

    LG von Annemarie

  13. Dear Vesa,

    Happy Birthday and many healthy returns of the day!
    Your birthday crowd is in the purrfect mood – witty, creative and most charming.
    You can call yourself a lucky man! May it stay like that forever and a day!

    Hugs and happy howls
    Bärgit and Tommi

    Mervi, again another great work of yours and your cute assistants! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Late but BEST WISHES from the heart, dear VESA.

    Stay (or get!) well/healthy, keep your sense of humor and your good mood, which is for sure not too
    difficult with a loving KNife like – just look at this fantastic tribute to YOU at the occasion of your birthday: so many cute and gorgeous collages which demand a lot of time and creativity. And how much your cats do love you is also visible in any line and any pixel of the photos. . . Not only your cats know how ‘to model’ but also the both of you: the first and the pic in this contribution show it all!

    MIMMI and NALLE are the best Christmastree-guards ever! Aren’t they!
    I also like their attitude towards basic questions of life! 😉 🙂

  15. … like MERVI . . . (I am sorry!) – just look at this . . .

  16. . . . the first and the last pic in this contribution . .

    OMG – I would like to be able to use as fantastic juicy words as MERVI always mentions when she is upset with herself or others . . . . . I get crazy with all those typos and faults – mostly caused by myself but sometimes also by my not too well educated compi . . . 😉

  17. dear Vesa,
    belated happy birthday and very good wishes to you, I can imagine you enjoyed a great party with the sweet Mimmi and Nalle and of course together with Mervi. All looks so cosy.
    dear Mervi,
    I am so sorry, I was not here yesterday, but today I could see what a great and fantastic birthday page you have made for Vesa, Vesa, Mimmi, Nalle and YOU are looking so wonderful and we can see how content and happy you are.
    all the best to the whole famliy
    dear greetings and big paw waves

  18. Dear Vesa!
    All the best and much health to your birthday.

    Dear Mervi!
    The collagen are wunderrful.

    Bear hugs

  19. Tervehdys Vesa ja Mervi!
    vasta nyt löysin tämän synttärionnittelukuvasarjan. Kivan pitkä sana?

    hauskoja kuvia ja tekstejä. Kiitoksia ja hyvää joulunjatkoa.

    Mirja ja Risto