Katited’s Diary: Visit to Berlin: 30 November to 3 December 2017

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19.12.2017 by Katited with a little help from Ralph

This report is dedicated to Katited, with the hope that she has found a new home


Ralph ensured that we were all at Heathrow Terminal 5 in time to catch our flight to Berlin at 0705, but also have enough time for some shopping. BN, or “international bear of mystery” as he calls himself, was acting as our security and transport expert.

Of course, Ralph had to be fed before we could get on with the shopping. But BN this time cunningly ensured that instead of sitting down for a large breakfast, Ralph made do with coffee and porridge.

 photo T5 Breakfast.jpg

Ralph always insists on reading something over breakfast. I think it’s “Pride and Prejudice”. Ralph says he wants to do a version with Polar Bears, or was it for Polar Bears. Anyway we managed to get him moving.

We soon found a very nice little shop with a large Christmas tree.

 photo T5 first Tree.jpg

BN thought that his hat would go well with his suit, and wanted to try it on, until a nice lady appeared and asked him for his card.

 photo BN Hat.jpg

I was rather taken with this bag, which the pink furless animals (sorry, people) use to carry all their things with them.

 photo Kt bag.jpg

BN reminded me that Polar Bears do not carry things. He is right of course. We are far too sensible.

Ralph still seemed to be hungry as he was muttering something about “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. He was speaking to a very helpful person in a shop with another Christmas Tree.

 photo T5 Christmas Tree.jpg

The shop was full of very expensive sparkly things, which the pink, -sorry people like. Ralph explained that there is a film in which a lady working in New York always eats her breakfast outside the Tiffany’s shop in New York. Of course I wanted to be photographed with the lady.

 photo Kt Aud.jpg

Polar Bears are not really interested in sparkly things, but I am sure Giovanna, Nela or Qintana would like to star in a version of the film with blue plastic barrels. Perhaps Sisu or Fiete could star as well.

Our last Christmas Tree was in the entrance to the famous Fortnum and Mason shop.

 photo Kt Blue Tree.jpg

All went well with the flight to Berlin and we were at the Zoo by 1100 and Katjuscha was waiting to meet us.

 photo Zoo Kati 1.jpg

 photo Zoo Kati 2.jpg

A lady living in Berlin was speaking to the team that helps Kati with her household. She had brought a Christmas Tree for Kati, but without all the silly sparkly things that the people like. Kati examined it carefully and decided that although she could not eat it, she would use the nice smelling twigs to make her fur clean and smelling nice. I told you that we Polar Bears were sensible.

Here is a photo of Katjuscha, which I think looks every bit as good as the lady in Tiffany’s.

 photo Zoo Kati Portrait.jpg

Whenever we travel, various Polar Bears tend to join Ralph. And so it was this morning, Ralph produced a new bear when we visited Knut’s statue.

 photo Zoo Knut 1.jpg

 photo Zoo Knut 2.jpg

I think she looks very smart, and the sparkly things must have come from Tiffany’s. BN christened her “Bling Bair”. I think that is something to do with his time working in the USA.

Finally, Ralph wanted to also pay his respects to Knautschke.

Ralph’s father and Ralph both liked hippos. Fortunately Ralph’s mother was more like a Polar Bear.

 photo Knautschke.jpg

In the afternoon, Ralph met a couple of his friends and had coffee and cakes. But we were too tired and were fast asleep. We were all very glad to get to the hotel. This bear was waiting to greet us.

 photo Hotel Bear.jpg

According to BN he was a great friend of his and they were starting to discuss their shared liking of expensive cars and nightclubs. I managed to drag BN away and we all had a good night’s sleep.


BN’s friend and Ralph both remembered the days when Berlin was divided into two halves by the pink- sorry people. As a Polar Bear I could not understand such nonsense, but then we roam over hundreds of miles. Ralph likes using the Berlin overground railway or S Bahn as it has the best views of the city. We got on the train at the Zoo station, which was once the main railway station for the Western half of the city

 photo Zoo BHf.jpg

As we went along, Ralph and BN were pointing out to me all the sights and also the point at which the train crossed in to the other half of Berlin and the Friedrichsstrasse Station.

I had to laugh at BN talking about the border crossing as he was not even a cub when Ralph was crossing between the two cities. I was much happier looking at the Museum Island and Alexanderplatz. It was not long before we changed to the Underground for the last stage of our journey to the Tierpark in East Berlin. We met this very kind Polar Bear lady at the entrance while Ralph sorted out his card.

 photo Tierpark welcome Bear.jpg

Ralph was very excited as he hoped to be able to meet the gentleman who looks after the Bears household in the Tierpark. There are not just Polar Bears, but also black bears of various kinds, some of whom are very noisy. BN found the sign that showed us how to get to the Polar Bears.

 photo BN and Bear sign.jpg

BN thought Ralph should have a sign like this over his door to tell people that his house was actually quite interesting. BN can be a bit cheeky at times.

Ralph was lucky enough to meet the gentleman and started discussing the Polar Bears. I thought he was a bit cheeky as well, since a lot of the conversation was about Tonja, who was snug and warm inside her “birthing den”. They did not think Tonja would be having cubs this year, but did not really know.

Fortunately BN and I were able to talk to someone who really did know what was going on. BN and Wolodja both know very important people in Russia, so they were soon talking. Wolodja was rather sad as he knew that Tonja would be busy soon looking after a cub. He explained to BN that he like the Tierpark as the gentleman here had worked for the Polar Bear families for many years and knew how to look after them. He was not keen on going to the West again, but Tonja was the boss!

 photo Wolodja 1.jpg

 photo Wolodja 2.jpg

We both sympathise with Wolodja but tried to explain that the West was not really so bad. BN promised that he would speak to some people there and keep visiting Wolodja whatever happened.

Afterwards we suggested to Ralph that we needed a treat. Opposite the Tierpark is a shopping centre. We soon found an ice cream parlour, with a lovely Polar Bear welcoming us.

 photo Berliner Eisbaer.jpg

The firm is called Berliner Eisbaer

Ralph chose a very British flavour, After Eight Mint! And we all tucked in.

Ralph then explained that he was going to be meeting Annemarie, who does the yummy Knuipe breakfasts. But first we had to get out of the cold and go to various shops so that Ralph could find more Polar Bears for our family. This took several hours, but by the evening we were back on the S Bahn heading for Alexenderplatz. I asked where we would be meeting Annemarie.

Ralph explained that on the edge of the Alexanderplatz was a famous Clock where in the old days the demonstrators and journalists had gathered in East Berlin. BN was nodding as if he had also been there.

Annemarie arrived, and Ralph suggested that we go to the Nikolaiviertal, where of course there is the Teddy Bear shop, but also many nice places to eat and drink. Ralph found the restaurant he had in mind and we all sat down. Ralph introduced us to Annemarie and they ordered coffee and cakes.

Even some other guests came over to say hello to us. It had been raining and Ralph and Annemarie both wanted to catch a train. Ralph took us a long way even crossing where the old Checkpoint Charlie had been. After saying good bye to Annemarie we went to visit an old friend of Ralph’s before turning in for the night. I asked Ralph the name of the restaurant we had been in, which was unchanged from his days in East Berlin, but he had forgotten as he went there so often. Oh well.

 photo Annemarie coffee.jpg


Ralph got us to the Zoo at opening time because it was time to meet some friends of Knut.

 photo Zoo sign.jpg

We were looking forward to meeting the Pandas, but Meng Meng was only interesting in grooming her paws and the other panda had not come out. Still BN asked Ralph to take his picture.

 photo BN and Meng Meng.jpg

The pandas are very important guests and there is a very detailed board all about them.

 photo Panda Bios.jpg

Some Knut friends arrived and Ralph and they began talking a lot, so BN and I had a rest. They then spent a lot of time with Katjuscha and the statue of little Knut. I like this picture of Knut, which is part of a machine that issues a bronze coin with a picture of Knut. Ralph likes this machine and always visits it.

 photo Knut Coin.jpg

Ralph was hungry again and also wanted to visit some more shops, so we stopped at a snack bear called “Curry 36” near the Zoo Station.

This had been suggested by one of the Knut friends. The meal that Ralph chose is a famous Berlin dish – Currywurst.

 photo Curry 36.jpg

I am sure that Ralph eats too much, and I found this picture which reminded me that so do Polar Bears.

 photo whale bears.jpg

Sorry, Ralph. At the end of the shopping, Ralph said that he had been told there was a very good Christmas exhibit in the Europa Centre.

 photo BN and Big Ben.jpg

We found it without any problem at all. BN thought this picture suited him very well. But then he met someone who gave him a bit of a fright.

 photo BN and PC.jpg

BN started muttering in English, something about “speeding fines” and “diplomatic immunity” I managed to get him away and was captivated by this scene from Greece. We all sent our Greetings to Leti for Christmas.

 photo Greece in Europa.jpg

I then saw a London Bus and asked the bear lady if she was going to Harrods. She said that she was not, but that Ka De We was close by.

 photo London Bus.jpg

The other reason for being in the Europa Centre was that the Knut friends were meeting for another of their big meals. I was not sure whether Ralph should be eating any more, but he disagreed.

 photo Knutitis Teff sign.jpg

We sat down in a very nice restaurant and were introduced to another Polar Bear called Berta, who was travelling with Filomena. We were also able to meet Teddybaerenmutti and Teddybaerenvati, who Ralph was able ask to adopt a little plush Polar Bear cub that looked just like Knut.

Of course Ralph had to order more food, and this time it was a special German Christmas dish, Goose Breast with Red and Green Cabbage.

 photo Knutitis Goose and Beer.jpg

 photo Knutitis beer and cards.jpg

The beer reminded me of the Polar Bears eating the whale but Ralph assured me that it tasted very good and was mixed with cherries. Ralph said that in Belgium he used to drink a similar beer but it was much stronger and called Kriek. I sometimes think Ralph and BN deserve each other.

And that sadly was the last entry in Katited’s diary which she had fortunately left on my phone. I had thought she was safely with BN in my pocket but I had no idea until I reached home on Sunday night that she was missing. There were so many places I could have lost her. I can only hope that someone found her and offered her a good home. Parting with Polar Bears is never easy.

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  1. Dear Katited,

    I hope you have found a new home but I can understand Ralph is missing his travelling companion.

    Your adventure started already at Heathrow and I couldn’t think of a better guide than ‘the international bear of mystery’. It would be great to have a polar bear version of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ – maybe there will be one in the future! 🙂

    I’m impressed by how much you managed to do at the airport! Shopping, eating, admiring Christmas trees ….. Hmm, maybe we will soon even see a polar bear version of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. 🙂

    You had a well filled agenda during your Bärlin visit but I’m sure the highlight was to meet Katjuscha again! Of course, even Wolodja was worth a visit. Now we know he has become a father again and I’m sure we all hope for the best possible solution for Wolodja.

    I love the photos of the little polar bear by Knut’s statue. Very nice, very touching!

    I agree with BN, the sign would be very suitable indeed for Ralph’s house! 🙂

    I must confess I got a teeny weeny bit envious thinking of you and Annemarie in the Nikolaiviertel. That’s always been one of my favourite places in Bärlin. Well, I try to be a sport and enjoy your text and pictures. 🙂

    The giant pandas are, of course, very cute but for me the white giants are the stars in the zoos.

    You had a great time in the Kartoffelkiste with many dear friends and I’m sure the food and the beer were as delicious as always. The good thing with the restaurants in Bärlin is that the portions never are too small!!

    Thank you so much for this very entertaining Berlin diary!

    Dear Ralph,

    I’m so sorry you lost your little friend. However, you still have BN to keep you company when you’re travelling – and maybe there will be new polar bear who wants to see the world ….

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Beautiful Xmas-trees you saw, indeed!

    I would recommend the elegant hat to Ralph. May be you want to tell him . . . 😉

    Entre-nous: Wasn’t you a bit jalous about ‘BLING BAIR’ ?

    I have to take a closer look at the machine you did talk of (you know, the one that produces coins)
    – normally I rather ignore comparable machines. But the photo of KNUT is indeed very cute!

    Dear KATITED you made a fantastic report of this last (- for the time being! -) mutual journey and adventures with your RALPH (who btw helped you a bit – didn’t he?) and your BN!

    While reading, I had to laugh aloud with pleasure several times!
    Even some of the pictures showed this fine and smart kind of sense of houmour.

    The only thing that makes me really sad now is that RALPH and BN have lost trace of you in the meantime. What a tragedy for all of you! . . . We try not to lose hope!: possibly somebody who met you or even gives you shelter will read this article and contact our ‘KWM’-editor in chief MERVI. . . Can you imagine what a happy day this will be for RALPH and BN in the first degree – but also for us ALL/e!

    My compliments: You really are an ‘English-speaking expert’: I personally would never be able to make construction like “Ralph then explained that he was going to be meeting ANNEMARIE . .” nad “It had been raining . . .” (MERVI, the ‘Käpsele’, is as good as you in the English language, as she also makes comparable constructions once in a while 🙂 )

  3. Lieber Ralph,

    dein Berliner Reisebericht aus der Sicht deiner dich begleitenden Bären ist so wunderbar und anschaulich geschrieben, dass man meint, man sei dabei gewesen.
    Auch wenn es die letzte Reise von Katited mit dir war, wir werden die kleine Plüsch-Madame nicht vergessen und mit dir hoffen, dass sie ein gutes neues Zuhause findet. Vielleicht ist sie von dir unbemerkt in einem Laden geblieben und nun Opfer ihrer Kaufsucht geworden?

    Ich freue mich, dass du Katjuscha bei guter Gesundheit getroffen hast und im nächsten Jahr Tonja und Wolodja als Eisbäreltern treffen kannst.

    Die Verpflegung in Berlin war exzellent und das Treffen mit den vielen lieben Freunden war natürlich die Krönung der Reise, und auch an die Daheimgebliebenen wurde mit einer hübschen Karte aus Berlin gedacht – das war fein!

    Vielen Dank für deine reizenden Erzählung rund um´s Knut-Treffen 2017!
    Herzliche Grüße

  4. Dear Ralph,
    thank you for the interesting travel report, writting of Katited. I hope she found a new home. Surely she will miss you, but I hope she is happy with her new family.
    Your travel went very well this year. Katjuscha looks beautiful. Wolodja is in good shape.
    It was nice to meet you in Berlin at our traditional Knut-meeting.

  5. Lieber Ralph und Katited!

    Danke fuer intressantes bericht. Du schriebst sehr humorvoll. .
    Ich bin sicher, dass Katited ist ein gutes Heim gefunden. Sie ist so liebevoll.
    Danke auch fuer intressante Fotos.
    Wir hatten so gemuetlich in Bärlin. Hoffentlich treffen wir uns bald.



  6. Dear Ralph & Katited,

    A thoroughly enjoyable report!

    Thank you both for the tour and entertainment!

    Happy trails, Katited!

    xo k-j

  7. Dear Ralph

    Thank you for the interesting report
    of your visit in Berlin and both, Zoo
    and Tierpark. I hope Katited has
    found a new owner !

    Chris 🙂

  8. Dear Katited!
    First of all I´m so sorry that you´ve got lost at the end of your journey. I hope you´ve found a good and comfortable new home! Ralph was desperate with good reason when he found out that you´re missing and couldn´t find you.

    This mishap was a drop of bitterness of that Berlin trip but apart from that it was filled with many delightful experiences.
    You and BN met Kati and Wolodja, nice polar bears, just a bit bigger than you and BN ;-), some other smart animals in the Zoos, for example the giant pandas, a lot of nice people, you ate yummy food, drank one or another beer and had a good time in general in Berlin.

    Thank you for this colourful and quite humorous travel report you wrote with a little help from your friend Ralph.
    I had a good laugh about your detailed and precise description of the guys little weak points you noticed. sympathically you didn´t spare your own 😉 like a certain penchant for luxury…


    PS: Dear Ralph!
    Thank you for the pleasure and all your effort!

  9. Lieber Ralph!

    Danke für diesen lustigen Bericht über Deinen Berlinbesuch und ich bin sicher, Katited hat ein schönes neues Zuhause gefunden, sie ist ja so lieb und freundlich.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  10. Lieber Ralph,
    Deine Katited hat bestimmt eine neues Zuhause gefunden, ist sie doch absolut liebenswert. Sie hat auch unendlich viel zu erzählen, denn wer ist schon so weit gereist mit einem wahren Eisbär-Freund – wie Du einer bist. Ich danke Dir und Katited sehr für diesen humorvollen und kurzweiligen Bericht.

    Hier mein Foto von den BN und Katited, das ich bei unserem gemeinsamen Treffen im Kaffeehaus im Nikolaiviertel geschossen habe. Ich kann nur bestätigen, das auch andere Gäste sehr an Deinen beiden Begleitern interessiert waren. Ich fand unseren Plauder-Nachmittag bezaubernd!
    Liebe Grüße von Annemarie

  11. Lieber Ralph,
    BN und Katited haben wieder viele schöne Momente mit dir und den vielen Freunden erlebt.
    Das Highlight war bestimmt bei Kati im Zoo und diese flauschige alte Lady ist jeden Besuch wert.
    Ich danke dir ganz herzlich für deinen kurzweiligen und humorigen Bericht eures Berlinbesuches.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  12. dear Katited,
    I am glad you and BN have seen so many wonderful places and interesting shops during your journey and then sweet animals in the Zoo and Tierpark Berlin,And you and Ralph could enjoy such delicious food and good beer Our dear Katjuscha was waiting for you and for so many friends at that weekend. I am happy that also I could meet you and BN, you both are looking so friendly. it is hard to understand that you are not together with BN yet. I often think of you and hope the best for you …..
    dear Ralph thank you so much for this wonderful report and for all the sweet pictures. it was a joy for me to meet you
    big paw waves to England

  13. Lieber Ralph,

    dass Du Katited verloren hast, tut mir leid. Vielleicht ist sie ja ausgebüxt um die Welt auf eigenen Füssen zu erkunden.

    Ihr habt jedbnfalls wieder viel gemeinsam in Zoo und Tierpark erlebt. Und ihr wart auch in London-City im Europa-Center.

    Kati hat sich inzwischen für ihrern Tannenbaum interessiert und sich auch damit beschäftigt.

    Übrigens, ich habe auch schon ein Foto von dem Eisbären vor dem Eisladen gemacht. Das Eis ist dort sehr lecker.

    Liebe Grüße, und schöne Weihnachten mit Deinen ganzen Bärchen.


  14. Lieber Ralph,

    vielen Dank für Deinen netten Bericht.
    Dass Du allerdings Katited verloren hast, mit der Du ja so viel erlebt hast, ist traurig.

    Schöne Weihnachten!
    Liebe Grüße aus München

  15. Dear Ralph, this is a wonderful report but it is sad to read that you have lost Katited. Hope that somebody is finding her and brings her back to you and if not possible, offers her a warm and cozy home. By the way, who is now going to keep an eye on you for not eating too much. I would suggest that another Kriek may help.