Today would have been Knut’s 11th birthday

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5.12.2017 by Mervi

Dear bear angel Knut! Yes, this day could have been a day of celebration but unfortunately we must celebrate this day with our sweet memories of you. However, you are still the guiding star on our sky!

This is the first time I can’t be in Berlin to meet all your dear friends but you can be sure I’m there in spirit. Your birthday in 2010 was a wonderful day. Luckily I didn’t know then this was the last time I saw you.

You greeted us in your special way.

It was rather cold and there was also lots of snow in your enclosure which you shared with your mama Tosca and aunties Nancy and Katjuscha. Now only Katjuscha is still there ….

I’m glad knowing you had a chance to enjoy snow and ice during your last Winter in the zoo.

I always loved your curly neck – no matter if it was dry or wet.

You had your favourite spot in the enclosure.

The highlight of my visit was, of course, your 4th birthday. The enclosure was surrounded by your friends singing ‘Happy birthday to you’.

This day you didn’t have to share the enclosure with the lady bears.

The keepers had prepared lovely eatable surprises for you. First it looked like you couldn’t believe your eyes when you saw all the yammy things laid so nicely on the ice.

Little by little you understood all those things were for you – and you alone!

I’m sure everybody was happy seeing you looking so happy!

Who could have imagined that only three months later we would receive tragic news …..

Dear Knuti, you are not with us anymore but your spirit is so powerful that we can feel your presence every single day!

I wish you a happy birthday in your Bear Heaven!

Dumba’s tribute to Knut

La Dame Blanche in France has made two collages to celebrate our magic bear.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most PRECIOUS Polar Bear in the Heavens!!! Our beloved KNUTI. MERVI, thank you so much for the pictures!!! By the last one I could hardly see because of the tears in my eyes!!! He may be gone but in my heart, he is just as alive as he was in 2010!!! Sending love, tiny kisses and big warm hugs to KNUTI. Thank you again for sharing this and your memories with us!!! He brought the World together with his life.

  2. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the pictures of Knut’s last birthday. On this day we did not know that it was the last birthday. It was great as always.

  3. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you so much for this beautiful and touching birthday tribute! You chose wonderful pics and created beautiful and enchanting collages.
    We share so many lovely memories of our beloved polar bear boy and his birthdays were always special highlights of the year.
    Although Knut passed away six years ago, at this time of the year we still come together, think of him and the good old days and celebrate his birthday.
    Knut really was one of a kind, er war ” diese Sorte von Bär”… ( aus Pu der Bär).
    Forever in our hearts!

    Liebe Dumba!
    Auch an Dich: Danke für Deine liebevolle Collage für Knut!

    Liebe Grüße, Hugs

  4. In der Zwischenzeit sind noch zwei zauberhafte Collagen von La Dame Blanche dazugekommen.
    Merci beaucoup!

  5. Liebe Mervi,

    diese wunderschönen Fotos von Knuts 4. Geburtstag sind eine schöne Erinnerung an ihn. Auch die Collagen von dir, Dumba und Madame Blanche sind sehr schön.
    Damals wusste gottlob niemand, dass viele von euch ihn zum letzten Mal sehen würden und so konntet ihr den Tag unbeschwert feiern.

    Dir, liebe Mervi, vielen Dank für diesen Blog, in dem wir uns auch nach so vielen Jahren in Erinnerung an Knut treffen können!

    Herzliche Grüße

  6. Dear MERVI

    Thank you very much for another beautifully created birthday-contribution for KNUT.
    This time it wouldn’t have only been a monthly one but it would have been his 11th

    What a lovely collage you did create to start this tribute! Charming and touching
    and the ‘simple’ way I like those creations. Just wonderful!

    Thanks go also to GUDRUN GRÄBER who saved her beautiful photos of this
    special winterday when we could celebrate KNUTi still alive on his 4th birthday
    and allows you to show them again to us. . . . It was a happy day!

    – – –

    I’d like to also join in the last sentence of BRITTA-GUDRUN in her above comment:
    “Dir, liebe MERVI, vielen Dank für diesen Blog, in dem wir uns auch nach so vielen Jahren
    immer noch in Erinnerung an Knut treffen können!” !

  7. That’s also a VERY SWEET(!) collage:
    Love it too!

  8. Chère Mervi,
    Merci beaucoup d’avoir mis mes collages avec votre merveilleux récit et photos de notre Knut.
    Cela réchauffe le coeur de voir que l’on ne l’oublie pas.

    Dear Mervi,
    Thank you very much for putting my collages with your wonderful storie and pictures of our Knut.
    It warms the heart to see that we don’t forget him.

  9. Lieber Knut!

    Bitte pass gut auf Jenny auf, die süsse Katze meiner Schwester ist heute Nacht über die Regenbogenbrücke gegangen. Du fehlst uns so sehr, wir werden Dich nie vergessen!

    Liebe Mervi!

    Danke für die wunderschönen Erinnerungen an Knut!
    Alles Liebe, Erika

  10. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you for this lovely tribute
    to Knuti….

    The photos and collages are dear.

    xo k-j

  11. Knut wird unvergessen bleiben.
    Danke an alle für die Fotos
    und Collagen !

  12. Dear Mervi,

    thanks a lot for another walk down memory lane – with wonderful pictures and collages.

    Dear Dumba, thank for your very nice and charming memory collage.

    Chere La Dame Blanche, merci beaucoup.

    Gudrun, thanks for your wonderful pictures from a time, there was so short.

    Hugs Inge

  13. dear Mervi,
    dear Dumba, dear Dame Blanche
    I love your collages which you have made with all your heart for our unforgettable Knut
    the pictures are sweet memories for me as long as I will live
    and the Zoo Berlin for me will be for ever a magic place to remember of Knut
    Knut geliebt und unvergessen

  14. Dear Mervi and Vesa
    and Dumba and chere Sabine

    The celebration of Knut’s birthday in 2010 was
    for many of us the last time we saw him.
    When we left Berlin we hoped to see him again
    in April. Instead we carry him in our hearts

  15. Dear Mervi, Dumba and Sabine,

    Thank you for this touching tribute to Knut.
    He will always be remembered as the cutest of all polar bears.
    His legacy is the strong tie of friendship across countries and continents.

    Hugs and pawwaves

  16. Liebe Mervi,

    vielen Dank für die Erinnerungsseite zum 11. Geburtstag von Angel Knut.

    Das sind sehr schöne Fotos von Knut, und auch Tosca konnte ich dazwischen entdecken. Wer hätteegedacht, dass ausgerechnet die älteste der Eisbärinnen, Katjuscha, als einzigste übrig bleibt.
    Ich hofgfe, sie bleibt uns noch ein ige Ziet erhalten. Knut wird von oben aus schon auf sie aufpassen, auch wenn Kati nicht immer so ganz nett zu ihm war.

    Vielen Dank auch an Dumba und Sabine alias La Dame Blanche für die wunderschönen Collagen.

    Liebe Grüße