BN’s and Ralph’s London adventure

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12.1.2018 by BN (Bear with No Name) with some help from Ralph

On Saturday I went to London to have lunch with a friend and saw two little Bentley motor cars with teddies in. I of course thought of all the teddies in the Knuipe.

 photo Red Bentley ted.jpg

 photo white bentley teddies.jpg

However, BN had stayed in my pocket and he found a Ferrari that was more to his taste.

 photo BN Ferrari.jpg

He then found a matching Rolls Royce, which made him think of Katited…

 photo BN Rolls.jpg

After seeing the cars in Mayfair BN was delighted to meet this Polar Bear with his lady friend in Oxford Street.

 photo street Polar 1.jpg

 photo street Polar 3.jpg

 photo street Polar 2_1.jpg

There is a You Tube video of the Polar with Santa Claus

A café near South Kensington Underground Station has these playful Polars painted on its window.

 photo cafe 4.jpg

 photo cafe 3.jpg

 photo cafe 2.jpg

 photo cafe 1.jpg

A bit later in a Christmas Market I found this Hot Spice logo which could describe Giovanna!

 photo hot spice Polar.jpg

BN liked these Inuit statues in a Canada winter clothing shop so much that we photographed them. I was surprised when a rather grumpy security guard told me off for photographing without permission. Normally I do ask in shops before taking BN shots, but had not on this occasion.

 photo inuit 3.jpg

 photo inuit 2.jpg

 photo inuit 1.jpg

A bit late on I bought this nice Polar Bear T shirt in a shop in Soho.

I asked the owner about photographing in shops and he explained why the security guard had been so upset. Apparently people come into shops with mobile phones and photo the designs and then copy them as cheap rip-offs. So I will make sure to ask in future.

Happy New Year to all from BN and Ralph

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  1. I am much impressed by this charming collection of various kinds of polar bears.
    One more precious than the next one.

    But what I liked best this time are those in the display windows of the Café near ‘South Kensington Underground Station’ – simply wonderful.

    And of course, I also liked very much BN’s gusto for Italian sports cars –
    and the four first photos demonstrating this.

    Thank you very much, dear Ralph. Again, it was fun to read and watch!

  2. Hallo Ralph

    Die Straßen in London stehen voller teurer Autos.
    Nun ja in der City von Frankfurt ist es nicht viel
    anders: den Leuten scheint es zu gut zu gehen.
    Das T-Shirt ist sehr apart. Der große Eisbär
    vor dem Geschäft ist klasse! Du hast wieder
    interessante Dinge in den Läden gefunden.
    Ich musste an die Chinesen denken, die bei
    uns auf der Messe fotografieren und ein
    halbes Jahr später gibt es das Produkt
    exakt nachgebildet dort zu kaufen. 😉
    ( nur in anderer Qualität )

    Liebe Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  3. Dear Ralph,
    you and BN found many polar bears in London.

  4. Dear Ralph!
    Thank you for this delightful post!
    By keeping one´s eyes open – like you and BN did – one might discover polar bears everywhere…
    My favourites are the big standing bear in Oxford Street and the paintings on the window pane of the café near South Kensington Underground Station. I love them!


  5. Dear BN, Dear Ralph,

    I had so much fun publishing BN’s (and yours) report from your London trip. 😀

    I understand BN has fancies cars of luxorious style. So do I but a Bentley remains a dream for me. 🙂

    The big polar bear in the street must have many fans! I would have liked to give it a hug.

    The funny polar bears in the café windows are simply wonderful. They must make everybody smile – especially the last picture.

    You’re right, Giovanna is a ‘Hot Spice’. 🙂 – The inuit sculptures are very nice and the T-shirt really is a HIT.

    Thank you for this charming report! Happy new year to you both!

    Hugs from Mervi

  6. Dear Ralph,

    so many nice white bears in London. And one is cuter than the other!!!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful impression from London!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Lieber Ralph,

    Oxford ist ja eine richtige “Bärchenstadt”. Klar, dass Du dich dort wohl fühlst.
    Die lustigen Bärchen, die auf Fensterscheiben gemalt wurden, sind richtig niedlich.

    Danke für die englische Bärenparade.

    Liebe Grüße

  8. Ich meinte natürlich London, und nicht Oxford.

    Danke Anke für den Hinweis, dass ich mal wieder nicht richtig lesen konnte. (das habe ich jetzt gesagt)
    Aber die Bärchen sind trotzdem schön.
    LG Monika

  9. Lieber Ralph!

    Hätte nicht gedacht, dass in London so viele Eisbären leben. Die schöne Lady ist ja echt zum verlieben. Danke dir und BN für die Eisbären -Patade.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  10. dear Ralph,
    I am very glad BN had such a wonderful and exciting time with you in London. All these cars are great and interesting also for a young bear how we can see on the pictures. But for me the sweet painted polars are the highlight and the bear in Oxford Street would be also my friend.Thank you so much for your entertaining report, I like all the pictures, big paw waves to BN and dear greetings to you

  11. Lieber Ralph,
    ein ganz bezaubernder Bärenbericht aus Englands Hauptstadt. BN und Du, Ihr habt viel entdeckt und nur gut, dass Du alles so prima Foto-technisch dokumentierst, wenn Du die Genehmigung eingeholt hast.
    Das T-Shirt steht Dir sicherlich total gut!
    Ganz herzlichen Dank für diesen köstlichen Bericht!
    Liebe Grüße von

  12. Dear Ralph and BN, oh, you have had a wonderful time in London. Thanks for showing.
    Hugs Inge

  13. Lieber Ralph,
    schöne Autos und dazu viel eisbäriges, das freut einen Fan.
    Da hat der Ladeninhaber schon recht und läßt keine Bilder zu, leider denken manche Leute einfach nicht weiter und kopieren alles.
    Danke Dir für deinen unterhaltsamen Besuch in London.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  14. Dear Ralph, I just discovered your funny report of BN and you. Actually, I was wondering whether BN’s preference for expensive cars was not a tad influenced by you. Sine I have no car license, the only things I know about cars are: they have 4 wheels and they do VROEMVROEM.
    The glass paintings of the playing polar bears are so charming. And I also heard already about the prohibition of taking pics on shops. Some people do take pics of clothes they want to have and then in stead of buying these in the shop, they start a search online. Frankly said, I cannot blame the shops for their reaction. The inuit statues are just great.

  15. Lieber Ralph. Lieber BN!

    ich hebe nur Fotos bewundert und vergass total zu kommentieren.
    Danke fuer tolle fotos. Weiter intressante Ausfluege, bitte.