Patricia’s 10 years with Knutitours

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25.1.2018 by Patricia Roberts

Dear Mervi, when you started Knutitours in January 2008, I was not having a computer at home, which means that I only could have a peek during office hours. End July 2008, as soon as my computer at home was installed (finally, I had one of my own), one of the first things I did was coming to The Knuipe. And right from the start, I was welcome.

Knut as the Waiter

Just like nowadays, we were supporting all young polar bears we knew at that time and Numero Uno was Knut, but the second one was Flocke. And it was Mutti who discovered that her favorite color was PINK. And as from that day, we all had to think PINK (Jeez, in all honesty, I never liked the color but because it was Flocke’s color, I had to).

Flocke made even Gordon Ramsay wear pink! 🙂

It was also the time of the special Luinglish (Luisa’s English). It actually meant that we were obliged to read the sentence 3 times but in the end, we understood the message. And it was also the time of the Oomlots. AIAIAI, poor Knuti-Judi, she had to run after them all the time. Na ja, that was also a kind of fitness, isn’t it.

And then, when Rasputin arrived in Nuremberg (on his so-called way to Spain), we all realized that Flocke might never become Knut’s bride. I still remember the first pic of Raspi (that abbreviation was soon made by Ella and it was a good one) and when I close my eyes, I see it again and still have to laugh: a little fat dirty brownish Russian polar bear running after her. And the mademoiselle was certainly not pleased by this cheeky intruder. But soon, he stole her heart.

And even though our wishes with regard to Knut and Flocke never came true ….

…. we also lost our hearts and loved him. And very soon, he was having a special place in KWM (telling his own adventures and organizing his own exhibitions of pics and portraits and meanwhile stealing Caren’s credit card to buy present in an effort to please his darling Flocke).

I visited Zoo Berlin for the first time in February 2008 and as from February 2009, I started to meet members and it was giving me a good feeling. I think that I may say that I have met quite a big number of members. It makes a big difference because you no longer have the feeling of talking in thin air. It is comfortable because you have met the persons.

During all these years, we have had a lot of discussions about a billion things and one of the favorite topics was the then Zoo Director (I am afraid that I was one of the very few who ever tried to defend him to a certain extent). We shared our stories of our pets, about things happening in the world in general, parts of our private life, in good times and in bad times. We never walked alone and were feeling good knowing that we were surrounded by friends.

And meanwhile, KWM continued to grow. More and more members published their reports and albums and shared their joy with us. And these stories no longer were limited to Berlin or not even Germany, but to the rest of Europe and later to the rest of the world. Show me another blog where such result was ever achieved!!!!

The saddest day of Knutitours was the day that Knut died unexpectedly and way too young. We were all lost. But since he has been the reason to start this blog, he became also the reason to continue. In the beginning, it wasn’t easy, at least not for me. But in an attempt to pay him the respect he deserved, we all stood together and focused our attention and love to other animals.

One of the best things that ever happened to The Knuipe was the arrival of Annemarie. Thanks to her, nobody is starving and she always charming us with her stories. Dear Annemarie, from the bottom of my heart, I am still hoping that you write the book of your life that is also containing the stories of your parents. Even in the changing world of the small Knuipe, she managed to make the best out of it.

Annemarie and Uncle Sergej

Raspi likes all kinds of night caps! 🙂

Raspi moved, Knut died, Ludwig moved, Yoghi died, but there are always two stable elements: Annemarie and Uncle Sergeij. And from time to time his sweet Ninotschka and their 14 cubs. And of course, we may not forget the squeecky ducks (I suppose that they are now sleeping in the warm basement).

Another lovely result of the life in Knutitours: Ludmila is always sharing her travel adventures (and pics) from everywhere with us. And what I love the most: receiving her postcards!!! I cannot find sufficient words to express how happy I am when I find them in my mailbox. Every time again, these cards are making my day.

Members came, members left, new ones arrived: it is the eternal circle of life, ever-changing, never-stopping.

Since January 2008, I started my day with a peek here and I hope that I can do it for another 20 years. No contribution should ever be considered for granted. It always demands an effort of the writer, but I respect and enjoy it.

A blog existing for 10 years is an evidence and we all know that it was thanks to all the efforts of a little redtop from Sweden.

Dear Mervi, THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Dear Patricia,

    Well done! A marvelous tribute! Thank you!

    xo k-j (without the ooomlots!)

  2. Hallo Patricia

    So hat jeder seine eigene Geschichte mit und um Knut
    und die Bärenwelt. Schön, dass Du explizit Annemarie
    erwähnst. Speziell ihre Geschichten und der Frühstück-
    Service sind nicht wegzudenken aus der Knuipe.
    Annemarie, ich winke mal kurz nach Berlin,
    wo Du dich gerade aufhälst: Grüße bitte
    Anchali, Kati und Fatou von uns ! 🙂

    Liebe Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  3. Dear Patricia.

    Thank you for your nice words. I´m very thankful, you remeber that I foun Flocke´s colour: PINK. The last photo make me happy, it´s from my stories.



  4. Dear Patricia
    Thank you for this wonderful tribute to KWM and the Knuipe
    I think you also gave us some exciting new friends and words. Lolifants (sorry for the
    Englishing) are now forever associated in my mind with Koala Bears. Your Zoo visit reports
    are always a delight.
    You are also an expert on finding what Jeremy Clarkson describes as the “Gentleman Sausage” on
    small Polar Bears. Your word is delightfully rude in English!
    So I think you should also take some credit for the time we have had here.

  5. Dear Patricia,

    You’ve written such a wonderful story with lots of great memories. What made me especially glad was that you wrote you felt welcome to the Knuipe from the very beginning. I’ve tried to make everybody feel welcome so it’s good to know I succeeded.

    Oh bear, we really have so much to remember …. it’s impossible to comment everything but luckily the stories and reports are saved so when we feel a touch of nostalgie we can just ‘dive in the oldies’ world’. 🙂

    Thank you so much for this fantastic tribute to Knutitours!

    Hugs from Mervi

  6. Liebe Patricia,

    deine Laudatio und dein Rückblick auf 10 Jahre KWM und Knutitours ist wunderschön formuliert und mit herrlichen Erinnerungsbildern gestaltet. Selbst hier ist in verschiedenen Beiträgen der Siegeszug des Computers erwähnt, dessen privater Besitz erst die internationalen Kontakte in der Blogger-Welt ermöglichte.
    Mir gefällt auch deine Erwähnung über die Paarbildung zwischen den einzelnen Bären, um die sich viele
    Wünsche für unsere Lieblinge rankten.

    Dazu passte natürlich auch der Food-Service, mit dem Annemarie in ihren fantasievollen Erzählungen immer wieder die Knuipe belebt. Fein, dass du dies hier besonders gewürdigt hast!
    Mit Flockes Lieblingsfarbe pink hat Teddybärenmutti einen Modetrend bei allen kleinen Mädchen losgetreten.

    Deine Bildergalerie und Collagen sind wunderschön und rufen viele Erinnerungen zurück.
    Ganz lieben Dank für deine Mühe und viele Grüße!


  7. Dear Patrica,

    what a wonderful threat for the 10th anniversary!!!!

    Thank you!

  8. Dear Patricia,
    I do not know when I meet you for the first time. I think it was in April. I remember the exciting time before Luisa came to Berlin. There were many funny stories as Knut was alive.

  9. Liebe Patricia!

    Danke für Deinen wunderbaren Rückblick und weiterhin viel Freude bei KWM.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  10. Liebe Patricia,

    Du hast wunderbare Worte zum 10-jährigen Geburtstag von Knutitours gefunden.
    Dazu hast Du noch sehr schöne Bilder und Collagen beigefügt.

    Es ist schon einige Jahre her, dass wir uns in Berlin getroffen haben, aber trotzdem kann ich mich gut daran erinnern.

    Liebe Grüße nach Belgien

  11. Dear Patricia!
    Thank you for this well formulated and in many ways colourful review and description of ten years of life with most charming polar bears, other animals and a lot of people who are fond of them.
    Like you wrote all this began with the fairy tale of Knut and Thomas Dörflein and it lasts – Thanks to Mervi, Vesa and some friends – till now and that´s a fairy tale on its own….
    You chose wonderful pictures and collages!

    I can only repeat what is already said: well done!


  12. Liebe Patricia,
    vielen lieben Dank für deine Erinnerungen und die schönen Bilder dazu!
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  13. Liebe Patricia,
    ich danke Dir von Herzen für Deine wunderschönen Erinnerungen an die Zeit, in der wir Knutfans gemeinsam mit Mervis einmaliger Reisegesellschaft, der Knutitours, in ein sehr schönes Abenteuer gestartet sind.
    Lieb von Dir, mich als Knuipe-Mitarbeiterin zu würdigen. Nun, das KBT tut sein Bestes. Sogar die Quietschies hast Du erwähnt, die wirklich zurzeit im warmen Knuipe-Keller weilen.
    Es war sehr schön, Dich persönlich in Berlin treffen zu können. Auch unsere gemeinsame Zeit dort mit Luisa war toll.
    Für alles ganz herzlichen Dank!
    Liebe Grüße von Annemarie

  14. dear Patricia,
    thank you so much for your lovely journey through 10 years of Knutitours. I love every word you wrote, thank you for publishing all the sweet collages here again. I do remember of all. I am happy to be also a little member of the Knuipe. How great would it be when we all were in the real Knuipe in Berlin together
    dear greetings and big paw waves to you


    It’s a whole bouquet of remembrances and pictures you digged out of your memory and treasure box and you present it to us in the well known and appreciated ‘PATRICIA ROBERT style’. People who ever had to interact with you for sure will never forget you, the personality with clear thoughts and language and for sure no ‘Duckmäuser’ (hypocrite!) 😉 Believe me, I appreciate this a lot, as there much too many of the before mentioned category around in the world in all immaginable fields. May be we need more politicians from this shade – in Germany as well as in any of the other countries!!

    Luckily we know you as a woman full of drive and spirit and a very good portion of sense of humor in addition – individual and independent (in a vey good sense as it seems to me! ).

    Not to forget you are an important initiator of new words and terms.
    I was really happy when I found a comment of you in ‘KWM’ right today, here you mention one of my favorites: ‘Kerschenpittenkussetje’ (or alike – I am afraid I can still not mention it correctly by heart . . .) or what RALPH didn’t dare to write (I don’t mind): ‘Pissewieseken’ (or alike . . . ) etc. etc. . . . Perhaps you could create a ‘P.R.- dictionary’ . . .:-)

    Thank you very much for your enterainig and I gues also very informative for some ‘Essay on your KNUT-memories’ with matching pics out of the whole story in honor of the ’10 years KNUTITOURS’-anniversary and much to our joy.

    – – –

    It was also a joy to see you used even a collage where a picture and collage of mine of ANNEMARIE-BERTA is used that origined in a common visit of AB and myself in the ZOO HANNOVER on September 22nd, 2015 which was a wet and rainy day but – as to my memory and knowledge – we had a real good time together, anyway!

  16. Dear Patricia,
    thanks a lot for a walk down memory-lane.
    Hugs Inge