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3.1.2018 by Ralph

Some people have asked to see pictures of the various Polar Bears that join me on my travels, so I thought I would collect a few from my recent trip to Berlin.

The first is a delightful little enamel cast Polar Bear with little jewels who joined me on the way to the Zoo from the airport on Thursday morning. The Polar Bear cub mug comes from the Tierpark gift shop.

 photo Bling Bair.jpg

On the Friday I was fortunate enough to find a shop run by an old friend who I had first met in Berlin in 1987 when I had bought a Siku model airport and planes from him. We had a long chat as I had not seen him since 2011 when I had stopped visiting Berlin. I was delighted when he gave me these little Polar Bear cubs made in East Germany (DDR) at the time when Bjoern Heinrich had been a cub in the Tierpark.

 photo GDR cubs.jpg

A little later that day I bought a pair of cubs made today by Ravensburger in their Tiptoi range.

 photo twobears.jpg

Back in 1978 I visited Berlin for the second time in my life (the first was with my parents in August 1961) and found a wonderful toy and model shop near Beusselstr S Bahn station.

I saw a tower crane in their window, which as I was travelling on an Inter Rail card and had only a single bag I was not sure if it would fit. One of my many loves are big cranes. The shop explained that it came like this.

 photo tower crane.jpg

So would fit nicely in my bag.

This time of course my interest was more of the white and furry kind. The following lovely Steiff bears joined me

 photo Steiff baby Polar.jpg

 photo Steiff cubs.jpg

 photo Steiff Special Polar Teddy.jpg

In the Schlossstrasse in Steglitz there are many interesting shops and I found these little friends made by the German company Bullyland.

 photo Panda pair.jpg

The Berlin Pandas all of my own. All I need now is a Panda Garden.

In the same series and size I bought these as well.

 photo Wrangel Island.jpg

Wrangel Island on my coffee table or Doncaster 2020!

Two ranges that always have nice little cuddly Polars are Kuschelwuschel, sold in Karstadt, who also offer really big Polar Bears that I would love to own.

 photo Kuschelwuschel.jpg

And Koesen who are the East German competitors to Steiff

 photo Koesen.jpg

I was attracted to this little chap by the accurate grey nose painting but he does not appear on the firm’s site. I found him in Ka De We. He is in a special little range for young Children

 photo Buddy Bears.jpg

To say goodbye I leave you with the Berlin Buddy bears. A lot of people could learn from this little image that unites black and white, and I do not just mean bears..

Oh yes there is a little game in the background of the first picture called Tier auf Tier. You can guess why I bought it, but to find out more, here is a link to a very useful website in the US about games.

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  1. Dear Ralph,

    Your collection of items with polar bear connection is impressive – and it seems to get even more impressive after your travels. 🙂

    The Steiff polars are very cute and so are the ‘Kuschelwuschel’ and ‘Koesen’ bears.

    Do you use the mugs or are you keeping them in a ‘safe place’. I’m always afraid of breaking my polar bear mugs so I never use them. 🙂

    Thank you so much for this lovely article with so many cuties and even interesting memories from the time you lived in Berlin.

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Hallo Ralph

    Deine Sammlung wird immer imposanter.
    Und ich bin sicher, Du zeigst hier nur einen
    kleinen Teil deiner Schätze. Ich habe auch
    einige Eisbären, aber an deine Sammlung
    komme ich natürlich nicht heran. 😉

    Liebe Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  3. Thank you very much dear Ralph.
    Your collection is wonderful.

  4. Dear Ralph!
    It is hard to resist temptation, isn´it… 😉
    There must be hundreds and hundreds of polar bears in all seizes and of all materials in your home, a real polar bear´s den… Probably every bear is connected with nice memories and a special story.

    It´s a funny and likeable imagination: a decent british best ager amidst his bears and other toys playing happily. A collector at its best!
    Thank you for this pleasure!

    I like the enamel cast, the cubs from GDR, the Steiff bears, especially the standing one and the black and white Buddy bears.

    I wonder how you manage to build a proper enclosure for the sophisticated pandas 😉

    Pawwaves and hugs

  5. Lieber Ralph,

    schöne Sammlung hast Du. Na klar, das ist nur ein ganz kleiner Teil von Deinen “Mitbewohnern”.
    Irgendwann ist für Dich kein Platz mehr im Haus.

    Hast Du mal gezählt wieviele Bären Du bereits hast? Vielleicht reicht es ja für einen Eintrag im Guinness-Buch der Rekorde.

    Einsam bist Du jedenfalls nicht.

    Liebe Grüße nach Oxford.

  6. Dear Ralph!

    How nice collection.



  7. Dear Ralph,
    you have an impressive collection of the polar bear 🙂

  8. Lieber Ralph,

    die sind ja alle ganz sehr niedlich!

    Liebe Grüße von Brigitte.

  9. Dear Ralpn,

    Enjoyed seeing your newest bears!

    Thanks for the tour!

    xo k-j

  10. Dear Ralph,
    wonderful the collection of Polarbärs.
    Bear Hugs

  11. Dear Ralph,

    thanks a lot for showing your polarbearcollection.

    One of my cats (the male) loves big cranes too. Watching them is so interesting and exciting.

    Lots of greeting from Copenhagen

  12. Lieber Ralph,
    Du hast eine Wahnsinns-Bärensammlung uns gezeigt. Man merkt, jedes Teil hat eine schöne Geschichte und liegt Dir ganz besonders am Herzen.
    Vielen Dank fürs Zeigen.
    Bärige Grüße von Annemarie

  13. lieber Ralph,
    das ist eine wunderschöne Raritäten Sammlung, alles ist bei Dir in guten Händen.
    i can imagine how glad and happy you feel, when you find such sweet bears.
    thank you so much for your report and for the pictures of all the precious bears, I think they all will find a cosy place at your home
    big paw waves to England

  14. Lieber Ralph,
    mir gefallen die Geschichten zu deinen besonderen Bären!
    Vielen Dank dass du uns deine Lieblinge gezeigt hast.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  15. Thank you, dear RALPH for having taken another portion of your precious time (as time is precious for EVERYBODY!) to introduce some of your personal polar bear (and other) beloved company during your many jorneys in the meantime. It’s good to move and to see and meet!

    The cup of TIERPARK BERLIN is quite nice and – of course – I like the black and white polar bears together: beautiful! And as you said already even with a deeper sense if one is willing to think!

    Interersting to get to know that you are also a fan of quite different things than one did know so far:
    e.g. a ‘Turmdrehkran mit Laufkratzausleger’. One has to be nearly already an ingeneer in order to being able to pronounce it! 🙂

    Now, I have to have a look what I may find behind the last link given in your present report . . .

    – – –

    You are a right discoverer, indeed:
    Seems to be an interesting game behind your link with lovely bears.
    Did you already apply for the ”Animal Pyramid World Championships’ ? 🙂

    Thank you for this ‘EXTRA-Report’, dear RALPH.